Mets Blow It By Not Going After Phil Hughes

Since the New York Mets need pitching, it was discouraging to read reports they are not players for Phil Hughes.

Of all the players in the free-agent market I thought the Mets had a chance to sign, the 27-year-old Hughes was it, and with him, had the biggest chance to produce at minimum cost. Yes, he was 4-14 last season, but he is two years removed from winning 16 games.

HUGHES: Mets blew a chance.

HUGHES: Mets blew a chance.

Hughes wants two years, but the Mets will only guarantee one year. I’d give him two years in a second, maybe even two plus an option.

Hughes, who made $7.15 million last year, would have been worth the gamble.

Everybody has a bad year, and Hughes is no exception. When things are off, as they were last year – either mechanically or mentally – balls tend to fly when you get your pitches up in a bandbox.

Citi Field, with its spacious dimensions, would have been perfect for him. The same reason the Mets are willing to trade Ike Davis is the same reason they should take a run at Hughes – for the change of scenery.

Hell, last season when Mark Teixeira went down, I wrote the Mets should trade Davis for Hughes. It made sense then and it makes sense now.

What doesn’t make sense is not giving Hughes at least two years at the same time you give $7 million to Chris Young. What is going on here?

Frank Francisco got two years, but not Hughes?

When Citi Field was built, it was done with the idea of building around pitching and defense. The Mets currently say they want to build around their young pitching, but pass on a young arm that had success in New York and pitched in a World Series?

What is Sandy Alderson thinking about?

Hughes has never had an arm injury, which makes him even more attractive. With Matt Harvey not available until 2015 – and even then we don’t know what he’ll be – and the jury not out yet on Zack Wheeler and Rafael Montero, the gamble on Hughes turning it around would have been a good one.

The chance to sign a young pitcher, who is healthy, relatively inexpensive and who has tasted success in New York doesn’t come around every day and the Mets blew it.

What Alderson seems to be looking for is Justin Verlander to decide he wants to pitch pro-bono in New York.

The decision to sign Young was ridiculous and not well thought out, but the bottom line his Alderson thought he was worth the risk.

Hughes would have been a much better choice. The clock is ticking for Alderson and Young and Hughes have been bad decisions.

Really bad.

13 thoughts on “Mets Blow It By Not Going After Phil Hughes

  1. Take a deep breath. Hughes was terrible last year. Going to the NL and to a pitcher’s park might help him. But a two year contract? Is that a good thing? And how high? 10 million per year? Montero and Syndergard are on their way. Harvey will be back. Hughes in 2014 might be the Hughes of 2013, that would be bad enough. And Hughes in 2015 might be the the Hughes of 2013 too.

    • cabbie: I agree, Hughes’ numbers were awful, with the exception of one: he’s 27. At that age, he could turn things around. Because of tht, I believe he was worth the gamble.-JD

  2. Can New York Mets Report and all the other blogs get together and stage a strike outside citifield when tickets go on sale. So we can protest what we all feel needs to be done, and that’s to get rid of this ownership!!!! We have to speak up more than we have. Unless we make a big stink the comissioner and everyone else will not listen.
    Here is a my small list of reasons why they should sell
    1) The Madoff Scam- b.s. they didn’t know
    2) They don’t have money- but they still charge us tops in the league for tickets and tv subscriptions
    3) They are not allocating enough $$$ from SNY to the ball club- Cablevision was probably giving us more 10 years ago
    4) The Wilpons always put their foot in their mouths- by saying the wrong thing all of the time
    5) By building citifield as a homage to more Brooklyn dodgers memorabilia than NY mets stuff
    6) by letting Reyes walk without even making an offer
    7) How is it possible that the Yankees have more than double our payroll when we play in the same city
    8) We keep losing fans to our crosstown rivals when we had just as many fans as them just 15 years ago
    9) How can they afford to build anything across the street from Citi if they have no $$$$
    10) And how they didn’t retire Mike Piazzas number is beyond me
    Please feel free to add more because I probably missed a ton more. I also think single game tickets at the stadium go on sale after the new year, so we should have time to organize this pretty well.
    What do we need to organize something this big? We always talk the talk, now lets walk the walk.

  3. One idea I saw was boycott Opening Day. Lot’s of attention paid to baseball on that day and a successful boycott would be a huge story. Same guy suggested banners,remember Banner Day, blasting the team.

    • Scooter: Won’t happen for two reasons. As far as boycotting, who would lead it? The fans might be angry, but they don’t have a leader. Plus, the fans have a financial interest if they already purchased tickets. As far as the banners go, the team would take them away. So that voice is lost.-JD

  4. I feel your fury Zozo, but boycotting is a bit much. Oh the butchers and the bakers……Meet the Mets…..The fans are true to the Orange and Blue…….Give em a yell, give em a hay, and let em know your rooting all the way……

    But, I hear ya nonetheless.

    How about, they so damn worried about the cheapskate clock our best talent is wasted in the minors while the season slips away….Waive the white flag at the appropriate time for god sakes.

    I showed up at the gate in 09 and the guy said 90 bucks, lucky I had 150. The guy in front of me showed up with 4 kids and the guy said 450 bucks sir. He looked dumfounded and headed back to the 7. Yeah, he could have got a deal on stub hub, if he knew, but still, 90 bucks for what amounted to a upperdeck seat, while rooting for a rotten ballclub in late August of ’09. What a joke. I really felt for the guy and wish he would have said…..get me a sales manager…..something must be wrong here……450 bleeping dollars for my family of 5 to sit in the upperdeck to watch a last place ballclub. What a joke. Still, can’t get behind a boycott, but I hear ya.

    • What you do to get to ownership is embarrass them

      Fred hates that. So go to the came with a bag over your head and sit there. When it catches on they will have to spend money. They would hate to go to a party and have their friends laugh at them.

      • If I went to a game next year, and had a good seat, which means I won the lottery, as the good seats are pretty much reserved for lotto winners at 300 some odd bucks a pop. I would just go nuts, get on the officials, root on my guys, and then look around for a paperbag, because make no mistake about it, I would make a fool out of myself, happens every time. And I get embarrassed, especially at the end of the ballgame, when I have to turn around. One time I turned around, and despite the stadium still filled at 80%, my entire section was empty, totally empty, not a single fanny in any seat. I got after the opposing catcher, batters, officials, loudly asked for chin music, pretty much foaming at the mouth, and the whole section was empty. lol,

  5. Good news for JD, I believe.

    Mets are gunning for Arroyo.

    This from my friend Gregg a minute ago.

    “Alderson plans to meet with Arroyo in person in Tampa either before or during the winter meetings. Arroyo was projected to get 2 years/$24M (which of course would make Olney swallow his words). He’s apparently hoping for a 3-year deal, but could go for two with a vesting option.”

    Seems like if they swing and miss on Arroyo and Hughes is still an option A) the price goes up and B) 2 years becomes an option.

    Just a guess on my part, and others.

  6. 3 years 24 million for Hughes.

    He would have got more than that last year if he were a FA, but after 4-14 5.29, that is a little crazy. Anyways, he couldn’t have asked for a nicer pitching haven, I’m sure this will fix many of Hughes problems, lets see how he does without the Bronx Bommers by his side.

    I’ll say 12-10 3.35 ERA.