Mets Have Same Issues As When Season Ended

With it being 27 degrees outside, what better time to think about spring training for the New York Mets in Port St. Lucie?

Spring training will be here before you know it, and the Mets aren’t close to being ready, having not filled any of their myriad of the holes they had at the conclusion of last year’s 74-win season.

Not one, and please, don’t even attempt to justify Chris Young as an answer.

The Mets have roughly three months to address the following concerns:

ROTATION: At least the Matt Harvey question was answered, as it is better to know in the negative rather than to wonder. Jon Niese, Dillon Gee and the sampling from Zack Wheeler comprises the starters. With the uncertainty of Jenrry Mejia recovering from elbow surgery and the preference to wait on Rafael Montero and Noah Syndergaard, the Mets have two slots to fill, with none immediately from the inside.

BULLPEN: Bobby Parnell is recovering from surgery, so he’s a question. LaTroy Hawkins is now in Colorado. A late-season pick-up last year, Vic Black will either be the closer until Parnell returns or in a set-up role. Scott Rice, Carlos Torres and Scott Atchison are expected back, but two or three other roles could be determined during spring training.

CATCHER: Travis d’Arnaud goes in No. 1, but the Mets are still searching for a veteran mentor. Although they never were going to get him, the Mets have to be pleased to see Brian McCann going to the American League, even if it to the Yankees.

FIRST BASE: Reportedly, there was interest in Ike Davis, but where did it go? Supposedly there was interest from Milwaukee, but that appears to have cooled. Perhaps, something will warm up at the Winter Meetings.

SECOND BASE: Daniel Murphy might be a tradable asset, but will go as a package for anything substantial. He won’t bring back much in a one-for-one trade.

SHORTSTOP: This is a major concern, but it appears Jhonny Peralta is close to signing with St. Louis, which just traded former World Series hero David Freese. That franchise just keeps rolling on. Ruben Tejada is attending a fitness camp in Michigan, so maybe they are re-signed to going with him for another year.

OUTFIELD: No, .200-hitter Young is not the answer, but acquiring him does seem to answer the question of whether Jordany Valdespin is in their plans. Juan Lagares and Eric Young have tentative spots, in center and left, but right field is open. Matt den Dekker could fill a spot, but won’t provide the offense they want.

So, nearly two months after the end of another disappointing season, the Mets are in the same position from when we last saw them.


6 thoughts on “Mets Have Same Issues As When Season Ended

  1. Tough Giants loss. As much as I love my Giants, my heart belongs to the NYM. If the Mets just lost that game to Dallas, a dark depression for an uncertain amount of time would have ensued.

    A lot of questions. This is how I would go about buisness if I was GM. The bullpen and rotation would look like this.

    Gee, 100 pitches(10M closer, Parnell-8th, Black 7th, German and Edgin)
    Noah 80 pitches + Mejia 70 pitches, will end in 9 half the time
    Wheeler 90 pitches(10M closer, Parnell-8th, Black 7th, German and Edgin)
    Montero 80 pitches+ Tores 70 pitches will end in 9 half the time
    Niese 100 pitches(10M closer, Parnell-8th, Black 7th, German and Edgin)

    Catcher dArnaud and Recker
    First base: Cash in our Davis/Duda coupons(6-7M) and sign Corey Hart.
    Second Base: Since Daniel Murphy is willing to run through a brick wall for me, I want him on my team, and think he holds his own defensively.
    SS: I want Furcal. Low risk, high reward, moneyballer. I envision Furcal earning his check 4 fold.
    OF: I think that den Dekker would provide more offense than you picture.
    Young RF, Lagares CF, The Grandy man can play LF. den Dekker/Young backups

    My pitching proposition is mocked, laughed at, and deemed bush. The owner puts a gun to my head and says choose a FA starting pitcher in our price range. Quickly, I reply, Phil Hughes. That’s assuming Bronson Arroyo would cost at minimum, 2X the money and years. If Arroyo were similar price, than, I go Arroyo. I really like my pitching staff the way I have it though.

  2. JD, I have a request. I can’t remember if I’ve already asked so I will ask now.

    I want you to write an article about how the Mets organization was sticker shocked.

    The title could be. Aldersons Allowance Altered After Sticker Shock


    Aldersons Allowance Altered After Sticker-Shock-Therapy


    Aldersons Allowance Altered After Mets Execs Sustain Substantial Sticker-Shock-Therapy

    • I forgot to say Please. Forgive me. I also forgot to beg. I’m begging you. I think the article could be a whopper of a success.