Three Years Won’t Be Enough To Get Granderson

The New York Mets are serious about signing Curtis Granderson. But, will the three-year contract that has been |reported be enough?

At 32, Granderson would likely want a fourth year considering what is going on in the market. If Carlos Beltran, who is four years older than Granderson is reportedly talking with Kansas City for a three-year, $48-million contract, it stands to reason Granderson would want an additional year.

GRANDERSON: Talking with Mets.

GRANDERSON: Talking with Mets.

General manager Sandy Alderson said the Mets must adjust to a “robust,’’ market, and that would include the ability to upgrade their initial offer.

The money sounds about right, but the Mets might have to jack up the annual salary if they are adamant about three years. Otherwise, they might have to go three years plus an option, or give in on the fourth year.

Either way, Granderson is the best available outfielder in the market that won’t cripple them financially. Texas’ Nelson Cruz and Cincinnati’s Shin-Soo Cho have reportedly sought deals in excess of $90 million and five years.

The Mets, understandably because of the long-term deals with Johan Santana and Jason Bay that flamed out, not to mention Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo, want to shy away from lengthy contracts. David Wright was the lone exception.

Granderson would be a definite upgrade to the outfield, and despite his propensity for striking out, has the production numbers to offset that problem. He could play left, with Juan Lagares in center and Chris Young in left.

Presumably, Eric Young would play off the bench, or as has been suggested, move to second base if Daniel Murphy is traded. It is also possible Murphy could return to first base depending upon what happens to Ike Davis or Lucas Duda.

A deal is not imminent and Granderson is sure to talk to other suitors. The Yankees said despite their signing of Jacoby Ellsbury they would entertain brining back Granderson.

There are positives to getting Granderson, and his strikeouts differ from Davis’ because he will give something in return.

Granderson knows what it takes to play in New York, so there wouldn’t be that adjustment process. He could even keep his apartment.

Signing Granderson would answer one of the Mets’ numerous questions. They still need to add two starters; build depth in their bullpen; resolve the first base question; and add a catcher to back-up Travis d’Arnaud.

So, even if the Mets sign him, their work won’t be close to being done.

11 thoughts on “Three Years Won’t Be Enough To Get Granderson

  1. No need for me to shoot for the stars anymore. We’re just going to waste all are time on Granderson/Cruz and miss out on who’s in our price range. Ibanez/Furcal/Axford/Hart.

    Play Ibanez at 1B 15 some odd games a year, 25 games a year in the OF, 5-to-9 DH appearences, and 50 PH duties. Gamble on Furcal and head into the year with Tejada as a backup. Axford can close or setup. Hart can play first. Start the clock on Montero and or Noah.

    Or the FO can just let all these guys go elsewhere and get stuck with the bottom of the barrel.

    • I understand that SA is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn’t. So yes, he will be ripped to shreds if Ibanez was his next acquisition. Same with Furcal. Not so much with Hart and Axford, although fans would be seething that they are not “top tier” guys.

      But, that’s his job. To make due with what he has. And, since I believe that these Grandy talks will amount to mere lip service to fans/media, he needs to start signing cheap players. Before we know it the pickens will be slim-to-none-to-Quintinilla.

      Lastly, I understand that this offseason is going to be a real nightmare, and so does SA, so do you, so does Dave, and 90% of Mets fans. I’m just searching for some “moneyball” players that I think will perform okay in NYCiti. Afterall that is the game, moneyball. Virtually nobody is embracing this fact, and it drives me nuts. Hopefully the FO has a thick enough hide to sign some guys that will reap the wrath of the fans/media, or they will be hung out to dry re-nocking on Justin Turners/Omar Quintiannas door.

      Here I am begging for Ibanez/Furcal/Hart/Axford, realizing that is essentially shooting for the stars. I’m depressed.

        • I don’t need signings to be top tier guys. It would be nice if we actually went after OF with talent since we have 3 spots that need to be filled rather than getting the junk we seem to be going after, I just want to see the team improve and I don’t see it.

          I think it was a major mistake not to go after Byrd. He was cheap at filled a need. Now they are going after expensive players who are not as good.

          You cannot convince me that Granderson who hits 230 and 40 hr in a closet with deteriorating defense is a good sign at $17m or whatever the figure is. Or that other guy who might hit 20 hr and hits 200 for $7m

          I don’t want to harp on it too much but there are all these rumors of trading Murphy who hit 280 and 13 hr. Way better than the new guy who is getting paid $7m

          • Hate the Murphy trade rumors. He’s my favorite Met. He’ll run through a brick wall for TC/fans.

            Dave, not only was Fister stolen by the Nats, but a guy that fits your mold, Aoki, good AVG, never k’s, decent upside, 1.5 mil tag, OF from MIL, was had for a relief pitcher with a 4.4 ERA 1.4 WHIP, dont quote me on those numbers as they are all from the memory bank.

            Now, my target, Furcal is gobbled up by MIA. The dumpster will be empty soon and the Wilpons wooden nickles will be piggybanked.

            • Don’t tell me that.

              What is Sandy doing?

              Perhaps his critics are right and we need a new gm

              • Just looked him up. Esp considering what we have and will get I would get him. If he can play d at least he can keep an inning alive and have more people on base for our 2 hitters.

                It looks like we rather get guys who might hit a hr or just strike out. That will make terrible games to watch

  2. I just read something on mets minor league blog that says we could have had fister for some expendable players. So we get a legit starter who can help us now and down the road without giving up the farm.

    Why couldn’t we make that trade and not the Nats?