Ruben Tejada Has Grievance With Mets

I have no idea whether the New York Mets deliberately delayed recalling shortstop Ruben Tejada last September, nor do I care. ESPN reported Tejada’s agents are considering filing a grievance against the Mets because the move delays Tejada’s free-agency eligibility until after the 2017.

That’s three years from now, and there’s a better than reasonable chance Tejada won’t be with the team by then. The advantage in delaying Tejada’s eligibility is it could make him easier to trade, something the Mets would do faster than it takes the moody shortstop to sometimes run to first base.

TEJADA: A moment of hustle.

TEJADA: A moment of hustle.

That Tejada would rather spend his energy fighting with the Mets on something they had a right to do instead of trying to improve his game, shows where his head is. Actually, the Mets could hasten his free agency by releasing him now, but they are holding out somebody might bite.

The bottom line is Tejada has been a disappointment, both in the field and at the plate. Tejada has been a thorn to manager Terry Collins by his lackadaisical attitude, which included not reporting to spring training earlier than he hoped two springs ago. Tejada had no obligation to do so, but considering he went into spring training with the inside track on the job vacated by Jose Reyes.

It showed disinterest on Tejada’s part. Luckily for him, he salvaged his season by hitting .289 with a .333 on-base percentage. It appeared Tejada could fill the void, but last year he had miserable start defensively and at the plate. He was later injured and went to the minor leagues. Tejada was activated, but showed little signs of improvement and ended the season breaking his leg.

If any party has a grievance here, it is the Mets for how Tejada has performed.

The Mets are attempting to upgrade at shortstop, but are out of it financially with Stephen Drew. The Yankees re-signed Brendan Ryan Monday, which takes a reasonably priced defender off the market.

Reportedly, the Mets are targeting Jhonny Peralta, who served a 50-game suspension for failing the MLB’s drug policy. Peralta is a lifetime .268 hitter with a .330 on-base percentage and has averaged 18 homers and 82 RBI during is 12-year career with Cleveland and Detroit. In seven of those seasons he struck out more than 100 times, and had two more years with 95 or more.

However, those numbers are suspect because of the PED infraction, and must also be looked at skeptically when considering what he might hit at spacious Citi Field.

The two-time All-Star made $6-million last year with the Tigers.

Peralta, if his numbers weren’t a fluke, would instantly upgrade the Mets’ at-times anemic offense. His defense isn’t as good as Tejada’s, but when Tejada is playing with his head in the clouds, his defense isn’t red hot, either.

10 thoughts on “Ruben Tejada Has Grievance With Mets

  1. I don’t get the theory of the grievance. I assume the Mets had no obligation to call him up at all. So how is calling him up for three weeks a violation of his rights? And don’t teams have the right to work the “days of service” provisions to their advantage anyway?

    • Can’t awnser any of your questions but assume your thoughts are correct. But, my god, I would have done the same thing if I were in Ruben’s shoes, his statistics were off the charts, astronomical, and IMO with this line,
      202/.259/.260/.519 0-HR, 0-3B,10-RBI, 20 -R, 2-SB, and a fielding PCT below .970,

      I would be fuming if I was sent to AAA for even one inning. lol. Of all the injustices in the world today, this just might top the list. The guy hit .202 for christ sakes, 2 whole points over the Mendoza line, 2 WHOLE POINTS. That’s the type of year that gives you HOF cred. IMO.

      I’m a season ticket holder at the Mets AA ballpark, Binghampton, and when Ruben broke his leg, Willy Tovar, AA baller, was brought up, and he held his own nicely. Most B-Mets are at a more advanced age than most(I THINK) but Tovar was one of the youngest at 21, last year. He was called up on his 22nd birthday, sweet present, hay? Anyways, Tovar is a line drive hitter, is viewed as having the best range in the Mets minor league system(I THINK), if I’m wrong on range it’s overall ability, or something of that nature. Willy led the B-Mets in BA after the break at .299. I paid a great deal of attention while evaluating Willy, strictly due to his age, and came to the conclusion that he has the potential to be a decent MLB ballplayer. There is a couple more evaluations I want to provide about 2 of my favorite players. I will do this in a seperate comment down below.

      • If I were Ruben I would file. But this is his agent doing what he should do.

        As for the others. You are right. That is the strength of this team, but they are always hurt. If not we could trade them.

  2. Of all the stupid articles, this is number 1. You act as if tejada is spending his days at the law library researching cases to present at an arbiters hearing. Do you???? Do you know this intentional act by the Mets impacts more than Tejada. Do you know their acty is causing another ballplayer Super 2 status and therefore income because of the pettiness of Wilpon/Alderson. Do you know that the player spends no time preparing his case. That is what his union is for. No, Do you have a clue about what Tejada is doing. Tell us… You can’tbecause you just pile on a kid who is in the Alderson/Collins dog house. do your homework. just once. Nah, its more fun for you to take cheap sahots at the Valdespins/Tejadas. Sounds like you’d fit in perfectly in the Dolphin locker room.

    • Thank god for the first ammendment, it allows one to dissent without the fear of retribution. On sites like this is doesn’t always apply, but IMO, as long as you do not swear, aren’t racist, aren’t way out of line, etc., then your comment should be allowed. FIrst, I want to say that I still like Tejada, and in 2012 Keith Hernandez projected his ceiling as this for any given prime year .285, 35 doubles, good defender. I’m holding on to hope and grasping for straws here, but believe that is still a decent future ceiling in regards to Ruben.

      On to your comment, if Ruben put these stats up in a comparitive football sense .202/.259/.260/.519 0-HR, 0-3B,10-RBI, 20 -R, 2-SB, and a fielding PCT below .970, he would fit perfectly in the NFL stands, as a fan, because he’d have been cut quicker than crud through a tin horn, from all 31 teams. My god, how in carnation could one argue he should have been on a MLB roster with those dreadful statistics, let alone, of all the craziest things, allow any human being, Union rep, or Agent, to argue he’s been shortchanged. That awful season should have sent him to rookie ball, and the Mets, not only went about things professionally in regards to Ruben(IMO), didn’t in anyway whatsoever go outside any Union guidelines by demoting a player of such negative 2013 value. What a horrible campaign Ruben had last year, and my god, to have an agent or a Union rep file a grievance on his behalf is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in years. Your locker room example is just awful, and makes you come across a foolish immature silly baseball person. This in no way shapes my opinion of you as a person, but the locker room statement was just ridiculous. In the future I would like to hold a good solid conversation with you, baseball obviously, and IMO, nobody should be judged on one super overstatement. As far as the locker room stuff goes, here’s my 2 cents. This is a complete opinion and I’m as uninformed about this as anybody. Saints D. COrdinator was caught on tape saying I want you to “Kill Gores head” and this was repeated with a different word here and there in that quoted statement. This should give us an idea of the neandrethal personality that makes up a certain percentage of football players. That repeated statement and Incognitos are abominable, totally classless, and lack any degree of sportsmanship. Now, that these statements have hit the front page, the commishiner should hire character guys like Tony Dungee, Bill Cower(for example) to hold a several seminars, on how to be fantastic players and decent people/coaches as well. Just my opinion. P.S. I have no spellcheck and usually misspell a lot of words.

      Binghamton NY
      Home of the first place B-Mets.

  3. Now, we had Noah in AA last year, and we had Montero in AA last year. There is nothing much more I can tell you about these guys as their book was a bestseller. All, I’ll say in comparing the 2, go ahead and call me crazy, Montero has the brighter future. Later, if somebody asks, I will go into great detail, and explain the “method to my madness”

    My favorite pitcher in AA, call me crazy again, was neither of the 2. My favorite pitcher was the 3rd round pick in the 2011 draft, 23 year old, Logan Verrett. We chatted a couple of times and I called WFAN on his behalf, and to make a long story short I was Logan’s biggest fan. Before getting to why, I will throw out Logan’s minor L. stats, that span 2 years. 17-8(680 WIN PCT)3.61 ERA, 249.1-IP, 223-H, 225-K, 44-BB, 41-G(all starts)2-CG, 1-SHO, 1.07-WHIP. I use to sit right next to the Metsmerizedminor blogger. This guy charted every pitch, the direction of balls hit, top speed, average speed, and pitch breakdown, along with 20 some odd other charts, if he went to the restroom, I filled out the paperwork, lol, anyways, his assestment is a little different than mine. Which was this, since we have such a log jam of terrific young pitchers in our minor leagues, the Mets should make Logan a relief pitcher, and I, for 1, absolutely hate the idea, just hate it. Now, he’s 23 and does seem to loose umph around 100 pitches, but my god you can say that about, what, 75% of every starter in todays game, puulease, Logan is a starter, and this is why I hold him in such high regard. His command of his fastball is insane, just insane, not Montero otherworldly, but insane nevertheless. On FB’s, where ever the catcher sets up Logan, with precision, pounds the mitt. Logan works around 89-92, and I’ve seen him hit as high as 94. Logan, is regarded by the Mets scouts as having the best slider in the organization. The slide piece has fantastic late break and induces swings and misses, and this is Logan’s go to pitch when he gets ahead. His command of this pitch is, like his fastball, phenomenal. Logan’s other 2 pitches, curve and change, are good, not great, but with his god given ability will surely improve over time, and a short amount of time I’m guessing.

    Before coming accross as a complete Homer, I will tell you that his ERA last year was 4.25 and he gave up his fair share of longballs, not tape measure blasts, more of the wallscraping variety, but HR’s nonetheless.

    But, my friends, this can be fixed, and so easily fixed it is not even funny.

    Now, as a developing pitcher, in an organization that preaches pounding the strike zone(I believe the Mets at 2.79 BB per 9, were better than any organization in baseball last year) Logan has yet to be coached to throw inside. This has some horrible tradeoffs. Logan gets ahead 0-2, 1-2, on virtually every hitter. Primarily with his fastball, a HUGE percentage, then on 0-2, 1-2, everybody in the ballpark, me, the hitter, the minor bloggers, the manager, the opposing manager, EVERYBODY knows his best pitch is coming, the nasty slider, which puposefully tails low and away, and out of the zone. This nasty pitch, should provide value here, or MUCH more value here, but normally(at the end of the sesason anyways, after the book was out) the batter spit on it. Lets call the count 1-2, nasty slider just spit on, if Logan enters the zone with his slider here, and gets beat, it’s not leaving the yard, but could easily result in a BH. If he enters the zone with a FB, he may get hurt, despite being ahead. Sorry, it’s taking forever to get to my point, I will get to it now.

    Logan has pinpoint command with his fastball, but NEVER throws inside, and he’s always ahead 0-2, 1-2. Many pitchers that get ahead do not have the type of precision neccesary to throw chin music. If you hit a guy in the head, the ramifaications could be horrible, for the pitcher, the batter, and your teamates. Plus, the UMP will squeeze you on anything inside if you hit coconuts to often. Logan has the command neccesary to get in ones grill, keep it clean, miss heads, and keep batters from teeing off. On 0-2, 1-2, Logan needs to get right in the opposing batters kitchen and brush them off the plate. If it’s a monster batting, he needs to double or even triple up with this pitch. If it’s a common card, then brush back on 0-2 and throw a knee buckling slider on the next, preferably in the zone. Pitching like this will A) open up the called-strike-3 on sliders low-and-away in-the-zone, B) open up called strike 3 on paint up-n-in. C) get a far better swing and miss rate on 0-2, 1-2 sliders low, away, and out of the zone, as well as sliders in the zone. D) Will stop batters from swinging out of there shoes. E) Which will cut down on the longballs.

    I hope I didn’t lose anybody and despite being able to keep going and going I will leave it at this. The moment Logan Verrett is coached to throw inside, is the day an ace is born.

    Over the next couple of weeks, I will give my thoughts on the following players. EL MVP Allan Dykstra(who’s raking in fall play) Jeff Walters(96/97) set all kinds of records this year. Danny Muno, gritty, tough nose, very patient, gap to gap 2B, Darin Giorsky(precise doesn’t give this guy credit while talking command, 87-89MPH, LHP, Starter) Travis Taigeron(SPELLING). I do not recall relievers nearly as well, but we got a guy that had a .71 ERA in 20 games, and has a 0.00 ERA this fall. His name is Chassen Bradford and is projected to be an organizational arm.

    Binghamton NY
    Home of the first place B-METS

    • I have no idea on who is the best. The writers all say it is Thor.

      We also have that little guy from LI

  4. Probably so, Thor is amazing. It’s funny at the AA park, I use to watch Noah leave the ballpark. Usually in a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and backpack, and walk right out into the parking lot without any fans, like myself, bothering him. He had the look on his face, like, don’t talk to me, but in no way whatsoever in a mean way. Just like he had a pair of blinders on, and was heading home. If a B-Met left a tidbit earlier than his compadres, they could get away with this, but 20 minutes after the game ends, all the kids are asking for auto’s and such. When Thor walked by me, maybe 8 times, I said to myself there goes the next great Mets pitcher. I talked to most Mets, but never Noah, never even said hello. I was a little starstruck I guess, and didn’t want to stumble over my words. Pedro Feliciano was maybe the most laid back Met. Hanging out by the venders, in uniform, playing with his phone, always a big smile, always returned hello, never ever stuck up. My impression of Pedro was, he is one terrific human being. Just a class act, through and through. As were virtually every B-Met, who are coached wonderfully. FTR, I don’t think EL manager of the Year, B-Mets head coach, Pedro Lopez, likes me. When the scoreboard says make noise, go nuts, I take it to the next level, and when the scoreboard no longer says make noise, go nuts, I keep going and going and going……….I can’t control myself, get all over the officials, tell the little fellas to swing for the fences when the situation calls for it..”how about a big fly from the little guy”, but I do not swear, and despite getting rowdy, I always remember that minor league baseball is a kid friendly enviornment, and I choose my words carefully. I got a couple of fantastic stories about this years team, and after I read and respond to the latest 3 articles(WTG John), will check back here, to see if you’ve replied. They might be along the lines of…..I guess you had to be there….but, we’ll see when it’s in print, if that’s the case. Off to the new articles.