What Non-Tendered Mets Could Be Worth Another Look

The New York Mets sent five players to the free-agent market when they non-tendered Jeremy Hefner, Justin Turner, Scott Atchison, Jordany Valdespin and Omar Quintanilla.

HEFNER: Is he worth another look?

HEFNER: Is he worth another look?

None of the decisions should be considered surprising, and to get where they want to be they would need to do get better than what they had.

The question is, what to do until then? Here’s my take on the five let go:

JEREMY HEFNER: Hefner was clearly a dollar move as he wouldn’t be available any way because he’s recovering from Tommy John surgery. Nonetheless, they could re-sign him at a lower rate and not have him on the 40-man roster.

Hefner proved to be a valuable spot-starter, but would not be considered any higher than a fifth starter.

Working against Hefner, is by the time he was cleared to return, the Mets’ rotation would have Matt Harvey back, plus the expected promotions of Rafael Montero, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom.

JUSTIN TURNER: Was a valuable role player off the bench, but not somebody who could play for any length of time without his weaknesses being exposed.

The Mets could groom Wilmer Flores to replace him, but Turner can play shortstop so it would be a limited move.

Flores, however, could master the shaving cream pie to the face shtick Turner popularized.


SCOTT ATCHISON:  He gave the Mets 47.1 innings last season out of the pen. The Mets need to replace those innings and could do it for the same $700,000 Atchison made, but for a younger arm.

OMAR QUINTANILLA: He played in 95 games when Ruben Tejada went down, and was more than capable defensively, but hit only .222 with a .306 on-base percentage.

Those two numbers have the Mets believing he’s not a fulltime answer at shortstop.

The position remains a hole, and it looks as if they could go with Tejada again. Even so, they don’t have a back-up.

COMING UP: Why the Mets did not non-tender Ike Davis.

10 thoughts on “What Non-Tendered Mets Could Be Worth Another Look

  1. I agree on Quintanilla, but it’s funny that .222 and .309 OBP is no good, but Granderson’s last 43 hr year came with a BA of .232 and OBP of.319, and 195k’s. I’d probably not get Q back, but I also wouldn’t pay $14 mill per for Granderson. I’d rather see Lagares, Young, den Dekker, Puello, etc. I can’t stand high priced guys who don’t deliver, and we’ve had a bunch, most recently Santana, Bay, and Ollie Perez.

    • I like Q too.
      He is not a starter but played well for us.

      Grandy is not worth it but I would sign him

      You can’t go into the season with your whole OF unproven.

    • mikeb: Thanks for your comment. Granderson’s OBP gets a pass based on homers and RBI. … The Mets aren’t expected to be serious contenders because they don’t have Matt Harvey, so this might be a year they just go with the young guys, then spend after next season. Of course, Chris Young offsets that thinking.-JD

  2. Nothing that is a huge loss….. Justin Turner is useful, but flawed as you said, nice bench piece is all. Hefner is caught in #’s game and injured with TJ surgery. Will eventually sign with Angels who are desperate for pitching. My only concern over pitching is from the left side. I see Dillion Gee eventually being dealt unless one of the young arms falter. Only pitching project I would look at is the Johan Santana. May not be what he once was but would bring balance to the SP from left side.

    • metsfan62: Interesting you mentioned Santana. Mets said they’d keep an open mind, but nothing will be done until they see him throw. Don’t know when that could be.-JD

  3. dealing gee would be moronic..on a good team he would have won 17 games last year..i like gee neise wheeler and two rooks..turner is a capable bench player, i’d give valerspinn another shot and dump the rest

    • If projections are correct, DeGrom, Syndergarrd, Montero will be better. Of the three DeGrom is the weak link. I see it in numbers. Wheeler, Harvey, Niese, Syndergarrd, Montero. DeGrom is the one I worry about. If any Falter Gee stays. Yet that is a glut of 7 starters, someone will go. When all dust settles and they achieve projections, Gee becomes a valuable piece in two or three years. A tradeable play of value that perhaps brings a final piece in and I still haven’t counted in Jenrey. So make that 8 viable starters. As to JV, he can take his junior varsity act elsewhere. Unless he gets humble enough to give apologies, he won’t be back. JV has burned the wrong bridges.

      • Yes, but will they all stick?

        Gee is a mlb player they are not.

        I like young talent, but a bird in the hand and all that.

        Plus Gee played really well.

      • metsfan62: The Mets have a lot of names, but there’s no way you can say they have a glut in pitching because most of them are unproven or have questions. Even Harvey has a question. I will be interested to see what Mejia has this year. … As for Valdespin, he’s done with the Mets.-JD

    • eric: Agree there’s no reason to deal Gee. He pitched 199 innings last year. … They might bring Turner back. … No way do I want Valdespin back. I would have dumped him during the season.-JD