Nate McLouth Would Have Been Better Choice Than Chris Young For Mets

The New York Mets might get lucky with Chris Young the same way they did with Marlon Byrd last season. It could happen.

However, are you betting on it?

McLOUTH: A better choice.

McLOUTH: A better choice.

I am not buying for a second they’ll make a play for Nelson Cruz, but there are others I would have liked to see them get over Young.

We know Shin-Soo Choo and Jacoby Ellsbury were out of their price range. Supposedly, they liked Corey Hart. How about Nate McLouth?

McLouth, 32, hit .258 with a .329 on-base percentage – both superior to Young – and drew 53 walks in 593 plate appearances. He also homered 12 times, equal to Young’s production. And, he did it for $2 million. Plus, he stole 30 bases, plays good defense and always hustles.

You can’t convince me for a second Young was a better choice. They got Young, who is two years younger, for $7.25 million. Don’t you think they could have gotten McLouth for two years at $8 million?

There aren’t a lot of great choices out there, but Young was a bad one in that they gave a lot of money for somebody with little production.

Sandy Alderson values on-base percentage, and clearly had a better option in McLouth. Too bad he didn’t make a harder run at him.

18 thoughts on “Nate McLouth Would Have Been Better Choice Than Chris Young For Mets

  1. I like McLouth, but I don’t think he’s a better fit.
    He’s left handed, so he can’t platoon with MDD if necessary. He Hit 12 HR but had mor ABs and plays in a band box.
    Young is a gamble, but you are way over reacting.

  2. Perhaps Alderson & Company is looking at McLouth as a platoon compliment to Chris Young or Andrew Brown with den Dekker (or Nieuwenhuis) as the 5th OF? This would make perfect sense and fill the Mets OF needs for well under $10 million in 2014. Both players have very good speed, good power and play above average defense. If you examine their splits, there is no reason to believe such a scenario would not yield good results and better than league average production at both corner OF slots. Such moves would also buy some time for den Dekker to break in and Puello to develop at Triple-A. With the remaining $20 million or so, they can get Joe Smith, one of the lefty veterans (Kazmir, Capuano, Maholm, Lilly or Saunders) and sign John Lannan to a minor league deal. There would even be $ left over for a 1-2 year deal for Furcal.

    • I like your comment. Since we got E. Young, I don’t want to spend on Mclouth.

      C Young’s 162 game average is better than Mclouth’s. There’s been little-to-no fluxuation in HR, RBI, R, 2B, XBH SB per AB, throughout his entire career. Mclouths numbers, in general, and in regards to production per at bat headed south a few years ago. Below are some numbers I came up with. There at least 95% accurate. You could I say sort-of cherry picked what numbers were chosen, but it’s a whole lot harder to argue on Mclouth’s behalf, statistically. Except for last year stats, which you could argue are the most relevant. Anyways, I much prefer Young over Mclouth regardless.

      Last 1400 PA’s Young, 46-HR, 152 RBI,
      Last 1480 PA’s McLouth 29 HR, 96 RBI,

      Since 2010, 1300 AB, Mclouth 29 HR, 96 RBI
      Since 2010, 1800 AB, Young 73-HR, 243 RBI

  3. Interesting ideas, DaMetsman. I like your plan for the most part. I don’t like the idea of signing Joe Smith, who will likely be overpaid for a middle reliever. I can’t stand it when a team reacquires a player they got rid of before, and the Mets traded Smith to Cleveland in the “Two Years of Disappointing Play by the Ghost of Roberto Alomar” sweepstakes. Why not roll the dice and see what you’ve got with some of these guys like Leathersich, Walters, Kolarek and Chase Bradford? Save the money to put towards pitching. Get a better pitcher (Bronson Arroyo or Dan Haren?) to insert near the top of the rotation and provide reliable innings paired with a couple of incentive-laden deals for a rehab prospect like Colby Lewis, a savvy vet at the end of the road like Jake Westbrook, or an underappreciated pitcher like Jeff Karstens.

    One possibility to get some potential production in left could be to see what it would take to get Chase Headley. Would Montero and Flores be enough? Headley is still young and could provide some real pop behind David Wright. The downside is that he’ll be contributing to the stiff wind coming from home plate all season, namely the Mets striking out at an alarming rate. He does have a career OBP of .350, though. I think he may be a free agent after this season as well, but perhaps he’d sign an extension.
    As for SS, it’s a tough call but trying Furcal if he’s healthy may not be so bad for one season. Maybe Clint Barmes? He’s not terrible, which is at least better that Tejada. Upon checking his stats, he is terrible, so I take that back. I don’t know what to do about SS. Give Tovar a shot and have supreme D?

  4. Maybe McLouth is the second Ofer they sign! Mclouth-Young-Murphy-Wright- Young-Darnaud-Lagares- SS. Linup won’t hit much but if the Shortstop can field the positon well the defense should be better than average.

  5. I had a pair of blinders on, and refused to search for injury data on Young, despite fearing it. Well, since Youngs negative feedback didn’t surround nagging injuries, I kept my fingers crossed and refused to search for injury data. I’ve just ran into some news that buzzkills the moment.

    This from Keith Law.

    Young “hasn’t hit at all since an April 2012 shoulder injury that included damage to the AC ligament, with a .203/.282/.375 line in 692 plate appearances since he returned from the disabled list that May.

    He’s even tried altering his swing, shortening up in the second half of 2013 to cut down on strikeouts, but nothing has gotten him back to where he was prior to the injury. It’s possible that it never comes back, but another offseason of rest might help him regain enough flexibility (or lose any tentativeness) so that he doesn’t post another career-low BABIP in 2014.”

    I saw the dip in production and games played, but kept my blinders on.

    On a positive note Law started out by saying “I had tabbed Chris Young as one of my top potential bargains in free agency this year”

    • Worst case scenario Marcum X 2. That’s pretty bad but it can’t sink us. I want some more one year deals.

      I would like to see JD, write this article.

      Aldersons allowance altered after sticker shock?

      100 million would be nice.

  6. Let me get this straight.

    Our big signing of the year is for an OF who hit 200 with 12 hr for $7m

    I am so excited.

  7. Since you’ve stated you can’t be convinced that Young was a better choice than McLouth so I won’t try. I will however respectfully suggest that you a) look at more than the past 12 months when evaluating players that have seen significant performance fluctuation and b) become better acquainted with some of the advanced metrics that attempt to measure defensive and overall value and look at these two players over the past 3-4 seasons.

    I doubt they’ll impact what you’ve stated is a closed mind but perhaps they can begin the process of helping you avoid blanket statements that come off grossly underinformed. Neither guy is a lock but there’s a very reasonable case to be made that Young is clearly the better risk – it all depends on whether you’re willing to explore further than 12 months.

    • I hear you loud and clear, but steve sommers, and other WFAN hosts, many NY media outlets, and other well respected analysts are saying virtually the same thing as Dave. The fanbase is furious. They are venting. They act as a blunt instrument while echoing the sentiment of majority of Mets fans. Dave has the right to feel that way, and his views are far from unique.

      That said, I agree with you, and your comment brings on the potential for debate and solid baseball chat, which I appreciate and respect. Fistbump

      It’s also worth noting that many of baseball’s most respeceted analysts see this as a potential bargain.

      • You said it well. The folks who are paid to be hysterical, under-informed and play to the lowest common denominator are hysterical while the majority of those that attempt to use science based metrics think it’s a very solid deal. I don’t visit here often but thought JD was a lot more thoughtful than this post suggests.

        • Cpins/mega

          Both of you may be right and this guy may turn out to be a moderately respectable player

          On another thread I looked at the last 3 years. Stats don’t measure defense. I know there are all these metrics of points saved or whatever, but I rather see someone play

          Anyway in the last 3 years his highs are 230 avg and 20 hr

          His avg is about 15 hr a year. Ok but matched with a 220 avg I don’t care.

          As I stated many times before I want the of to hit 260 and give me about 15 hr for the corners as well as playing good defense.

          I know Byrd is old but he played very well last year and 2 for 16 was a contract I would hve jumped on. I don’t know what the team is thinking esp considered the other crap out there. We won’t go after Choo because he is not good enough for the years and $$ he wants.

          I am completely pissed at this big signing. I want to throw up.

          Now he may prove me wrong and hit 220 with 20 hr. We have young in left who hits about 250 and steals bases. I think he is a platoon player. I like his d and the energy on the bases but don’t think he hits enough. We have exactly 2 hitters on this team. Adding a new bat that gives me 220 sucks. I complain loudly about Ike and we spend $7 for a new Ike. This sucks

    • cpins. My decision on virtually every Mets signing, is up to my gut. When my gut tells me good deal, I put the rose colored glasses on. When my gut tells me disaster, I look for negatives in a player.

      I think a lot of Mets fans are like this, not to the extent that I take it, but to a certain degree. Obviously, JD is hot over the Young signing, and will be forever, unless proven wrong(25/80/80 good Dee.). As a fan, I respect that. I disagree with JD and am on board with Young, but am glad his feelings are strong.

  8. the Mutts are a joke because of the freaking Coupons…..SELL THE DAMN TEAM ALREADY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!

  9. There was a pole taken recently by one of the local tabloids and 94% of fans wanted them to sell. You’d think that there were some hanging chads, misposts, and non-hardcore fans voting, leading to the surprisingly low number. Time to dumpster dive and make the best out of this FA class.