Here’s A Marketing Strategy – Just Win!

sad mets bench

Tiffany asks…

It’s almost the end of November and the Mets offseason is two months old with two months to go. I thought this was going to be the offseason when the team would be able to add better players to the team. I’m so frustrated. What have we waited three years for?

Joe D. replies…

I feel your frustration. Our expectations were that this offseason was going to be the one that would allow Sandy to put the Mets back on the map, followed by the first of many winning seasons beginning in 2014. So far, it doesn’t feel that way. I believe we all expected to see a greater sense of urgency in attacking this offseason and addressing the team’s needs.

According to most reports, Sandy has about $23 million left to spend in his budget after signing free-agent Chris Young to a one-year deal. But there’s still a lot of work to be done and I’m not sure that we have enough resources to fix it all in one offseason.

Sandy needs to get past his sticker shock and realize that the most talented players are going to be costly in any free agent market. I wish he had held off on Young until he addressed the cleanup hitter need first. That should have been the top priority.

Before this Hot Stove season heated up, Sandy answered “absolutely” when asked if he was finally going to upgrade his underwhelming lineup for 2014 and give the fans a team to be proud of.

“I gotta watch those games, too, you know,” he quipped with a laugh.

Last night, the Mets had a conference call which I unfortunately missed, but I was covered by our “infamous” Ed Marcus.

Newly hired Chief Revenue Officer Lou DePaoli, discussed his plans for marketing the Mets. He said there are currently 5 million Met fans in our area and described some cool new strategies to get those fans watching, listening, and going to the ballpark again.

But I think the best way to boost fan interest and energize an apathetic fan base lies more in Sandy Alderson’s hands.

Sandy needs to get this team winning again. Winning is historically the best marketing strategy – with a proven 100% success rate in Flushing.

Sandy needs to construct a winner and if he builds it they will come. All five million of us.

13 thoughts on “Here’s A Marketing Strategy – Just Win!

  1. Good article.

    Since sticker shock therapy, lets say there’s a few more million bucks at SA disposal. Move Davis and Duda, there’s 6+ more. Granderson or Cruz+Ibanez+Infante(SS) or Furcal+Hart(1B) and go with this staff. Which I recently changed.

    Gee, 100 pitches(Parnell-9th, Black 8th, German 7th, specialists J.Walters and Edgin)
    Noah 80 pitches + Mejia 70 pitches, will end in 9 half the time
    Wheeler 90 pitches(Parnell-9th, Black 8th, German 7th, specialists J. Walters and Edgin)
    Montero 80 pitches+ Tores 70 pitches will end in 9 half the time
    Niese 100 pitches(Parnell-9th, Black 8th, German 7th, specialists J. Walters and Edgin )
    Day off.

    • Mega

      I came across a comparison of Ruben and furcal the last few years. Other than hr the stats were very similar. If Ruben doesn’t tank like he did last year there is no upgrade. I don’t know his asking price but I get the feeling that our IF will be the same this year as last.

      Which means for all the talk of improving this horrible team we will have added an OF who hits 200 for $7m

      I keep hearing rumors of trades but since we don’t have much to trade and we are reluctant to trade our young arms we won’t do that either

      • Dave, despite the fact that I have been advocating Furcal, I am a Tejada supporter. Ruben played as well as Jose for a large portion of 2012, and you could easily argue he was far more valuable that year.

        The reason I’m pulling for a Furcal transaction is

        Tejada has proved valuable in a supporting role.
        Furcal would have to earn his job
        Furcal would be cheap
        Ruben’s still got 3 more years of team control, so the SS job is still there for the taking.
        I understand that it’s hard to argue, based on recent stats, that Furcal is anything along the lines of a slam dunk, but he’s cheap, fits the mold, is a crusty vet, but the real reason I want Furcal, is my gut is telling me he will take to NYC and be successful. I go with my instincts on FA. So, obviously, I am using a scientifiaclly, statistically flawed reasoning in why I want Furcal, but I think he will prove valuable.

        Happy thanksgiving dude


  2. Cruz’ asking for 4 years 75 million.

    Accoriding to SNY’s Martino, market for Cano will become robust.

  3. Hmm they Yankees need to cut payroll under their cap but signed an catcher and outfielder (Big Money) … Why are my freaking Mets telling us what they have to spend… (I love my Mets) they can’t… and they are clueless… Why did the Wilpons build the new Ebberts field, They are clueless, when shea ripped down,,,,the best seats that all wanted to buy were the orange ones… Where is the Hodges or Seaver Keith statue? No Citi was built by a Dodger fan in honor of Jackie!!! He could do such much better… They let the top prospects Matt, Zack, Noah sit in the minors and bring them up in mid season to save money! Hmm Just saw the thing about the anniversary about Seaver winning rookie of the year… Does Fred realize that having two or three rookie on the year pitchers is going to make him more money then letting them in the minors until June so they scan save a few bucks? Invest the money and Shea ( oops Ebbets, citi) will be packed, They gave away the fan and that is a huge kick..the time is now… 80-90 million payroll in NY is clueless…They have the foundation,,, Payrolls should be at 120 million… Build it and they will come! It is time… Get off the burning pot and build the Mets..If their Wilponds had a clue,,, the Mets would take over NY like they did in 86… but they don’t… good luck sandy! Sandy….needs to get in touch with the real Mets fans and The connection would be a great building block! Stop Joking and get someone!!!

  4. Can’t wait for that power bat.

    Maybe we will spend $15 million on the power bat who hits 10 hr’s a year and bats .150

  5. Just win

    By the way I looked at a site about salaries.

    The new player is the second best paid player on the team.

    Yes. He is THAT good

    • I hope you guys aren’t right about C.Y. but understand your frustration. Lets just hope we can sign a big fish, get lucky with some cheap acquisitions, and put some blue chips in the pot, and make a run…….

      Dave, I agreed with you on your 1st round pick idea. It came across sarcastic when I reread it, but I think it is a novel idea, one I’ve yet to hear, and will start to advocate the idea when talking about PED’s.

  6. Great post! The only thing that matters is wins and this GM we have needs to start showing some accountability and fast!!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.

    Mets Hot Stove Info

    Hughes will reportedly get 2 years, Mets reportedly not going there.

    The Mets are reportedly interested in ‘Almost Perfect Armando’ Galarraga who’s last gig came in Astro’not gear(Boras may have been wrong afteral), going 0-4 with a 6.75 ERA in five starts.

    The Mets are also after LHP, Victor Garate, 29. Garate got a cup of Nat coffee in 2009 allowing 5 earned in 2 IP. In the Mexican League, Garate went 9-4 with a 3.78 ERA in 18 starts last year.

    Both Garate and Galaraga, if signed, are expected to do so on minor league contracts.

    Priced out of the dumpster, head to a Mexican Landfill. That’s a little tough, just said it for jokes. At least they’re working through the Hollidays.

      • It’s so easy to say…it’s just a game…but oh so hard to let it sink in. Impossible, I’d say, for most Mets fans.