Jacoby Ellsbury Signing Defines Mets Vs. Yankees; Time Running Out For Granderson

As if the New York Mets and their frustrated fan base needed another reminder of their status in town, they got a punch-in-the-gut this morning with the news Jacoby Ellsbury had agreed to a seven-year, $153-million contract with the Yankees.

Yes, the Yankees, the team that said they wanted to go below a $189 million payroll while Mets GM Sandy Alderson, despite saying he has the resources, isn’t likely to go over $90 million.

ELLSBURY: Would have been nice in Flushing.

ELLSBURY: Would have been nice in Flushing.

Alderson will say the Mets aren’t competing with the Yankees, and he’s right to a four-game, interleague degree, but he’s wrong everywhere else. There’s competition for the back pages, for free-agents, for attention from the on-the-fence New York fan, for TV ratings and time on the radio talk-shows.

Today, the callers will take a break from bashing the Nets and Knicks – and deservedly so – to hailing the Yankees, and yes, ripping the Mets for their inaction. Also, deservedly so.

It’s a great deal for the Yankees as they obtain a dynamic outfielder – which was Alderson’s prime objective this winter – that will more homers in Yankee Stadium hitting from the leadoff position, while at the same time, weakening their rival Red Sox.

This came after giving $85 million to catcher Brian McCann. And, they are hot after Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, which will entail a hefty posting fee to go along with a huge salary.

Then, there’s the matter of Robinson Cano.

Meanwhile, the Mets’ biggest splash this winter, if you don’t include Chris Young, is having dinner with Jay Z, Cano’s flamboyant agent.

That meeting garnered attention for one day, but these signings by the Yankees to go along with their courtship of Cano, have them in the headlines nearly every day this offseason.

The free-agent outfield market had four premium names: Ellsbury, Shin-Soo Choo, Nelson Cruz and Curtis Granderson. Ellsbury’s deal set the bar, meaning if history is an indicator, the prices for the others should increase.

This means if the Mets are serious about Granderson they had better act quickly because the meter is running. Who knows? It might already have clicked past Alderson’s price range.

The Mets weren’t going to overpay for Ellsbury or Choo, but they might have to for Granderson for nothing else, to save some face this winter.

But, Granderson would fit the Mets for several reasons:

* He would give them left-handed power. Yes, his numbers were elevated in Yankee Stadium, but of his 43 homers hit in 2012, 26 were at home and 17 on the road. Granderson hit 41 in 20111, with 21 at home and 20 on the road.

* He could play anywhere in the outfield, and has the speed to play center.

* All indications are he’s a good clubhouse presence, plus, he knows what it takes to play in New York.

While the Ellsbury signing screams the Yankees are back, it doesn’t mean the Mets have to limp away. There’s still time for them to do something, but it is running out.

15 thoughts on “Jacoby Ellsbury Signing Defines Mets Vs. Yankees; Time Running Out For Granderson

  1. Granderson is a strikeout in the middle of the Mets batting order. A likely 240 hitter with 12 HRs with 120+ K’s. That is if he stays healthy. For David Wrights sake, hopefully the Mets will give him an opportunity in the prime of his career to play elsewhere for a winning organization. They owe him that. If I were him I would of added an opt out clause in the contract so when the Mets defaulted on their promise to him he could have been a free agent again and signed with a organization that had a chance to win

    • Tony: Yes, Granderson strikes out a lot, but who doesn’t these days? His injuries were flukes last year. I think he’ll give the Mets more than 12 homers. Certainly more than what Davis gave them last year. … As for Wright, he knew the landscape when he signed. He knew it would be a long road.-JD

  2. He’s the perfect fit and would give the Mets a ML outfield. But the $$$$$, are they there? It doesn’t seem like they are.

    • cabbie: Alderson said he has the bucks. Jeff Wilpon said the same thing. It’s a matter of wanting to spend them. If not on Granderson, then who?

  3. Been a Mets fan all my life but it’s becoming very hard to continue following this insanity. They need as much help on this roster as any team in the league and they’re doing NOTHING!! Has there ever been a study examining the ratio of ticket prices to payroll? I think if such a study were done you would find that the Mets are the biggest crooks in Major League Baseball…Long Story Short, they’re charging almost what the Yankees charge for tickets, parking & concessions and giving you the Long Island Ducks. Give the fans something to be proud of!!!

    • PROVY: Thanks for joining in. I grew up following the Cleveland Indians, so I know what you’re feeling. … I don’t know if there’s been such a study. But, I don’t think it’s what you spend, but how you spend it. There have been plenty of competitive low payroll teams.-JD

  4. This Ellsbury signing has likely upped the stakes, as the article states. This is troubling as I think the NYM may have been able to sign Curtis before the Ellsbury deal, maybe not now. Why in carnation would Curtis sign for, say, 4yr 60M now. I’m thinking 100,000,000 bucks gets you Grandy now. Which leaves us up the creek.

    • megamets: The Mets certainly won’t get him for three years. I don’t know if Granderson will get $100 million, but he sure won’t get $50 million, either.-JD

  5. Well here is the thing. We have a crying need for OF help. This guy is supposed to be the best available. He is ruled inevitable.

    So we get garbage for 7 and maybe Grandy ( more garbage) to ‘fix’ our OF. What we should do is get good players and not garbage. But when you are poor you will make up stories about how everyone is too expensive.

    In the meantime we will field our AAA team as a professional product.

  6. Care less about the spelling Dave. It’s not like me and you are BBWAA. I’m bleeping mad right now. There’s an avenue for success, but it’s not happening. To much hide and legacy on the line to go unconventional now.

    75 WIns, maybe 80.

    Man, I hope I wake up tommorow and believe.

    • lol,

      I woke up as pesimistic as ever. Then, I snapped out of it for like 2 hours, and then my target, Furcal, was gobbled up by MIA.