Mets Make Three-Year Offer To Granderson



According to WFAN/CBS Sports baseball insider Jon Heyman, the Mets are believed to have offered free agent outfielder Curtis Granderson a three-year deal.

Heyman also reports that Granderson is looking for a five-year deal and that the 32-year-old outfielder is seeking $17 million per year.

It’s interesting watching how this is evolving.

About an hour ago I actually posted on Twitter than if I were Granderson’s agent, I’d probably advise him to wait until Carlos Beltran signs his deal and then demand a 4-5 year deal.

As was reported earlier, the Mets were only planning to offer three years.

That an offer was actually extended, indicates that talks may be settling down for now, while Granderson’s agents get back to some of the other teams that have reached out to him. This is what all agents do. They shop offers and try to get a better one.

No word yet if the Mets have asked for a right of first refusal, or even if three years was their final offer, but these things have a way of leaking out sooner rather than later.

10 thoughts on “Mets Make Three-Year Offer To Granderson

  1. One way or another it won’t be long. If they don’t get him what will the fallback be? I think this is the turning point of the offseason.

    • Scooter: I agree with you. After Granderson the outfield choices are slim. No way will they go after Cruz or Cho. Granderson isn’t the ultimate prize, but he’s at the top of the Mets’ price range. If they don’t get him, it will be venomous.-JD

        • He might be. It might be juiced, but he did it here. Had a good avg, played good defense and had power. The GM does not care about juicing and a few years ago he was an all star.

          Granderson hits 230. Let me repeat that 230. That sucks. Truly does. Ike hits 230 and it drives me crazy. Granderson supposedly hits 40 hr in a closet. I would not be surprised to see him hit 20 and he gets injured and his defense is falling. He just is not worth 3 years at near 20 million a year. Just isn’t.

          • Oh and the contract Byrd signed is for 2 years at what we will pay this guy for one. Not a good signing. Not a good risk. The metrics are that the Byrd risk is a better bet. Better production, less money less years.

            No brainier. Even if he is a flop it is easy to walk away from. If Granderson sucks will they walk away from the contract?

  2. Time to get our hands dirty guys. No way on gods green earth are the NYMess going there. If they did JP MORGAN will say no no no no no no no no no no.

    Go get me Ibanez/Furcal/Axford. Trade Wheeler+Davis for Trumbo. Start the clock on Montero and Noah.

    Or just wait till HOS, PIT, KC, MINN, TB, OAK, CLE, SD, COL, clean out the dumpster, twiddle our thumbs till the ST invites are cut, and go after the DFA’d bunch in March…….

    Sorry, I’m mad.

    Dave, 2 and 16 for Byrd, a guy who proved he could hit in NYCiti. LMFAO, sticker shock. What did you think he’d cost sandy. 2 years 2.5 million. LMFAO. FTR, I had more confidence when Byrd stepped up than i did when………..

    Prediction. Grandy to SEA, for near or at the 100m mark.

    I want to pull my hair out………..So mad.

    • megamets: A few things. Wheeler and Davis for Trumbo won’t cut it. Mets would need to add more. Also, the Angels don’t need a first baseman. Pujols not ready to be fulltime DH. … It is funny you mentioned Oakland and Houston, etc. They have been far more active than the Mets. … I also agree starting the clock on Montero and Syndergaard. Who cares what happens in five years when they are eligible for arbitration?-JD

  3. I was thinking that OAK big spending was coming to an end and that they will start “dumpster diving” soon. And, I was in a horrible mood when I wrote that comment, as I came to the conclusion that SA will not get the green light to spend what’s neccessary to land Granderson. But, you make a good point.

    I was unsure what Trumbo would cost, and was thinking that LAA could be players for Price. They are one of the few teams who could afford to retain Price and would have some time(2yrs before FA) before having to make a commitment.

    I started a twitter account the other day, and I contacted Angels beat writer, Jeff Fletcher of the OCC, and asked if Wheeler+Davis+Puello would be enough for Trumbo, he said that would be a horrible trade for the Mets, and that he would do it for Wheeler+Davis. Fletcher did not know who Puello was. Also, he said that he thinks there is a zero chance that the Mets trade Wheeler.

    Although I got Montero down as the untouchable of the 3, Zack is ranked higher than Montero and Noah. I’m sure you are aware that the Angels have openly been shopping Trumbo for MLB ready power arms So, you are thinking not enough, Jeff is thinking the offer is plenty, and the Angels GM has a propencity to make boneheaded transactions. Not saying this would be one, just get the feeling that if Moreno likes Zack and doesn’t like Trumbo a deal could be struck if SA picks up the phone. I’m not thrilled about having to have to add another arm like Matz or Ynoa, but would part with Mazzoni and or deGrom if neccessary to make the deal.

    It sure would be nice to have Yankees money and not be in this prediciment.

    I got the Mets chance at signing Granderson at about 5%. And, if that 5% happens it will be a least a month from now, because the market has dried up. Less than 5% I mean.