Ike Davis Doesn’t Want To Leave Mets; There Are Reasons Why He Shouldn’t

Supposedly, the New York Mets have a half-dozen potential trading partners for flawed first baseman Ike Davis.

However, based on service time, Davis has no ability to void a trade. Even so, that doesn’t mean he’s open to the idea of leaving.

DAVIS: Wants to stay.

DAVIS: Wants to stay.

Davis told the Mets’ website on MLB.com he doesn’t want to leave Citi Field for Milwaukee, Tampa Bay or the launching pad in Baltimore.

“I just want a chance to play,’’ said Davis, who hit .205 with nine homers and 33 RBI in a frustrating season punctuated by a lengthy stay in the minor leagues. “Honestly, I’ve loved my time with the Mets. I’m still a Met right now and I don’t want to get traded. But that part of the game is not up to us. You want to stay, but you don’t have any say in it.’’

There are several compelling reasons why the Mets could re-consider their stance to shop their once-future centerpiece slugger:

* He has shown an ability to hit with power evidenced by 32 homers in 2012, a season that featured a lengthy first-half slump.

* There might not be a good enough offer for him, or some other team might snag Lucas Duda in a trade first, leaving first base open.

* Duda might not prove to be the answer, either.

The arbitration process, considering Davis’ season, might be kind to the Mets (he made $3.1 million last year).

* At 26, Davis is a year younger.

* It has always been something with Davis, either a slump or injury, so he hasn’t had an uninterrupted season with the Mets. Giving Davis another year could give him time enough to figure it out for 2015, the year they pencil in to be competitive with the return of Matt Harvey.

If it happens, Davis said he would suck it up and accept what the baseball gods give him.

“That’s life, man,’’ Davis said. “You can’t just sit there and cry. You’ve just got to move on. Like this year: I’m not going to sit here and pout because I’ve been bad. No, I’m going to work my butt off and see if I can be better next year. That’s the only way to live life.’’

Both Duda and Davis have a high propensity for striking out, but the Mets might prefer the former because of a slightly better on-base percentage last season (.352-.326).


14 thoughts on “Ike Davis Doesn’t Want To Leave Mets; There Are Reasons Why He Shouldn’t

  1. I’m actually hoping that the Mets give Davis one more year at first to put it all together.
    Davis is 26. He’s had injuries, slumps, bad lineups, and growing pains. But it doesn’t cost the Mets anything to give him 2014. Why?
    Let me put it bluntly.
    The Mets aren’t winning in 2014. It will be a 500 season at best. Here’s why…
    -d’Arnaud will take this year to learn the league. I’ll be thrilled if he bats .250, but I expect 2-3 years of growth until he reaches his prime.
    -The Mets aren’t filling 5 lineup positions AND a bullpen with one offseason. So 2014 will be 2013…continued. They’ll mix and match, see if Lagares sticks, Davis returns to form, and whatever FAs they pick up actually hit like they are paid.
    We will see if Wheeler, Niese, and Gee will consistently be a good 2-3-4 behind Harvey (or 1-2-3 in front of him).
    With the loss of Harvey, the Wilpons are on hold. They are not ramping it up until they are sure Harvey, Wheeler and Syndergaard aren’t going to be Izzy, Pulse and Wilson of the early 90’s.
    So Davis should get one more year. If he bats 250 with 25 homers, keep him. If he’s batting 190 at the end of May…wish him luck and get a prospect for him…or make him a bench player.

    • @Vinny, you make some good points, as did John in the article.

      What buzzkilled me on rebelieveing in Ike was just how befuddled Ike looks verse the breaker. That said, they’re have been plenty of fastball hitting slugger’s that have been productive throughout MLB history. My guess is neither Gorman Thomas or Dave Kingman could hit junkballs, total shot in the dark there. My previous plan of Ike sitting verse lefties, while Flores gets those 1B at bats, will be adjusted to this. Keep Ike. Beware of a poor start, and set Ike up for success. No nasty breaking ball pitchers and no lefty’s in April, give those at bats to Flores or somebody that won’t carry that negative momentum forward. Get to May, and revisit how to move forward.

      Maybe, the Mets should simulate an exraordinary amount of AB’s up until Spring. The major bugaboo in that plan is Ike’s latest injury was an oblique, meaning swinging the bat is where/when the oblique is stressed. So, maybe, throw Ike simulated batting…..breaking ball, fastball, breaking ball fastball, etc, etc, without Ike even swinging. Maybe 20-30 half swings a day till spring, or during spring. The oblique is a killer nowadays, and the repetition Ike stats scream for, could end up sidelining him, rendering him useless, wasting Mets money. Still, I say go with Ike, deal off virtually every other FB except Flores, essentially showing Ike who da man is. And, have EL MVP, Allan Dykstra, who’s continuing his stellar 2013 campaign this fall, waiting in the wings in Vegas. My god, if Allan had a better glove, i would be screaming at the top of my lungs for his bat. He is the anti-Ike in regards to batting stance. Allan is as calm as anyone, before the pitch, during the pitch, and swinging at the pitch. His patience is Duda-esk, but unlike Duda, Allan is a purebred power hitter, whereas Lucas had to be coached to hit HR’s. To be honest, not only is Allan, IMO, a cross between Ike and Lucas as a player, he looks like a cross between Ike and Lucas as a person. Dudas glove, Dudas patience, almost Ike’s Power. As far as power goes, there maybe just a handful of guys with more raw power than Ike. Giancarlo Stanton atop the list. In Ike’s first or second season, his HR distance was second in MLB. So there’s a little evidence of at least 1 of my statements being correct. Obviously take everything else with a grain of salt as I am an insane Mets fan, and very delusional.

      Thanks for all the articles JD, I had fun reading and responding. Keep hammering away.

  2. I don’t believe in Ike anymore. Yes he may pan out this year and in the future.

    Reasons why he likes it here.

    His dad played here
    It is the media capital of the world. Ie you can make good money

    The mets tend to overpay

    Nite life is great

    No one cares about these other places you mention

    • I’ve talked about a few on that list, and in the future will delve into deeper. FIrst lets start with Jeff Walters. The guy brings cheddar to the table, can touch 98, broke several B-Mets records last year, as well as EL records. Every now and again he throws a wrinkle up there, but primarily reaches back and gives the fans everything his RH has. He, above all B-Mets, despite his record setting year was frequently squeezed by the HP ump. Jeff, sometimes, got more upset than others. When it became evident that Jeff was hot, several HP umps gave him the tin cup strike zone, at least 1 of these times it resulted in a blown save, but he got through the inning, left the bases juiced, and in this particular game, our weak-hitting, fantastic-game-calling superb-pitch-blocking catcher said sayanra to the baseball, and almost over the Don’s sign, which would have meant free Speedie sandwiches for the fans. It only missed by around 5 feet. ANyways I was chatting with a friend and as we we’re talking he said “walk off” I immediatly turned, caught the ball midflight, and watched her fly up up and out. The promo guy intereviewed Blake Forsyte for about 20 seconds, blake got a gatorade shower, waived in a exausted manner to the interviewer, and headed for the locker room. Back to Walters. He’s got the type of raw ability that 99% of AA’s don’t have, he’s 26 now I believe. His command may be an issue, and maybe lack of movement, which on fastballs, is very hard to gauge as a fan in the stands. My hunch is, if he does not have the movement he will get beat, and since Jeff’s 26 years old, there must be something off with his command/movement that scares SA and company. 1,000,000 better than DJ Carrasco though and we paid that dud 2.5. He was just put on the 40 man today I believe, so at least the flamethrower with fantastic raw ability is being protected.

      The other guy I can chime in on isTravis Taijeron. He’s built kinda like Straw as a 19 year old. Long tall frame, natural power, fantastic fielder. Got off to a rip roaring start last year, and despite his awful finish(guessing here .140 over last 200 AB’s) I still view Travis as a bigleaguer. Boy did he look lost during the stretch drive K’ing many times more than most B-Mets, who as a group each possess several golden sombreros, or thereabouts.

      Maybe I didn’t give Jeff his due credit. It’s the 26 year old thing tha tbothers me. When he was cruising right along I would yell NEW YORK CITY. NEW YORK CITY… NEW YORK CITY. anyways meds got the better of me know, gotta crash

  3. Ike has worn out his welcome, he can not be on this team next year. Too much drama and pouting every year. Being Jeff’s buddy has produced a sense of entitlement that has no place on a losing team year after year. They can not continue running out these same lousy players and expect us fans to support this ownership.
    Time to move onward and upward. Bye-bye Ike.

  4. I like the move, but hope sandy gets more money.

    Some quick number crunching shot out this statistical data.Never played a single inning outside of CF, till last year. Chris’ 162 gm avg. 24 HR, 73 RBI, 81R, 35-2B, 63-XBH, 20-SB. There’s been no fluctuation in production per at bat in these stats, R’s/RBI/R/2B/XBH/SB per AB, From Young’s first game as a pro, to-date They have been near identical in overall production. Chris is a FA, never played an innning ouside of CF, till last year, with those stats, 7.25 million is not overpaying that much for his OF production. Hopefully “Jeff being sticker shocked” realizes Sandy’s going to need ten more million bucks than originally anticpated.

    Hopefully “Jeff being sticker shocked” realizes Sandy’s going to need ten more million bucks than originally anticpated. So, they show up with the grocererys, and say, how much?” 45 million sir. “Dangnabbit, we anticipated 32-35 million, my generals and owner alike, assured me, it would be enough. Which grocereys do I have to put back? Well, if you just return the Cruz, you can go “genereic”. We have a discounted product for 10 cents on the dollar, he’s Young, located in the 5th/6th isle, center row, right corner shelf”…..”Sandy, that means you can leave with just about everything else, but the parsely, that too, you must return. “I got to put back my good lefty reliever too? Yes sandy, you can not afford him.

    I hope Jeff allows Sandy some more funds, primarily because of how the entire organization was sticker shocked . 10 MORE MILLION. Please

    Personally I like the deal and will start thinking of sceanrios with at least one Young in the picture. I’ll advocate both, I think.

    I’m gusessing Perralta and dressing to come. Just my initial thoughts.

    I’d sign for it if it meant we didn’t have to trade any pitchers, even at 3 and 44 for peralta. They anticipated 2yrs at 25 mil. Hence, Jeff should allow Sandy 10 more million bucks. Just another 10 or so, and the handcuffs are off. 2014 moneyball as expected in 2009-2013. Not moneyball needed, minus money in 2014. Considering what can be made on the TV side, in regards to SNY, both short, long term, and portfolio wise, another 10 mil could make them a small fortune or more.

    10 cents on the dollar, thinking Cruz 72M, Young 7.2M.

  5. I am getting tired of Sandy’s nonsense every off season. Granted it is early but we fans deserve better than this crap every off season. This guy is asking too much, that guy wants too many years, this guy doesn’t walk enough, that guy looks bad in a blue suit, this guy killed his turtle when he was 7, ENOUGH!! Sign someone before the only ones left are the ones nobody wants, but they come cheap! Sandy, this is not Oakland, this is New York. If you can’t handle it with the bozo Wilpon Family then go away and let a GM with real ability lead this franchise back to where it belongs. If baseball in this new world has passed you by, then have the guts to say so instead of this bottom of the heap acquisitions you constantly look for that will not make any difference to the won-lost record. GET SOMETHING DONE!!!

      • For me this year will seal the deal on Sandy

        It was always get out of the bad contracts

        So he starts by saying we have the money to spend. What he is saying is there are no constraints. No excuses

        There is a lot of ink on how Choo is too expensive and Byrd a player who was here last year was signed for a very reasonable 2/$16.

        Byrd would have solved several issues. Middle of the lineup hitter who can help protect David and a good defensive player to help the pitchers. 2 years would give time for the minors to develop so we have a sense of what we have. It would also help carry Lagares’s bat. Then we would need someone for the other corner at least as platoon and ss and 1b help.

        So it looks like we will wiff on the biggest offseason need, a legit OF bat. Then we can secondary help on ss and first base. I am assuming Ike and Luke will be here next year so will not cry that we need to get better there. We have what some consider to be a legit bat at first in low A it will take some years for him to make it up here, but in the meantime we need some reasonably priced players to fill in half the IF. I would put Flores at first because he can hit which will help the lineup.

  6. First earlier this year we HAD to sign Davis to an extension. Then a few months ago we have to get rid of him. Now maybe we should keep him? It’s hard to keep track here!

    In all seriousness, I don’t really care which of the guys they keep at this point. Davis probably has a higher ceiling so that might be a reason to keep him. But I don’t think the him not having had an “uninterrupted season” is a reason to keep him. The fact that his seasons keep getting “interrupted” by horrid slumps is one of the main reasons NOT to keep him IMO/