Mets Add Outfielder Chris Young. Happy Now?

One can’t get any louder denial of the irresponsible and bogus report of the New York Mets discussing Ryan Braun than the announcement of today’s announced deal for Chris Young. That’s the restaurant equivalent of thinking about Morton’s for dinner, but settling for McDonald’s.

Young isn’t even worth a Chili’s comparison.

YOUNG: All better now?

YOUNG: All better now?

Actually, the best thing that could happen to the Mets is Young failing his physical to void the one-year, $7.25 million deal. You read that correctly. That’s a lot of money for a career .235 hitter with a .315 on-base percentage.

The 30-year-old Young played with Arizona for seven years before being traded to Oakland last winter.

Ready for this?

Young hit .200 with 12 homers and 40 RBI in 335 at-bats. And, that on-base percentage Sandy Alderson likes so much? Try .280, with 93 walks and only 36 walks. Young averages 148 strikeouts every 162 games.

Alderson said he could live with a lot of strikeouts if the hitter makes up for it with run production and a high on-base percentage. His 12 homers is hardly worth the trouble.

The Mets would like Juan Lagares to play center, but that’s Young’s natural position. However, it shakes out that as of now the Mets’ outfield is Young, Lagares and Eric Young. Now, don’t tell me you don’t have the warm fuzzies.

Frankly, if Chris Young is the best the Mets can do, I’d rather they go with Matt den Dekker, or teach Wilmer Flores to play left field, or sign the pitcher Chris Young to play the outfield.

Please tell me this isn’t it for the Mets in the free agent market. I know they aren’t players for Shin-Soo Choo, Jacoby Ellsbury or Nelson Cruz. I knew all along none of those would happen. But, paying Chris Young $7.25 million is shopping at a thrift shop and still overpaying.

Alderson projects an $87-million payroll for 2014, which is ridiculously low for a team in New York. Conversely, the Yankees are desperate to get under $189 million.

As of now, the Mets have $32.5 million earmarked for three players: David Wright ($20 million), Chris Young ($7.25 million) and Jon Niese ($5 million).

According to an ESPN report, they also have a projected $23 million for arbitration eligible players: Daniel Murphy ($5.1 million), Ike Davis ($3.82 million), Bobby Parnell ($3.725 million), Dillon Gee ($3.55 million), Eric Young ($1.9 million), Lucas Duda ($1.8 million), Scott Atchison ($1.3 million), Ruben Tejada ($1 million) and Justin Turner ($800,000).

Assuming those numbers, that leaves them to add 13 players for the remaining balance for roughly $32 million.

And to think, some people actually thought Braun was a possibility.

Merry Christmas.

15 thoughts on “Mets Add Outfielder Chris Young. Happy Now?

  1. SA has proven he can sell, not that he can buy.
    What a disaster, but we have money to pay 3 GMs.

    • Keep your Hawkeyes on Sandy while he eyes the prize. It’s nice to know there’s a massive amount of pressure to spend more money. I’m starting to get the feeling that we will spend just shy of 100 million on payroll. 97, or 98 million.

      @Mets fans. Lets hope that sticker-shock-therapy adjusted 2014 money allotted(30% more)

      • Lol, you guys know I was just trying to be funny. BTW, JD, It looks like I’ve warn out my welcome in my previous watering holes. So, I will be hammering away with my strategies and such.

        My imagination has taken a valume, but it should be firing on all cylinders shortly.

  2. Thanks for the math. Lets assume that 9 of the 13 players are close to league min. and cost a total of 6 milllion + 62 million is 68 million. My guess is the team spends around 95 million, not 87. 92’s been a number I’ve heard thrown around quite a bit. But, for now, and because of sticker-shock-therapy, lets call it 95. Minus 68 is 27 million left for 4 players That’s two for 10M each per/yr, and 2 at 4 mil each a year. I don’t think the above is a stretch. I sure hope it isn’t.

    I like the move. Low risk, high reward. A deal that can’t sink you in the future. Young will be playing for a contract. He’s very athletic. Chris’ 162 gm avg. 24 HR, 73 RBI, 81R, 35-2B, 63-XBH, 20-SB. There’s been no fluctuation in production per at bat in these stats, R’s/RBI/R/2B/XBH/SB per AB throughout his career, thus I see the above numbers as a good indicator. I’ve seen one analyst call this the best move of the offseason. Now, if he hits like Jason Bay, some fans will say you get what you pay for. Not me. We pay a 2014 FA, 7 mil, I want around 20-70-80, 245/330/430, and think we will get it. Plus the glove is nice. I can see Young having a good year, he’s got millions on the line. Ike’s coming off a 200 8 30 year and is looking at 4+, this because he’s got a 32 HR season under his belt. Young has 32, 27, 22, 20 HR seasons under his belt, while playing a premium position at a high level, and unlike Ike is a FA. ARI and OAK both are pitching ballparks/divisions so throughout Chis’ career he’s hit in the biggest ballparks in the game on a regular basis, so Citi should not be as intimidating for Young as it would be for a guy like Cruz, who’s teed off Texas his entire career. Obviously Young would preferably hit in PHI, where 30’d be a lock, in 2014, IMO.

    If I’m right and Sandy has around 27 mil to spend on 2-to-4 FA For the first time we get to watch a real moneyball team be purchased. I’m getting excited and believe in SA. This is his year. Of course I would rather play big market ball, but at least this year the team that is built will be one built to contend, good, bad, or indifferent. So, as a fan I am pumped about Young. I will be rooting for him bigtime. Gotta love those 7 mil a year guys who earn there check. They are amongst my favorite type.

    Considering we’ve all known we’re playing moneyball, and there’s likely 3 moves of this magnitude to come, it’s time for Mets fans to get there hopes up. The next big move should be much better indicator. Young +(next NYM 8M FA).

    Sandy’s targeting 1, 2 year deals, 3 topps, so lets forget about Perralta, and before losing out on Furcal gobble him up. Low risk high reward short term. He fits the mold perfectly, and now I want Furcal badly. Sandy needs to move quick here. We’ll have either Tovar/Tejada/Flores that can be Furcals insurance. I look at Furcal as a must, only because we’re playing moneyball, and we have to be realistic about our moneyballing Mets. I’m ready to deal Ike, and Duda(or nontender). If we can purchase Corey Hart for 8 mil 1 year. That to me has become a must now that the ball is rolling. low risk, high reward, short term, moneyballer, fits the mold. The money’s almost a wash, the kitty’s virtually the same, turn 2 pages, get a AA prospect Ike, an A prospect for Duda and move forward with Hart. Hopefully this moneyball philosoophy continues to intrigue me. The Young signing has me thinking, and envisioning the braintrust’s forecast. I get the feeling The Wilpons will be very encouraged if SA can land Furcal and Hart on 1 year deals, and move Ike and Duda, maybe enough to raise the budget up to 100 million.

    I’m sorry my Mets fan compadres aren’t feeling what I am……We get to watch a 500 hour movie in 2014, hopefully it’s a nailbitting thriller. That’s what I’m thinking right now, wish the rest could to. I am delusional, but that doesn’t mean moneyball mets 2014 can’t win. Other monyball teams have provided 500 hour nail biting thrillers. Lets Go Mets Go. Do it, do it, do it. Lets GO Mets. Give us something to cheer about.

    • megamets: It’s not how much Alderson has to spend, but how he spends it. I’m not buying Young. There were better, more economical choices than Young, who is at least three years removed from being a decent player.-JD

      • The NYM acquire a top 20 bat:
        The NYM acquire a top 10 bat:
        The NYM acqiuire a top 50 FA(49th i believe)

        Each and every time I expect for the same results. 5 milion player or 25 million player 50 million or more.
        Eiither A) 285 25 85 (fingers crossed)
        Or B) 240, 10, 60 (expect)

        So to me is just another gamble, low risk, we needed an OF with power and Young’s playing for a contract. Young could have cost 7 million or 70 million, I’d expect the same results.

        Keep signing one year deals Sandy.

  3. Last time I checked, 32.5 + 23 = 55.5, not 62. The 62 figure you are quoting from ESPN assumed the league minimum ($500K) for each of the remaining 13 roster spots. I just got us an extra $6.5M. Move over Sandy.

  4. If Young is one-of-4, 7 million dollar SA+ acquistions. Then Sandy got the first one under his belt on a 1 year deal. IMO, that’s important. Especially when presnenting your case to the Wilpons. Jeff’s gotta be thrilled the first chip is a 1 year guy, and if Sandy delivers a couple more 1yr deals, and quickly, Jeff should raise Sandy+ allowance.

    If Sandy goes low risk, high reward, and is compensated in regards to sticker shock, then Sandy’s task should be building a Mets team for roughly100 million dollars.

  5. I looked up this guys stats

    A high of 236 avg
    A high of 20 hr
    Avg 15

    This is for the last 3 years

    And we pay $7m for this?
    I want to throw up

    • A NYM FA is A NYM FA, we take the bad, bad, bad, bad and the good. I wouldn’t be at all shocked it there were more good cheapy’s then biggies. Keep getting me FA, and find out if there big applers, Metropolitan style. Gimme Furcal, Ibanez, and Hart. Cash in Davis and duda coupons, and make a big splash. That’s what I want.