What We Learned About Mets From GM Meetings

The general managers meetings ended without the New York Mets making a sound just as we knew they would. It was that way for everybody else, too.

The GM meetings are for laying the groundwork for the offseason, and this much we have learned from the Mets:

Despite what I wrote about maybe taking a second look at Ike Davis, it won’t happen. With a half-dozen teams inquiring about him, he’s gone. The Mets are in a delicate situation with Davis. It’s obvious they want to get rid of him and teams know that, so they’ll lowball the Mets. Sandy Alderson knows that, but he also knows Davis’ greatest value is living up to his potential the Mets projected of him and not just give him away.

Jhonny Peralta seems to be the Mets’ objective for shortstop with Stephen Drew out of their price range. Defense up the middle is paramount and Drew will get his money somewhere.

Curtis Granderson is there for the taking in the outfield, where he can play center or a corner position. It’s clear the Yankees don’t want him, and it is also obvious he’ll come a lot cheaper than Shin-Soo Choo, who’ll be overpaid by whomever signs him. Ditto for Jacoby Ellsbury. This much we know about Granderson: 1) he’ll hit for some power, but not as much as he would if he were at Yankee Stadium, 2) he’ll strike out a lot, and 3) he knows how to play in New York.

Bronson Arroyo can be had for a reasonable cost to help fill the back end of the rotation. It appears the Mets have little, or no interest, in Barry Zito or bringing back Mike Pelfrey. Daisuke Matsuzaka and Aaron Harang are still available, but apparently there’s no rush there.

In previous seasons the Mets used to let the market come to them, but this winter it might be prudent for them to hustle for their first choices.

Better overpay early then come away empty later.

15 thoughts on “What We Learned About Mets From GM Meetings

  1. I think letting Davis go will be something that will haunt the Mets forever. He already proved he can do it. 30HR and 90 RBI. And excellent defensively. Why not give him part of the season to see what he can do–further removed from Valley Fever and injury?
    Can we definitively say that had no affect on him? I don’t think so.

    What a mistake.

    • Yes. There are always the what if’s

      What we do know his that he has regressed in all areas.

      We do know that his attitude has been I am a power hitter and so I will strike out a ton. Get used to it.

      This is the thing. Give him more rope ( as we have for the past 2 years ) or give up and trade him and look somewhere else. The team is weak. We have two legit hitters in the lineup. Can the team afford to plug in a player ( who has been in the middle of the lineup ) who strikes out 200 times, has a 200 BA and will hit anywhere from 10-30 HR’s? Oh and who also is not the gold glove he was 3 years ago.

      • No team has high-priced players at every position. 1B is a place they can pay a reasonable amount for a player who has proven he can do it. And while they wait to see if he can, he gives them great defense. I still think the reason he’s faltered is either because of the injury or Valley Fever. Both were a while ago, I know, but you just can’t discount what he did in little more than half a season.

        He could be a monster, that the franchise may never get over trading away. Why take that chance? At least let’s see a few more months of him.

      • I’ve always loved the cliche “if ifs and buts were candy and nuts than everyday would be CHristmas” I really love that cliche and try to employ it whenever possible. Lastly, it was clear to me that Ike entered the field with his slump in hand(glove). Certainly I could be wrong, but this I know, he entered the field with little to no bad(lightly put) body language, little to no moxie, a disinterested befuddled facial expression. When he displayed his boneheaded defesive miscues he looked embarrased/discusted, and one looking to find refuge in the clubhouse.

        • Yes. I hate his peripherals.

          He does have talent. He can play gold glove and be a decent hitter with some power.

          But his attitude sucks.

          There are tons of players with talent and no will. I am starting to get that feel with Ike.

  2. If we pick up Granderson he has more power and is old and his defense is not as good and he strikes out a lot and he hits 220. Not a great narrative for improving the team. His old team gave him an offer he rejected and promptly declared they will move on.

    And you are right the team needs to identify their needs and players and wrap it up early. There are many needs. Get it done. If they wait there won’t be much left. But then again. Almost anyone out there is an improvement over what we have at any position.

  3. I am a Mets fan, lost in the desert region called Phoenix. Nobody there in NY knows what it is like to have had Valley Fever. It takes up to 2 years to fully recover from a bacterial lung infection which is unique to this area. Many Drs there would never catch it there as a diagnosis. I say GIVE IKE A CHANCE! I have had Valley fever, it took me 2 years to fully recover, and I didn’t have the grueling schedule of a BB season to deal with.

  4. I think the Mets are in way too big a rush to just give up on Ike…..he still has the potential to hit 30 HRS and 90 RBI.

  5. “Terry Collins said Thursday night that job No. 1 for Sandy Alderson and crew this offseason is to find a bat to protect David Wright. ”

    Well they didn’t bring back Byrd. If their plan for protection is Ike we are in trouble.

  6. Regarding the 30 HR 90 RBI season. Remember almost all of his HR’s were with men on base and accounted for something in the vicinity of 70 RBI’s. He had very few solo shots that season. So 500 at bats with 30 run producing hits. Let’s say 20 more hits for the other 20 RBI’s. That’s fifty at bats to enjoy and 450 to curse about. I know these numbers aren’t totally accurate but they aren’t too far off and don’t take into account how many of those HR’s came late in the season against less than the best pitching. Let some other team discover his potential. The thought of him going 0 for 4 on opening day with 2 strikeouts is more than I care to contemplate.To quote Robin Williams, “Reality. What a concept!”

    • Good point Bob FIla, tool man(that’s a joke) and somthing I’ve forgot about while looking at stats. ANother thing I always forget about Ike is just how befuddled IKe is verse the breaking ball. That is something that can kill or really hurt him till he gets better at, if ever. His glove is great and his HR’s are insane bombs. In 2011 I believe his HR distance was 2nd in the majors I believe.

      Not a lot from me to add today, I’ve had my maintence meds recently changed and they are overwhelming strong. I’ve already faited, bruised a hip, stomach and shoulder. As I walk to my fridge I bounce off each and every wall. I asked for the med change though so I got nobody but myself to blame. I’m only saying this so you guys realize I will be back tomorrow and future dates with more lucid comments, hopefully well thought out, with explanations why for virtually each statement in my comment.

      Great work Dave, keep up the good work, you have a nice following of commenters and some dissent among them. IMO, the best possible scenario as it can lead to great discussion, healthy debate, possible comprimise, then handshakes, after all we’re all men here, non Italian I’m guessing and therefor no kisses on cheek, lol, check back tomorrow, hopefully before I take my maintence medicine, very very very strong stuff.