Greater Urgency For Mets To Move Ike Davis

The New York Mets’ Sandy Alderson is more of Sabremetrics practitioner than most general managers, which goes in part for his preference of Lucas Duda over Ike Davis at first base.

Alderson favors on-base percentage over power, and Duda – despite not having a good year – scored over Davis in both categories in 2013. Apparently long forgotten are Davis’ strong first impression and the 32 homers he hit in 2012.

Both had sluggish starts last year, but Davis’ was far worse and more prolonged, and when they returned in the second half, the frustrated Davis continued being a strikeout machine, hit with limited power and did little else to get on base.

Mercifully, he was injured.

Duda is rated higher in Alderson’s eyes because of the following:

* He has a higher on-base percentage, which somewhat offsets his strikeouts. Davis has shown little improvement, or even desire, to limit his strikeouts.

* The belief is if he’ll continue being selective at the plate he’ll develop the aggressiveness that will increase his run production. To the contrary, Davis has shown little, if any, improvement in pitch selection.

* Duda has shown more of an ability to use the whole field, while Davis still is determined to pull everything.

* While Davis is better defensively, Duda isn’t terrible at the position. And, beside that, just how many games are decided defensively at first base?

* Davis could have had a higher upside at the start of his career, but where is it now? The feeling is getting more pronounced that Davis is as good as he’ll get.

* Duda makes considerably less money, which always remains an issue for the Mets.

* Currently, more teams are interested in Davis because the belief is he just needs a change of scenery. That makes his potential greater to those from the outside. Meanwhile, Duda’s total sampling is limited to the outside.

The Mets have two first basemen they are interested in shopping, but clearly a greater sense of urgency to get rid of Davis.




9 thoughts on “Greater Urgency For Mets To Move Ike Davis

  1. I would rather get rid of Duda.
    But if we get something useful for Ike then do it.

    There is always the argument that he was hurt, that he was sick, etc

    That is always a risk, but if we can get a useful player in return lets do it

  2. Sorry I missed the chat from yesterday, had a tough day at the salt mines.

    I’m guessing we get nothing, period, for Duda. I can see tendering Lucas, finding no suitor, and either eating $, or DFA, optioning(is Lucas out of options). In Ike’s scenario, it may be tough to ship him early in season, mid, or late, as teams currently interested in Ike’s services, may have already made investements in FB, and no longer need or want to gamble with Ike. Thus leaving Mets execs a conundrum. Who mans first?

    I go back and forth on how I want to move forward at first. I like Flores, and a lot more than most. I think Ike’s swing came back after his trip to AAA, but considering the situation and what’s at stake, that recently improved swing can be viewed as fixed, light years ago. The thing I hate about Ike’s ability moving forward is just how befuddled Ike looks verse the breaker. A snag that may take years/career to fix. Something so hard for Mets execs to wait on.

    I’ve lost my baseball imagingation, but will now check previous posts to see if there is any chatter addressed to me.

    Sorry for the lame comment.

    • megamets: Thanks for your input. It is appreciated. I can’t agree with you on Davis’ swing being any better, but concur Flores deserves a shot at first base, if nothing else as a platoon with Duda. I think the Mets like Duda better.-JD

  3. Alright, here’s a plan I have, Metsfan1962, Dave, Nathan and I are the Mets GM’s and co GMs. Metsfan1962 can be Sandy, and the rest of us are his generals. We have 36 million to spend giving us around 9 mil/yr apiece to spend. Metsfan1963 can buy our big piece, leaving the other 3 more like 7 mil a year to spend. You can buy one player with your dough or head to the bargain basement and get 2 or 3 players. After each move made, the following move needs to follow suit, so Drew(NO WAY NO WAY) will not follow Perrralta for example.

    Anyways, I’d love to see what our team looks like. And, without naming the obvious, we all know the 15 some odd guaranteed spots for next years squad.

    Here’s to dreaming. Lets Go Mets.

    • megamets: Thanks for your comment. I agree with you on Drew, it will never happen. Peralta could be a different story. He made $6 million last year and could come close to your $9 million limit. Plus, he’ll want at least three years.-JD

      • I’ve seen the Perralta projections. MLBTR has it at 9.5 per, another well respected analyst has him at 12 per. Both were thinking 3 years. Recently I saw somewhere Perralta’s looking for a 5 year deal. Personally, I’m getting scared that if his numbers were juice induced, he’ll have at least 30 million reasons to put up juice free numbers, which may not only be sub par, they also may lead to injuries and a total body breakdown. Because of this Perralta is off my wish list. Lastly, despite the projections I think Johnny will get a minimum of 40 million over 3 years. Just my opinion. I want Brendan Ryan and I’m not going to change my mind. I want cheap pop and 300 at bats out of Raul Ibanez. I want a 2.5 million dollar lefty specialist and a 8 million per year closer. That’s about 19 million per year worth of players, and the rest can be spent on a high end guy. On Cruz, I share some of the same concerns I have with Perralta, and another concern. Nelson put all his good numbers up in a bandbox, and ever since being a real hardcore Mets fan. These players scare me. I think they will get here, the ballpark, (whether it was Big Shea, Or Yellowstone, now newly renovated and called Citi) will get in their head, and they will press, which will effect them mentally, and then they will statistically suffer, than get overwhelmed by press/fans/management, then pack it in, physically and mentally, and just go through the motions of being a busted Met until contract is up, or DFA’d.

    • I have seen your challenge and will pass.

      What I see are the easy pickings are already taken. Several players with interesting stats are taken at around $7m. Byrd was a steal and we never bid. The other of are not that interesting. 220 avg or whatever. Either the Mets are stupid or just slow. The early bird and all that.

      Unfortunately I don’t watch many games anymore and really only look at some met ones. A quick look at stats for 1b, ss, of do not leave many options that have not been discussed ( big names, high dollars ). Those players are not the ones we are looking at and the rest look deeply flawed ( based on superficial stat check)

      So my reaction is yuck! The only way forward seems a trade at this point which means someone like Montero will probably be packaged. They keep talking Dan. I like Dan. He is not great, but is one of the few we have. We can always put Flores there, but he is young and may not be as good. To trade Dan we should get someone useful. So the offseason is young and based on the parameters it seems the FA market is closed. At least as far as improving the team. We already have 2 OF who hit 220 or so and their defense is good. Picking up a FA to make it 3 OF who hit 220 does not inspire me. That is one third the team. Since they will not spend we won’t get a good hitting ss or 1b. So what is left?

      • Atop the scrapheap is Raul Ibanez. John lannon, Rafeal Furcal, Sizemore, and a few more, as I did not check the FA, potentially nontendered list. I’d like to see amongst a few others Lucas Duda burried somwhere on the bottom of the heap.