Mets In Tenuous Building Position

With the New York Mets’ timetable for being competitive 2015 because of Matt Harvey, just how much should that impact the contract length of any free agent they might sign?

Will they look at that player being here well beyond 2015, or should they simply go two or three years, as has been suggested with somebody like Curtis Granderson?

What’s the point of having Granderson for just one season with Harvey?

Reportedly, the Mets currently are balking at anything longer than three years, which along with the dollar amount is why they aren’t in it for Shin-Soo Choo.

Choo has a decent production track record, but nothing that warrants four years and over $100 million. From any team.

Frankly, there aren’t many players if any that a team could build around. Arguably, the players with the greatest probability of being productive in four-plus years is Jacoby Ellsbury and Robinson Cano, neither whom the Mets will consider because of price.

On a side note, it is laughable to hear Cano is still parked at $310 million over ten years. He’s worth half that, both in years and money, but that’s something that won’t concern the Mets.

The best way to acquire a young talent to build around is through the trade market, which is what teams are attempting to do with the Mets regarding their young pitching.

Who knows how Zack Wheeler, Rafael Montero and Noah Syndergaard will develop? But, unless the Mets can get back several highly touted position players in return, there’s no point in dealing. Trading them for a present-day position player not considered a top prospect is foolish.

Conversely, the Mets have little in their farm system outside of pitching that would pique the interest of a team. Whom they are peddling now – Ike Davis, Lucas Duda and possibly Daniel Murphy – are more suited to go in a package rather than be a trade centerpiece. Ditto for Ruben Tejada and Eric Young.

Mets’ throw-ins because of their dwindling value are Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Wilmer Flores. Both have shown nothing that would prompt they are building blocks. The position players that are the most attractive are the ones the Mets want to keep, namely Travis d’Arnaud and Juan Lagares.

The Mets aren’t willing to shop in the expensive aisle; they have precious little trade pieces on both the minor and major league levels; and they aren’t willing to deal their best young talent.

Honestly, I don’t believe 2015 will be the magic winter because not much is likely to change by then.

LATER TODAY:  Moving Eric Young to second base not a good idea.

7 thoughts on “Mets In Tenuous Building Position

    • I think the Mets signed David to placate the fans. I don’t think he is worth the money. But he is home grown and he is our best player, but the years are too long.

  1. @Hawk, good point. We got a superstar at 3rd, and other pieces in place. Lets Go Mets.

    John, obviously you have a real good idea of who’s hot and who’s not. I agree that Capt. Kirk, no longer has any trade value. His bat is just so slow. That said, he has had many big hits, in not that many AB’s, but I think unless Kirk changes his stance to a singles hitting approach ala Backman/Carew his MLB career will be that of a common card. TYVM for your handful of big hits Kirk. You have earned every penny the Mets have spent on you to date. I think we need to deal you though.

    Flores, I love, and am surprised you bundled him with Kirk. Here’s what I like about Wilmer. I love his stance. At first I hated it, so far away from the plate, but after watching Wil’s approach….spit on anything outside, black or off the plate. Zone in on meatballs, turn on inside black, whilst willing to swing on a ball-in, and-off-the-plate an inch or 2. In a small sample size Wilmer did not put up good numbers last year. Partially due to injuries, being a rookie, and such, but from what I saw I liked. I guess the book says Wilmer’s got an insufficient glove, which I’ve yet to see, maybe he has poor range, I think I’ve heard that. He’s got a good arm though, I believe, and I think Wilmer will have a above average MLB career. This is mostly my gut speaking, hunches, and possibly homerism, but I want to see the Mets utilize Wilmer next year in a role where he gets at least 300 PA. And, if his trade value is what you infer, than no way do I want to use Wilmer as a throw in.

    The reason I get nautios at the thought of trading Montero/Noah/Wheeler is this. Throughout our history we have had such bad luck with acquiring big/power bats, and to move a potential future Cy Young Award Winner, for a guy that, lets face it, will in all likelihood be a bust. Lets call a spade a spade here, we strike out on 90 percent of our big bat acquisitions, trade or FA. So, IMO, if we bust on our next big bat, I want it to be a FA bust, and not a bust that Mets fans will loath for 2 reasons A) he cost us a blue chip that goes on to have Seaver/Cone like success and B) he’s hitting like the Bay’s of the world.

    I want to be mad at our next big-bat-bust because he didn’t earn his paycheck, and that’s it. If us Mets fans get the dreaded combo, oh the pain. Therefor, not only do I hate the idea with a mad infuriated passion, i will sit here in full-on-petrified-mode till April gets here, terror-stricken, that we will deal off a fantastic young pitcher, for a bat that was successful elsewhere, but stinks up Citi like a bag of hot garbage . I would rather go into 2014 with a 65 million dollar roster, with all our blue chips in place for 2015, then deal off a young starting pitcher. And this, despite how DESPERATE I am to win now.

    I will get to thoughts on Murphy in the next post.

    Like a 1-n-a-million we land Cano. So you’re saying there’s a chance? Ooh-Rah.

    We got enough young pitching that Grandy is worth bringing aboard, despite Harvey out till ’15. IMO.

    • When Flores came up I watched a bit and his bat looked good. Those that said he can hit were right. Of course his fielding is below avg..

  2. Jd
    I agree with pretty much everything you say.

    Trading those guys would be a mistake.

    Choo probably wants too much and I am not sold on Grandy. I don’t know why they didn’t go for Byrd. A perfect fit. Successful here. Protection for David. Good fielder and only 2 years.

    I disagree on Wilmer. I think he has value, to us or someone else.