How The Market Is Shaping Up; Things Could Happen This Week

When will the New York Mets do something of consequence this off-season isn’t hard to imagine. If recent history is an indicator it likely won’t be until the market is defined, which comes after the Winter Meetings.

However, the week preceding Thanksgiving can get busy. Not much happens usually happens around Thanksgiving. There’s usually activity after the holiday leading up to the Winter Meetings and after until Christmas.

HUDSON: Returning West.

HUDSON: Returning West.

Then, more stuff gets done after the New Year with what’s left of the market leading up to spring training. That’s usually when the Mets have done their work.

So far, there’s been some interesting news, including LaTroy Hawkins signing with Colorado for $2.5 million. He’s somebody I was hoping the Mets would bring back before at 41 because he could still throw in the low-to-mid 90s and for his clubhouse presence.

Hawkins was an astute pick-up last year, and with Bobby Parnell coming off surgery, he would have filled a spot in the bullpen.

The Yankees brought back shortstop Brendan Ryan, who I touted for his defense. I’d still rather have him than Ruben Tejada. We’ll just have to wait to see what happens with Jhonny Peralta, who, as of now, would represent the Mets’ biggest splash in the market. Philadelphia brought back catcher Carlos Ruiz for two years, out-bidding the champion Red Sox.

Perhaps the most interesting acquisition is San Francisco signing Tim Hudson to a two-year, $23 million contract. The 38-year-old Hudson is coming off ankle surgery.

Hudson is the latest in several costly, and expensive, decisions the Giants have made the past few years. The first was signing Angel Pagan – whom the Mets gladly shipped out – to a four-year deal. Then, they extended Tim Lincecum’s contract two years for $35 million when there were no indications he’d be a hot commodity on the market.

However, the Giants won the World Series in 2010 and 2012 with pitching-based teams, so they are doing something right.

Mets GM Sandy Alderson said he didn’t want an injury reclamation project, which Hudson clearly would be. However, Alderson has a history with Hudson when they were with Oakland and I was wondering if he at least reached out the pitcher.

Currently, agents and general managers are talking and posturing – that includes Alderson – but the market is still forming. Mostly, parameter dollar amounts have been exchanged. With the Mets there hasn’t been much in terms of specifics.

In addition to shortstop, the Mets need two starters, bullpen depth and a power-hitting corner outfielder.

3 thoughts on “How The Market Is Shaping Up; Things Could Happen This Week

  1. jd: i think letting hawkins go is no problem..he had one pitch, a fastball, that if was counted on to be the closer or even a setup man for 162 games, is untrustworthy..i like the hudson signing…the giants r a well managed organization with $$$$$$ and lincecum is hard to give up on…

    i see nothing helping the mets from the outside..if they had any balls and waived concerns about losing a year in salary arbitration, i’d bring up all AAA potential talent..and i wouldnt give up on tejada

  2. @eric, I agree that Hudson was a good deal. He’s the one starting pitcher out there, that I saw as practical for the mets, and highly desirable.

    Hawkins has relied on his heat and throughout his career, 74% fastballs, but the 40 something has decent command of 4 pitches. Anyways, 2.75 mil guaranteed is a lot of money for a 41 yr old reliever. Hindsight in March will be good, and in Sept will be near 20-20, if this was a mistake, or not, or a total non-factor.

    Latroy sure does appear to be aging like a fine wine though. I thought Latroy had little to no value a few years ago and distintively remember him serving Carlos Delgado a cookie on a platter. Carlos promptly turned into a slami sandwich hitting a 4-run moonshot deep into the Bronx night, giving the former Mets slugger 3 HR and 9 RBI in one game. This game broke Carlos out of his season long slump, and if I remember correctly the 9 RBI, gave Carlos 36 on the year. So 1/4 of his RBI to date came on that mid-June afternoon. I think it was a day where there was a game in the Bronx and a game in Flushing. This was around 5 years ago, and even before the Delgado shot, off a room-service-fastball made-to-order, I thought Latroy was done. He’s aged nicely though and his AVG FB MPH has only slightly fluctuated throughout his MLB career, remaining virtually the same year in and year out over the last 4 years, ranging from 92.6 to 92.3 over that span. Anyways, pretty much nothing for us Mets fans to do but reminess about the past and dream about FA.

    I want nothing to do with any FA starting pitchers and instead want to head into 2014 with 2 of the following 3 to round off our rotation. Montero #4, and Mejia or Tores #5. Or if Noah resembles Thor this spring then slot him in there. If we sign an innings-eating-bum, and we allow this guy to eat innings(2-7, 5.25 ERA through first 100IP), IMO, the season will be lost. So, IMO, just say no to FA SP, and move forward with our youth. Mejia and Montero as our 4/5.