Mets Extend Courtesy Meeting To Agent Jay Z

The New York Mets are no different than other teams in the market in that they are used by agents to drum up interest, or create such an illusion for their clients.

JAY Z: Guess who came for dinner?

JAY Z: Guess who came for dinner?

That was the case Monday night when Jeff Wilpon and Sandy Alderson met with new agent Jay Z to discuss Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano.

The Mets have no interest in Cano, especially at $300 million, but it did them no harm in meeting with the entertainer/agent/mogul. In fact, it might do them some good.

Of course the Mets knew what the perception would be, but are also smart enough to know the Yankees wouldn’t take them seriously as a contender in the sweepstakes for Cano. That news of the dinner was leaked so quickly, presumably by the Jay Z camp, indicates this was a stunt. The Mets never leak such news.

The Mets extended Jay Z a courtesy with the dinner meeting – which came at his request – and it might come back to benefit them one day if he represents a player they might be interested in.

Who knows? A courtesy now might net them a courtesy later. If nothing else, it could get them a break on Nets tickets, or maybe in a plan for Beyonce to perform at Citi Field. They could put the stage on the spot normally reserved for second base.

As for Cano, the Yankees aren’t biting at $300 million, and nobody else seems to be, either. This thing with Cano will drag on for a while.



11 thoughts on “Mets Extend Courtesy Meeting To Agent Jay Z

  1. I’m guessing that either Jay -Z picked up the tab, or the parties went Dutch, a virtual coin flip, and far from the the 1-n-a-million odds that we actually land Cano. So, you’re saying we have a chance? Ooh-Rah. Anyways, like you said in so many words, a pipe dream.

    I’ve made 4 teams, and have 1 solid team already built, I forgot where to find it though. There will be no explanations given for my acquisitions as it will take to long, I
    will however reply to any questions anybody has to why I choose
    personA over personB. The hardest part for me is the starting line-up, 1-through-8. So, any and all input here will be appreciated.

    I’m assuming a 70 million dollar team allows me ten million to spend.

    LagaresCF/Murphy2B/Wright3B/IbanezLF(300AB)Davis1B/A.BrownRF/Tovar or Furcal or Tejada
    Mejia/Parnell/Black/German. LHP, Edgin/M. Gonzolez. Long relief Carlos Torres
    Tejada/Recker/Young/den Dekker/Allan Dykstra

    Quick explanation. Raul Ibanez will get 70 starts verse RHP, DH in
    most games verse AL. den Dekker and Young will be getting a combined
    600 plate AP, spelling both Ibanez and Brown.

    80 million dollar team

    Wilson/Parnell/Black/Walters. LHP Edgin/M. Gonzolez. Long relief Mejia
    Recker/Tejada/den Dekker/Young/Dykstra

    90 million dollar team

    Wilson/Parnell/Black/German. LHP Edgin/Gonzolez Long relief, Toress

    100 million dollar team

    Wilson/Parnell/Black/Walters LHP Edgin/M. Gonzolez. Long relief Toress

    I think that leaves around 5 million to spend, one more player of SA choice, or any commenter here. No starting pitcher though. I
    desperately want to head into 2014 with youth, and a great pen. SInce
    virtually all of these guys are conditioned to go roughly 6 innings a
    terrific pen will pay out in spades Also, our long relief guy should
    have semi scheduled dates, such as finishing up for Montero and Mejia, thus
    keeping his arm stretched and healthy. That is the thought process anyways.

    I did this in about 15 minutes so not much thought went into it. Over
    the next couple of hours I will think about making changes. Also, this
    is who I want to trade for single A prospects, no major league talent.

    Familia/Tejada/Duda/Rice/Feliciano/Hefner(when Healthy)
    /McHugh/Robbles/ Lutz/ Centero/Baxter/Young/Atchinson/ Quintanilla,
    JV/Puello/Corey Vaugn/. Obviossly some of these guys may be non
    tendederd, but there the ones that I want dealt. Id deal every one of them
    for TB fitfth best prospect Enny Romero, who has as many flaws as Ike
    Davis, but he can hit 100 from the left side and is projected by some
    as a future #1. Considering just how impressive Puello was last year in AA, well on his way to winning MVP, due to displaying all 5 tools at a very high level, I believe his value right now, is as high as it’s going to be. Puello’s numbers in the years previous to his suspension were pedestrian, and his fall numbers are aweful, so I’m thinking trade piece. Maybe this is a mistake. Since the organization has so few hitters down in the farm, and considering we control Puello for a long time, we should probably continue developing him. But, if, some team blows us away with one of there prospects they’re not completely sold on that Sandy deems a good fit, than deal. Back to my point about Puello’s trade value at a potential height. I’m afraid that his numbers never get back on track, and his value will plumit. Obviously, one’s value, after a suspension, in the minor league level, will hurt one’s value, and I stated the above with that in mind.

    Here’s some guys, some on, and others off the radar, that I’m hoping will be stars. Jeff Walters(97 MPH) Alan Dykstra(EL MVP) Plawlecki, Lawley(GCL MVP)(BIG BAT), Logan Verrett(best slider in organization, pinpoint command) Tovar(great D. line drive hitter, 22 yrs old)

    Obviously, we all know the most coveted Mets prospects, the above list is just some guys I think about from time to time, imagining how they’d do in big league Orange and Blue. Plawlecki, being the most ballyhooed of the bunch, I think. If anybody is interested, check out this Lawley fellow, BIG BAT. BIG PROSPECT. Check spelling. All off the cuff.

    • Lot to respond to here.

      Won’t comment on all as it would be too long.
      I think Thor will be in AAA for at least half a year.

      I can’t criticize your OF as I looked at what is available and want to puke.

      Not a big fan of Vaugn or Puello. Vaugn because he has slid the last few years, Puello because he juiced and was not that good. I would trade both if I could, but both may be here in a year or two because the depth is so bad.

      It seems our drafts have been routine. The comments I see are that they are ok but not that good. Our strength is 2b but they are always hurt. And of course the pitchers, but I take that as a given.

      Of course Lagares came out of nowhere…

  2. Right now, I’m paying attention to Dustin Lawley. He’s 24, and only played 6 games higher than A ball, and will be 25 on opening day. Last years numbers, 6 games in LV and the rest in high A 489-AB, 72-R, 35-2B, 5-3B, 26-HR. 96-HR, .262/.314/.513/.827. In 273 OF games under Lawley has an astounding 34 assissts. Lets Hope the numbers stay consistent as he works his way up the ranks. I’m thinking AA to start, then AAA if he deserves it in 2014, and if he deserves it, maybe we see him in Sept.

  3. When Harvey went down w/ TJ surgery, everyone is looking at ’15. I still say we are looking at ’16. Reason is that innings limit in return year after return. There is still a player I would look at ….. Grady Sizemore. Split contract, incentive laden, potential for comeback of the year…… better him than Corey Hart. He may not be the player he once was, but Hart had Miller Field inflated #’s. Even w/ his knees he will be faster as well. Ibanez would be nice, but older,but a reasonable platoon partner in RF. I still advocate for A J Pierzinski due to his toughness and experiece for those young pitchers. After that bring on the kids and see what we really have here. Bring Thor, Montero up on innings limit. Lets get the innings limit outbof the way. This way ’15 can be a compete year,and who knows what ’16 can bring. At that point we have saved our money and can offer what others can’t since they spent the new tv revenue. Then we will know where the holes are that are not filled from within. Time for the kids to play. Rather invest more into scouting international talent like the Damned Yankees are. Better to get that talent before an international draft, and know it when it does come eventually. Yes we are sick of being the red haired step child of NY baseball.

  4. Right now I feel we are just buying time for minor leaguers to develop. This is also the last year I will stand by Ike, since I know it takes about 2 years to shake off the effects of valley fever, from.personal experience.

  5. I know I am of the minority opinion as well. Yet, I see TB Rays follow it and compete year in year out currently. So I have agreed w/ SA’s approach so far. We have more potential to hang onto our players than TB as well, when we win. Especially since we are not that small of a market, except when we are losers, and those Damned Yankees are winning. My beef ism

    • Sizemore being a real low risk, maybe a good cheap deal as would Ibanez. I wholeheartedly agree we should go with our youth in 2014 regarding staring pitching and den Dekker, and can see us contending if we built our kids a strong pen.