Why Mets Did Not Non-Tender Ike Davis

If the New York Mets don’t want Ike Davis, why didn’t they just non-tender him? That way the unproductive first baseman with the looping swing and high propensity for striking out would be gone. Davis would just them be another failure in Mets lore.

DAVIS: Mets playing waiting game, (Getty)

DAVIS: Mets playing waiting game, (Getty)

That’s the conventional wisdom, but there’s more to it under the surface. There always is.

As long as Davis remains on the Mets’ 40-man roster, he’s an asset capable of either producing on the field when the season starts, or as a trade piece.

Obviously, the Mets would like to find a trading partner, but might find they won’t be getting much in return. With a flood of free agents on the market, most teams would rather attempt that route first because all they would spend is money.

The smarter teams are waiting for the Mets to dump him during spring training, that way they could get Davis without having to surrender talent in return. Subsequently, the Mets are holding on to Davis to see if there’s a team that loses a first baseman to injury during spring training and finds itself in a bind.

If there’s no such opportunity, there’s always waiting for the July 31 trade deadline. That’s the Mets’ best hope of getting quality in return.

In addition, if the Mets take Davis to spring training, he might win the job if Lucas Duda doesn’t perform. There’s no given with Duda, so that has to be in the back of Sandy Alderson’s mind.


13 thoughts on “Why Mets Did Not Non-Tender Ike Davis

  1. Ike’s an enigma, don’t know what to make of all the talk/rumors associated with him. My guess is SA deals him.

    • Would love to keep Ike….. sort of a project to build value once more. Hard to find a player who can hit 30 hrs a season. This is a make or break year with valley fever behind him.

      • Those who are unfamiliar with valley fever don’t understand how it drains a person. As a Met fan in Az I do.

        • metsfan62: The Mets waited too long before sending him to the minors, thinking he could turn it around. That might be why they are holding on to him.-JD

      • Fantastic, that means teams are waiting for us to eat 3,8 million.

        No way, I’m ready to go to war with Ike.

  2. all the deals that went down today illustrate why the mets r a pathetic organization…. they have not made any improvements..i’d stick davis at first…what do they have to lose aside from their usual 85 games..granderson enjoyed his salmon with alderson…. i like what hojo said about hitting in the rag nydaily news that hitting isn’t computers(alderson) but aggressiveness

    • eric: HoJo is right. Sometimes you can get paralyzed by the numbers. There was a lot of stuff happening today. Has my head swimming. I often think, “the Mets could have done that.” Eighty-five losses is imminent if they don’t do something.-JD

  3. I look at it this way.

    We sign a sucky player for 7 large.

    We are looking at Grandy, he of the 230 avg.

    I have complained about Ike, but with theses two how can we give Ike away when we are ‘improving’ the team with them?

  4. dave: Granderson could give the Mets 25 homers. … Plus, I don’t think they are giving Davis away. There’s been no offers reported. If they don’t get much back, they’ll keep him.-JD

    • I mean cutting him like some people say or trading him for a song.

      I see what we are getting and see Davis as having the same or maybe better offense.

      And I am so tired of Davis and his 200 avg and his strikeouts.

  5. I would have told Ike Davis to clean out his locker and get the F**K out! Not even Dave Kingman had seasons where he batted less than .200 in the first half.