Sandy Alderson Said Mets Will Spend; No Promises Made

How much the New York Mets will spend on free agents this winter is undetermined, but what we can ascertain is it will not be enough to satisfy everybody. This much we know is general manager Sandy Alderson will not just throw money at a player to placate the grumbling fan base.

There’s an old saying if a baseball manager or general manager acted solely to please the fans in the stands he’ll soon be sitting with them, and Alderson will not act out of emotion.

“No fan is probably ever going to be satisfied with what his or her team is spending on players. It’s kind of too bad that the measure of commitment, the measure of loyalty to the fan base, is measured in dollar signs,’’ Alderson told ESPN today.

“That be as it may, we’re going to spend more money this year than we’ve spent in recent years, just in terms of what we have to spend. You know, last year we only spent about $5 million on free agents. So this is going to be a new day. We have it to spend. We have to spend it wisely. That’s what we’re trying to do.’’

We’ve heard that before from Alderson, which puts us in an “I’ll believe it when I see it,’’ position.

Alderson promised nothing this afternoon in his ESPN interview. Essentially, the said they’ll do more than last winter, which was basically Shaun Marcum.

We all want the Mets to not only compete, but win. Barring a miracle it won’t happen. You might point to the “Miracle Mets’’ of 1969, but remember that team had a core of a solid pitching staff highlighted by Hall of Famer Tom Seaver. Plus, it was a different game back then.

Even if the Mets were to start writing checks there’s no guarantee they’ll win. Look how much the Yankees have spent recently and look where it got them.

What has it gotten the Dodgers the past two years? The Nationals? The Tigers? The Phillies? The Angels?

The bottom line is there’s not one free agent out there – not Jacoby Ellsbury, not Shin-Soo Choo – or trading for David Price – that will guarantee the Mets the World Series.

Hell, even if the Mets do it traditionally right through their farm system there are no assurances. Hell, Matt Harvey’s elbow injury should have taught us that lesson.

However, gradual building, which the Mets tell us they are doing, does provide the Mets odds.

I believe the Mets will make some moves this winter, and the recent inactivity doesn’t mean they won’t do anything.

The Mets won 74 games last year, and if they get two innings eaters in the back end of their rotation, improve at shortstop, build depth in their bullpen and add an outfield bat – in that order – they should have a better team.

Those additions, while low key, along with a full season from David Wright, and improvement from Jon Niese and Zack Wheeler, the Mets should improve enough to win at least one more game a month, which would put them at .500.

And, this is regardless of whether they trade Ike Davis, Lucas Duda or both.

If that happens and Harvey comes back healthy in 2015, plus a few more holes are patched, then they can make a run at the postseason.

Hell, even if that does occur, there’s no givens. There never is in baseball.

13 thoughts on “Sandy Alderson Said Mets Will Spend; No Promises Made

  1. I did not like the Marcum signing. Even less when he showed up out of shape and disinterested hiding an injury.

    We are so far away from a ws

    I just want us to be fun to watch and competitive. Then we can start talking post season and championships. We have so many holes on this team. We need a mlb OF. Let us start with that. A lineup that consists of more than 2 players and a ss, 1b and peripherals

  2. We keep talking about Niese. How old is he? He is what he is. A good lefty who could be more but isn’t.

    He isn’t that guy from the Bronx, with or without the meds

      • This comment is a little out of left field, scattered, and not well thought out, but I make a point worth discussing, just did not no how to get there.

        I use to love Niese, still like him a lot, but it seems since John got his first big contract his comptetive spirit lacked the luster it had previous to the contract. That said, he’s got that nasty curve, didn’t really mix it in that much this year, a good fastball, I believe it would be considered a plus fastball for a lefty starter, which the book says 91 is plus heat for a lefty starter, or use to anyways.(if anybody knows this pleaase tell me) A cutter that keeps getting better, and father time is on his side. My guess is this, if the Mets wanted to trade Niese, they could in a heartbeat because the contract is IMO team friendly, so IMO it will not take John multiple 15 win campaigns to live up to the contract. I understand you did not mention trading John in any way whatsoever, I just tried to put the money in perspective. I think you would agree the Mets could move that contract with ease to virtually every team in the game today, small market, big market, or mega market. Do you agree? Lastly, I wonder what we could get in return if we did deal John. If I’m Sandy, I’m enquiring, because we have tons of young pitching, and could go into the season with this rotation and be just fine.

        Gee/Wheeler/Mejia/Toress/Montero, depth, deGrom, Mazzoni, Noah, scrapheap innings eater if neccessary. So, I’m thinking Mejia in Niese’s spot. Heck he may even win more, wouldn’t lose a ton more, we save money, like 5 million, and get a player in trade, and have more money to spend on FA. Just a thought. At the begining of the year I was contemplating what Niese/Davis could yield. Maybe a player or 2 more and Ryan Braun. How about Familia + a player to be named later. Not a starting pitcher.

        Obviously Braun would be going nowhere if it weren’t for biogenisis, but from what I gather now, he is public enemy #1 in MIlwaulkee. Like this matters at all, but I think Niese’s first MLB apperance came as a starter in Milwaulkee.

  3. I am shooting for 2015. Harvey should be back. Wheeler will have 2 years. Mejia might be the pitcher he could be, we will know about Montero and Thor should be here.

    We will also know if booby is the closer for the next 5 years or he is hurt and we need to keep looking. By theefuwe will know more about the lineup. What role does Flores have? Is Legares any good? Same with these other. Young players who haven’t proven anything.

    • Dave, i go back and forth from 2014 disaster, to 2015 contender, to 2020 is the next time we contend. We are 115-to-1 odds to win it all this year, but i feel sometimes we can win it all this year. I am writing this message to you because it is november, and all us Mets fans have something if we want it, we can believe, we can believe buddy, that is allowed to fans of underdogs in November. So as I write this I believe it can happen this year, and hope that this otherwise stupid post gets you to believe as well, if only for a moment or 2. It is such a good feeling, believeing. Anyways, one minute I believe, next minute the sky’s falling, back and forth back and forth, the belief part is awesome though. And, yes, I know you are probably like me in a met fan way and have spent some of this offseason believeing, just wanted you to get that feeling for a few more moments.

      Home of the first place B-Mets

      • I wish it were so.

        I was surprised at this year. Then they did the right thing and killed the year to improve the minors.

        Perhaps we can do better this year. But the question is where does it come from?

        We can hire a broken vet like Byrd and hope we get lucky. We can hope Ike becomes the player we hope he can be and Ruben reverts to 2 years ago and Lagares becomes a legit 250 or so and Young can hit 250 or so and we find some OF who plays well. Oh yeah and our young catcher calls good games, throws out hitters and can hit. And Booby comes back and some of the young guys like Montero exceeds what people think and Gee pitches great and Wheeler is all world.

        The thing is I just don’t believe.

        Realistically we have a deeply flawed team with many holes that cannot all be filled. There are no hitters from the minors that are close.

        We had a mildly interesting OF who is a juicer so he goes from mildly interesting to of the best hitters is the first base guy we drafted last year.

        I just can’t get excited with so many questions.

        Sorry to be so down, but I was hoping for an interesting offseason and feel I will be disappointed. Rebuilding takes years. They did nothing last year and the year before. The only way to get better since they won’t spend is to trade. So you give up to get and considering our needs what does that leave you?

  4. No need to appoligize to me, when I get down, the sky comes crashing down and my delusional sense overcomes every baseball thought.

    I differ from you in this sense. I think we an count on our good young starting pitchers, cheaply fill short with Fucal/Tovar/Tejada. Cheap on Ibanez(300 PA) as a role player go with a building block in Druz or Grandy. Spend on 2 decent relievers lessening the stress on our youthful starters. This gives us a gage, not a great gage, on where our young arms are headed, the strotoshpere, normal back end guys, or dissapointment. This scenario a lot of stock must be faith orientetated, in our young starters. This plan allows for an relaively big overhaul in 2015 with Harvey in hand and others evalutaed on a big league level. Maybe Montero wins 15+. Wouldn’t shock me, if there were no innings limit but there will be, so it looks lik a 13 win ceiling, or thereabouts.