Moving Eric Young And Ditching Daniel Murphy Not A Good Plan

It has been suggested the New York Mets might consider moving Eric Young to second base and deal Daniel Murphy.

This isn’t a good idea on several levels.

YOUNG: Leave him in left.

YOUNG: Leave him in left.

The first is finding somebody to take Murphy, who, with David Wright injured last season was the Mets’ most consistent offensive weapon.

The Mets could move Murphy to first base, where there is already a logjam. That could be alleviated if they can trade Ike Davis or Lucas Duda, or perhaps even both.

The Mets apparently have given up on Davis, but hold out hope for Duda because of his power, something Murphy lacks, especially at a position such as first base that places a premium on power. At best, Murphy might be good for 15 homers.

They might be able to live with a Murphy-Wilmer Flores at first base if they can get the power elsewhere. A full season from Wright could give them some of that power, but where else would it come from if the line-up remains the same?

What has Travis d’Arnaud shown us to think he’ll be a big bat? Back-up catcher Anthony Recker has shown more.

As of now, there’s nothing coming from the outfield. As of now they are looking for one bat while giving Lagares a chance. Moving Young to the infield would create another hole, so that idea should be quashed on that reason alone.

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9 thoughts on “Moving Eric Young And Ditching Daniel Murphy Not A Good Plan

  1. Young doesn’t get on base.
    How can we get rid of Murphy, when it’s painfully obvious we aren’t getting anyone else.

  2. I agree with virtually everything. I say to myself, every now and again, this Anthony Recker is awesome, how in the world did we land such a powerful hitter, very much under the radar IMO. As far as dArnaud goes, his defense impressed everybody last year. Keith mentioned a glitch in Travis’ swing that was reiturated by many, and early in his career Travis has yet to prove durable. That said, I have faith in the scouts with regards to dArnaud, and believe, if healthy, will be a top 10 catcher someday, but since I like Recker the way I do, would not be upset if dArnaud was used in a package and dealt. Obviously, I want the opposing team to overpay, not a kings ransom, but overpay for dArnaud+ whoever else, if something along those lines did occur. IMO, very unlikely. Not something I want to do, at all, but it wouldn’t keep me from not following the Mets.

    On to my favorite NYM, Daniel Murphy, the one guy on this team that is willing to run through a brick wall for the fans. The one guy that will accept looking foolish, in the hopes of providing a minor miracle. The type of guy you can pile on, question, critique, rip, belittle, dangle in trade talk, and not be phased. The type of guy that this team desperately needs, and IMO the heart and soul of The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club. Yeah, lets deal this guy. Great idea. We, as Mets fans, have dealt with all the growing pains while Daniel has developed into this great, gritty, tough-nosed, ballplayer. And there were a lot, and likely still more to come, but if there is a guy on this team that epitomizes the heartbeat of the greatest city in the world, New York City, the guys name is Daniel Murphy. If Murph is dealt, I’m done with this team, and baseball altogether. BTW, my nickname for Murph is Daniel-Son, and I also like the nickname The Irish Hammer.

    I was lucky enough to see a Matt Harvey start this year in Philly. A family affair with my brother and mother. When Daniel stepped up to bat, I quietly(this is Philly afterall) stood up and said “lets go Daniel”. The fan behind me said “sit down and shut up”. Okay, round 2. Next up, FOTF, David Wright. I jumped to my feet, cupped my hands, mustered every last bit of volume humanly possible, and yelled at the top of my lungs “C’mon David knock one out of the park”. I turned around, starred down the Philly fan, for a full 2 seconds, and drum roll…..KO, that chump did not say another word to me the rest of the game. David went on to hit 4 XBH, 2 doubles, 1 triple, and homer. An otherwise harmless popup, but the Philly fly went up up up, down the LF line, and out. When David rounded 2nd base, he tipped his cap in our direction, and that, my friends, felt AMAZING.

    When I develop strong feelings for a player, as in Murphy’s case, they’re locked in forever, nothing, and I mean nothing or nobody is changing my mind. He’s my favorite Met, and until he retires will remain my favorite. If they trade him, i will peek in on his stats every now and again, and for the most part, give up on the Mets and baseball altogether, like I stated above. Yes, most Mets fans like Wright the most. He’s a great player and a fantastic face for our organization, and I really like Wright a lot, but Daniel-Son, is my guy.

    On to the next article. I’m so happy you’ve written so many today.

  3. While I agree with most of the positive comments on Murphy, there will be little lost and much gained by moving him to 1B and giving Young Jr. a chance to man the second sack. The overall range in the infield should improve no matter who plays SS. Overall team speed should improve with easily over 110 stolen bases from the 1B, 2B and 3B positions. Any Mets roster using Citi Field as thome turf should feature, pitching, speed and defense. All they need is one left-handed or switch-hitting masher to protect David Wright. Frankly, bringing back Carlos Beltran to hit behind Murphy and Wright would not offend anyone. And two years is all they need with some youngsters—like den Dekker, Puello and Nimmo—still gaining experience. Another option would be to continue to get younger and faster. Perhaps trading Flores and Mazzoni, Tapia or Mateo for Jurickson Profar? Or what about Montero with either Turner or Tejada and den Dekker or Nieuwenhuis for Joc Pederson and Andre Ethier? While Ethier is no spring chicken, he could be a useful piece batting behind Wright for one or two seasons while Pederson and Puello get ready for The Show. Both will need a season at Triple-A. Lastly, get Joe Smith for the pen and a lefty for the starting rotation. Lots of southpaws available for what should be a reasonable cost—Kazmir, Vargas, Maholm, Capuano, Lilly and Saunders are all out there for the taking. Long Island native John Lannon is even a good risk to ink to a minor league deal.
    PS – I too think Anthony Recker has interesting power potential and is a hustling player. If d’Arnaud gives way to injury or doesn’t hit, the Mets can do a lot worse than a platoon of Recker and Centeno (what a defensive catcher he is!).

    • Washington State Mets: Would like to see Beltran back here. … It would take more than what you suggest to get Ethier, who has had injuries and is too pricey for the Mets. … Agree with you on getting younger as they wait for Harvey to return and Wheeler to develop. … Agree with you totally on catching situation.-JD

  4. You make a good arguement. Good comment. I really hate to give up on young starting pitching and my comments tend to get a little delusional when I hear a fan want to deal off Montero. For a while I forgot what position Centero played. You just reminded me. I though he was an infielder for some stupid reason.

    While the new Dodgers ownership did a fantastic job, purchasing the team for what is now being deemed a good financial investment, they have been bullied while trading baseball cards. So, no way am I giving them Montero, I’ve heard a lot about this Joc Pederson, and all good stuff, and he’s been on the block all year. Maybe due to a logjam of high-priced, under-performing, aging and often-injured OF’s, but they ain’t bullying me into taking one of those contracts. Either for example(check last 3 year average, and salary, if you haven’t, which I bet you have) would have to have a ton of money paid if I’m dealing for him and I ain’t giving up Montero, when I can buy a player for EIther like dough.