Time Is Already Running Short For Mets In Free Agent Market

It is essentially the beginning of the free-agent market, but for the New York Mets it is already nearing last call.

Frankly, I don’t see Mets GM Sandy Alderson doing anything of substance this winter. He reportedly is considering pitcher Bronson Arroyo and shortstop Rafael Furcal, both of whom are 36.

Both of whom won’t be in it for the long haul for the Mets.

Arroyo has a track record of compiling innings, which is paramount, but is said to want three years. Eventually he will break down. If I am giving three years to a pitcher in this market, I would have rather gambled on Phil Hughes – who got those three years from the small market Twins – who is 27.

With Matt Harvey out until 2015 – and there are no assurances of what he’ll be when he returns – Hughes was potentially a better building block than Arroyo.

Initially, I liked the idea of Arroyo, and still do, but not for three years. Two years at the most. Arroyo made over $16 million last year in Cincinnati – another small market team – and won’t be taking a pay cut.

He was 14-12 last season pitching behind an offense and bullpen superior to that of the Mets. What can the Mets reasonably expect from him?

Meanwhile, Furcal made $7 million last year for not playing with St. Louis because of Tommy John surgery. After the season ended Alderson said he didn’t want an injury reclamation project, which clearly defines Furcal.

The best shortstop option for the Mets defensively, and for his offensive style in Citi Field, was Stephen Drew, who was out of their price range. However, he would have been a key piece to build around.

Jhonny Peralta was also too expensive and came with the black cloud of a PED suspension.

If the Mets sign Furcal, they will be looking to replace him next winter. If that is the case, I’d be more inclined to give Ruben Tejada another chance.

Arroyo and Furcal are the latest names linked to the Mets, and they are clearly filler for 2014. That’s what you want?

One by one the better names in the market will be scooped up, and not by the Mets.

More and more, I see this being a barren winter for the Mets. Then again, there was Chris Young.


7 thoughts on “Time Is Already Running Short For Mets In Free Agent Market

  1. When we signed that OF for the money they did I knew that this offseason would be like the other 2. A complete waste of time.

  2. I took my time and read like 100-150 comments on Metsblog yesterday and realized that I’m very out of touch with the sentiment echoed by Mets fans, or just as delusional as my shrink says I am. Just got out of state care for delusional disorder, the day I was released from the main hospital to a mini hospital, Johan threw his no-no. I caught the postgame, uh.

    Anyways, I’m not ashamed of being Mentally ill, and in times like this it’s great to be delusional(if that’s what it is). Yes, the sky comes crashing down every now and again, and sometimes I get in a real pissy mood over a signing or non signing or trade or non trade, but 90+% of the time I believe. Don’t matter to me we’re rolling of at 115-to-1, I always see an avenue for success, and wish others could as well, because instead of picturing failure, they could envision championships.

    Now, it seemed to me while reading all those comments, not a single person was willing to embrace the moneyball philosohy(which sucks, much rather have Yanks $$$$) but my god, it is what it is, we are who we are, we’ve tradionally been second fiddling afterthoughts, so it’s not like the situation we’re is unique, IT’S METSIAN for Christ sakes. All of the commenters were just stiching and moaning and complaining and moaning and more moaning and moaning, did I say moaning. Not a single, well maybe one, comment delved into our reality, attempting to jump the hurdles(as an online GM) and build a winner, just moaning and complaining and stiching, etc etc, etc, etc……….etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,

    It’s November. I agree with your opening statement. It’s getting early late, as Yogi or Casey once said, but my god it’s not over, we’re not mathamatically eliminated. Gotta have a little faith man, gotta believe in miracles because they do happen in sports, 80’s hockey game, 69 Mets, and game 6. 3 great examples, 2 Metsian, all 3 NY. That hockey game took place in my back yard BTW, Lake Placid NY.

    It’s nice to see that here, there is a diversity in the comments, and I’m thankful that there is a ton of pressure by the fans to spend, but if that’s all your baseball existence amounts to for years and years at a time, then your missing out on a great game, and one capable of throwing a miracle our way.

    Binghampton NY,
    Home of the first place B-Mets

    Lets go Mets. do it, do it, do it, lets go Mets go. We got………….

    • Mega

      I wish I could share your optimism

      I did look at a player, Hart I think a 1b/of who had good batting stats. Don’t know how he is in the field but his batting seems to be what we need.

      My take is this. I was excited and disappointed in 2006 and it went downhill from there. In the next few years there were excuses and failure. I don’t mind so much that they failed. I mind the way they did it. It was an organizational collapse in September. Omar would promise change and he gutted the minors and bought injured players who were always hurt and so they had an excuse.
      But the players quit too. They packed it in late in the season.

      Now we have a new regime and there is progress. We have a manager who seems to be good. Players are improving – notably the pitching staff. The minors are getting better with strength in pitching. We have a lot of work to do
      In getting better position players.

      So Sandy has not done well with free agents. Trades for minor league talent has gone well. Free agents have not. This offseason has been the year the organization has pointed to. The year where the mistakes of the previous guy comes off the books. The repeated lies about the financial health of the team.

      Our major need is obvious to a 5 year old. We need a mlb outfield.so our big move is to go out and spend half the available money on a player who hit 200 last year. A number by the way that is worse than what we have. We have players who hit 250 or less and play good defense. The new guy promises some power. I don’t care about power. It’s nice, but if you are going to get someone that does not hit 25 hr get someone who hits at least 260 , does not strike out and hits doubles.

    • megamets: I don’t think you’re out of touch with what’s going on with the Mets. Personally, I think you’re on the ball. Your comments are always welcome here.-JD

  3. I’ve been eyeing Hart as well. According to my informed friends, Hart is a liability defensively. While playing moneyball, defense is not king. To me, I sure like good gloves out there, especially when the NYM are building around a young pitching core. Whatever the case Hart is a good target, despite coming off 2 offseason knee surgeries. His career numbers speak for themselves, and are littered with good-to-great offensive statistics.

    There is one guy I highly covet on the trade market. Mark Trumbo.

    Mark’s HR/RBI have went up every year in the big leagues, so one could assume they’ll keep going up + Mark is in his prime. He’s been healthy his whole career, but suffered a decrease in BA/OBP for the first time last year.

    If the FO plans to contend next year and beyond, then I’d be willing to part with Wheeler. Mark is under team control for the next 3 years. If they do not plan to contend next year I’m not willing to trade, as at least 33% of Marks tenure would be wasted. Wheeler has 6 years of team control.


    • megamets: I like Trumbo and it would take Wheeler or one of the other Mets’ young pitchers to get him. I would offer Montero first and hope they bite on him. I wouldn’t hesitate because of one down season with his average and on-base percentage. Sometimes you can think and calculate too much.-JD