Ike Davis Draws Interest; Should Mets Have Second Thoughts?

The New York Mets seem determined on dealing Ike Davis, and considering his lack of production and injury history over the past three years it’s a reasonable position.

ESPN reported the Mets are drawing interest for Davis from several teams, and it can be concluded the following are the primary reasons: 1) he has a track record for power, hitting 32 homers in 2012; 2) he’s a solid defensive first baseman; 3) he’s cost-efficient, having made $3.1 million this year; and 4) he’s young, at 26, meaning there’s time to turn it around.

DAVIS: Mets talking trade for him. (AP)

DAVIS: Mets talking trade for him. (AP)

For those very attractive reasons, and that teams have been cool on Lucas Duda, might be reason for the Mets to reconsider and give Davis another shot.

The general belief from scouts is Davis is young enough to resurrect his career, and a change-of-scenery with different coaching might have him again hitting bombs.

The Mets can give him a raise and they can give him another chance, but what they can’t give him is the different coaching and change-of-scenery.

Part of the rap on Davis is he’s reluctant to take coaching advice, but that’s stuff you hear privately and something he vehemently denies. Criticism that is easily verifiable is his propensity for striking out, a low on-base percentage, and an all-or-nothing mentality at the plate.

Alderson told ESPN at the general managers meetings in Orlando Wednesday he’d like to make a move soon, but, as always, reiterated he won’t make a move just to make a move.

“In our situation, we’d like to do something early,” Alderson said. “It would be great, if it’s the right move, and if that kind of thing is possible. It may be. It may not be. We’re working at it, but I can’t predict anything.’’

The teams reportedly interested in Davis are Houston, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Colorado. Naturally, they’d prefer to deal him to the American League.

From Davis’ perspective, each of those teams have better hitters’ parks than Citi Field, with Camden Yards and Coors Field particularly enticing.

Alderson acknowledged sensing urgency from the often-disappointed Mets’ fan base, but that’s no reason to make a panic move.

Speculation of a trade involving Davis would most likely be as part of a package, or one team dealing a disappointment for another. Nobody will surrender somebody of substance one-on-one for Davis.

Not that Davis has gone wire-to-wire without problems – either injuries or dreadful slumps – but if the Mets deal him they would be going with the largely unproven Duda. Another first base option could be Daniel Murphy, but dealing him opens a hole at second base unless they acquire a left-fielder and move Eric Young to the infield.

Reportedly, the Mets spoke with free-agent shortstop Jonny Peralta Wednesday.

The Mets’ top four priorities are at least two starters; shortstop; a power-hitting outfielder; and bullpen depth.

NOTE: Mets pitcher Matt Harvey finished fourth in the National League Cy Young Award balloting Wednesday.

19 thoughts on “Ike Davis Draws Interest; Should Mets Have Second Thoughts?

  1. I spent sometime building a new team. This time I tried to explain myself in a clear manner. It is similar to the last one I posted, but a little different. Dave, Nathan, John, if you want, supplement similar-dollar-amount players on the roster and I will chime in. Now I will read the new article and post a comment down below. Finally, before you get to my comment, if you read it, I will not post huge comments in the future. The only reason this one is so big is I’ve ironed out the kinks in my mock Mets team and wanted to explain my decisions. From now on I’ll keep it less than 150-200 words. Thanks for bearing with me and thank you Dave and Nathan for replying to earlier comments. I’m just looking to talk Mets baseball, but sometimes I get carried away and scare people off.

    First acquire Granderson. 4 years 60 million. Then go cheap at short and get a sure thing in Brendan Ryan, sure he won’t hit, but he’s a sure defender. 2 years 5 million. Next, go for some cheap pop, I’m thinking Raul Ibanez. His offense was as good as Giancarlo Stanton’s last year and we could live with Raul as a part time player, maybe 300 AB. 1 year 3 million. Since I’m going to throw a couple of arms in my staff that are not conditioned to go deep, I’ll need to fortify my pen and pay good money for Brian Wilson. A little more than Byrd money is the projection for Wilson I believe, call it 2 years 17 mil. And, finally I’m big on quality lefty relievers and think M. Gonzolez will get the job done, how about 2 years 6 million. Lets just say I got the math right, that’s 33 million in additional salary for next year.

    The way I look at it is this, we cannot afford talented FA starting pitchers and can no longer stomach the DiceK’s of the world, so my team will have to rely on one rookie starter, Rafael Montero, who pounds the zone(5-to-1 bb-to-k) and keeps the ball in the yard(16 HR’s in 348 IP). We will have to rely on Carlos Torres, who, like Montero, is a control freak. I’m pretty sure we cannot rely on these guys to go deep into games, therefore I spent pop money in the pen and heres some more reasons why. Dillon Gee also tends to hit a wall in the 6th, and Zack Wheeler, at this point in his career, is a 6 inning pitcher. Lastly John Niese isn’t exactly a complete gamer either. I didn’t check the numbers but between everybody in the rotation it wouldn’t shock me if there were only 3 complete games, or less, between the 5, but they all throw strikes, maybe Wheeler is still a question mark in this department but if memory serves me correctly Zack finished the season strong in the BB-to-K department. So with strike throwers up and down the rotation, a good solid defense and big ballpark can pay huge dividends, hence Brendan Ryan at short and drum roll please, starting in LF Matt denDekker. That gives us 3 CF’s in the OF, a gold glove caliber 3B, SS, and 1B, Ike Davis. I know I’m in the minority here but I like Murphs glove at 2B, his PO, A, and DP numbers were fantastic and IMO the PO/A were as good as they were(2nd and 3rd in NL) due to his deep placement, allowing him to get to balls that other more talented defenders couldn’t due to playing at normal depth. Other reasons that Murph put up these good numbers are innings logged and fewer k’s per 9 by the staff than most teams. But, that said, and I know I’m in the minority, I think Murph holds his own at 2B. dArnaud impressed virtually everybody, maybe everybody, last year as a defensive backstop. So, IMO, that’s a good rotation, great defense, very solid pen, and here’s how the lineup pans out. If anybody wants to chime in, I can use some help here. I’m unsure where to place dArnaud, denDekker, Granderson, etc.

    den Dekker

    Gee/Niese/Wheeler/Torres/Montero. First guy on depth chart would be Mejia then deGrom, maybe Mazzoni, and if Noah’s ready sure I’m all for it. If we need to visit the scrapheap, acquire a innings eater, or a change-of-scenery guy, this shopping can take place during the season, and for a whole lot less money than now, maybe free, a total salary dump, which is a whole lot better than shelling out 3 some odd mil for Pelf, or 2 mil for DiceK while they are FA.

    Wilson/Parnell/Black/German/LHP’s Edgin and Gonzolez. Lets keep Mejia stretched out and give him long relief duty with, obviously, the chance to start/spotstart and earn a slot in the rotation. Maybe not a bad idea for a pitcher with history of injury. Less days worked and more IP.

    Ibanez(50 OF starts verse RHP, 9 times DH, and 50 some odd PH)
    Tejada or Tovar
    up for grabs, maybe Eastern Leage MVP Allan Dykstra

    Guys I’d love to see have great springs that I’m familiar with. RH relief Jeff Walters (96MPH) Noah(triple digits, works around 95, but we all know this) Allan Dykstra raking in fall play. Puello, who’s struggliing now, bigtime, in fall play, but just 17 games, very disapointing nonetheless. Tovar SS(22 yrs old) Danny Muno, 2B, tough nose gritty very patient gap to gap guy, but a little to eager for MLB maybe, check bio. Mejia, is the sky the limit? Familia, his stuff is back following surgery, registering as high as 97 in the fall, but as Keith would say “he’s as wild as a March hair” 24 yr old Chassen Bradford, AA, 2013, 0.71 ERA in 20 G. In the AFL he’s posted a 0.00 ERA working around 90-92 MPH, maxing out at 93 MPH. And, former flamethrower, Cody Satterwhite,RHP, the 26-year-old has been impressive posting a 1.64 ERA with ten strikeouts and 0 walks in 11 innings, while working in the 90-92 MPH range,registering as high as 94 in the fall league.

    Now I will read and comment on your article. I spent around 2 hours preparing and editing that comment and keep forgeting about Andrew Brown. I need to find a spot for him, probably Raul’s bench spot to start the year. I cannot remember if it was Dave or Nathan that does not like Brown but I love his power, but for some reason always forget him.

    • Thanks for the rehash. I will not repeat my comments. I generally like what you have done. I would pick up an arm or two cheap. Any of the late in the season vets are fine with me. I liked what Torres did and think Montero is ready for the bigs.

      I don’t know what they will do with the pen considering it finished strong and Bobby is the stopper unless his neck is chronic.

      I am not a fan of the big power guys/low BA that you proffer. Perhaps that is what is available. I would hope there is some decent OF who hits about 260 doesn’t strike out a lot who can play his position and can be had for $6M/yr or so. We need to get OF. We don’t have the talent in the minors and realistically no one on the roster is a starter.

      I agree on the starters. Our guys have problems going deep. They need to train them in the minors to do more than 6. I would also add deGrom.

      It was me who doesn’t like Brown. I know Keith said a few times that he likes the guy. Who am I to argue with a hitter? They might try and get a vet for backup catcher. Is Recker good enough?

      Oh. You didn’t put down Familia who has issues with control but has a live arm.

      • Oh. For 1b I might try Flores. He can hit and I can’t see how he is much worse than what is there. No power though, but we need to have a lineup that doesn’t strike out until we run back to David and Dan.

        • You make a great point about the organization not allowing our guys to go deep, this one of 3 reasons why I was very upset last year when TC said to the media that Wheeler should keep his mouth shut if Zack’s tired. I’m guessing here, bur while under the mest minor league umbrella he went past 5 twice. Last year Noah went above 5 twice., I was listening to the PS show on Noah’s first PS start and after 5 the radio guy said that’s it for Noah as he’s pitched 5, well then he stated that he was surprised that Noah pitched the 6. They also skipped Noah’s every othre start for the last month+. They need to start conditioning these guys better. I sort of understand innings limits better, but still kinda dislike. But can there next huge arm be conditioned to go 6 in the minors, not 5. Just really gets to me that’s all

            • I happen to agree with much of what you have written. I see mild changes though. I am an advocat of young pitching with experienced catchers. Bring in A J Perzynski at catcher on a 2 Year deal, to mentor our young catchers in waiting. He will bring some nasty and attitude. Ganderson for RF.
              I would be satisfied with EY Jr in left.
              Lineup slightly modified:

              • @Metsfan62. I love Pierzenski, I guess he is one of the 2 guys we’ve had a face to face with this offseason. That said, I wand to head into 2014 with Recker as a backup. Love this guys pop, and he held his own as a backstop(I believe) still a little foggy on longterm memory, my medicine has a lot to do with that. RIght now I am medicated to the tilt, very hard to concentrate. Hence, lackluster replies, comments. That said, I really do enjoy the chat here. Well above average, back and forth, on many blog posts, not just the most recent. Kudos to the John.

                I forgot to add this @Dave. I do not like Familia and want him dealt. Like Keith would say Jeruys is a wild as a March hair. Familia has touched 97 on the gun this Fall, and is working from 93-to-96, so his stuff is back after elbow surgery, but his command is horrific. I’m 99% on his poor control following him into the fall. Deal him Sandy I cannot deal with a flamethrower, who enters the zone 2-0, 3-1, 3-0, while the batter waits to turn into a slami samndwich.

                • megamets: I like Recker, too, and think he might be better than d’Araud if given the chance. Couldn’t do any worse at the plate. … Yes, Familia has little command, but given the right coaching and patience I’d like to see if he can improve there. It’s possible. But, if he shows no signs of improvement in spring training he shouldn’t make the club.-JD

                  • I see Familia as a good prospect, good stuff yet to be harnessed, a bad pro, but a valueable trade piece, so obviosly I want Jeruys dealt.

  2. I’m going to start at the bottom of your article and work my way up. As much as I love pitching, a ton, I am fuming at the idea of acquiring 2 starters. My god, how much are they going to cost? It’s not like we can get quality arms for the type of money we’re working with. We are priced out of Garza, Nolasco, that good import, can’t spell his name, etc., which leaves us with at most enough for Arroyo, who’s a real gamer, a guy who gets by just fine with “below average” stuff, always goes 200 innings and with maybe one or 2 exceptions(to tired to stat search) has had a winning record each season. So, I guess Bronson would be the ceiling at what, 2 and 25? If we bought 2 pitchers the second will be thought of by the baseball world as a “bum” but will still get a couple to a few mil, eat innings if we are lucky, and in all liklihood have an awful winning percentage. Now, is the organzation saying that between Montero/Mejia/and Torres 2 of those guys are that much worse than the above, and is willing to spend half of our money on 2 starters.To me that is crazy and costly. Hate the idea, just hate it. Just my opinion but I hate it. So if true and we did get a “bum” innings eater and Arroyo for a 2013 salary of say 15 million that leaves, by my account, around 17 million(tops I hear) to spend on a SS, power hitter, and bullpen depth. So, if I were forced to go with the 2 starter thing, then this is how I’d spend the 17, while foaming at the jaw doing so. Perralta, I think it will take at minimum 12 annualy, but according to MLBTR it will take 9.5 so I’ll use that number. That leaves 7.5 for power hitting OF and pen depth. Ibanez for 3 mil, leaves me 4.5, and I’d take Joe Smith and M. Gonzolez and beg Jeff W. to allow the extra mil, 2, or 3 neccesary to round off the team, that I hate. Sorry, just got mad as hell thinking about purchasing 2 starters when we have young arms, that IMO, are ready to go, with a couple more developing very nicely on the horizon.


    The one thing I’ve been forgetting is Davis cannot hit the curve ball, this really bites, and given the circumstances and the odds Ike faces, recent injuries, media, fans, FO, coaches, doubting him, a fantastic start and good plate discipline would prove his detractors wrong, but his last 2 Aprils, May’s, and June’s OMG, if Ike gets off to another Iksian start, he’s all but done in this town, you’d think, and the fact that pitchers can just throw junk his way, especially if he’s slumping, and make him look just awful up there, oh boy, the Ike project hits a brick wall. Now, my thought process may be totally insane to you but this is how I think. Despite the fact that I want to move forward with Ike, if we get near market value on a unlikly one-on-one, or a package deal, then I say move him, but say this reluctantly. As for Duda, OMG, he looks lost up there 2. To tender him we need to pony up 1.8 and if there’s a bigger question mark on this team than Ike it’s Lucas. So, lets non-tender him and move forward with Flores. Just my opinion. Like I said in different words previously, everybody says I have bad baseball IQ. But it is very hard for me to change my mind. BTW, great article, before I forget to tell you. All of your posts are terrific. I hope you don’t mind me freaking out, for a lack of a better phrase, while I’m here. I’ll never curse, I’ll give you my word there.

    Like I said to start off I love pitching, but if and when they move Ike and I’m guessing here, they will target offense.(just reread my comment maybe this is where they acquire an arm) The recent research I’ve done, while considering an Ike Davis trade, I’ve found a LHP with as many flaws as Ike, that I want. As bullheaded as I am, until this deal is or isn’t done, this is the 1-n-1000 guy I want SA to get. It’ll definatly take an Ike package as he is not enough by himself. His name is Enny Romero and is TB 5th best prospect. Out of TB top 20 prospects 10 are pitchers, 5 are SS, 2 OF, 1 3B, 1 2B, and 1C. Both there OF prospects look far from ready if my memory serves me correctly and there SS’s don’t have the statistical data to imply they are close either, especially from an offensive standpoint. Now this is a 1-n-a-1000 as I’m never right about things like this, but here’s a little info on Romero. He has bad command, trouble putting hitters away, he cant get lefties out despite being a LHP who has a well above average fastball/curveball combination, and has a very low strikeout rate, but he can touch triple digits from the left side normally working around 93-96, sometimes 94-98 and is projected by some as having #1 starter potential. Now he’s got tons of upside, but is flawed, like Ike, and I’m hoping if we strike a deal with TB, we can package Ike and get Romero under the Mets umbrella. I will try (that’s a biggy as I want Romero and am bullheaded) to figure out a realistic target for Ike tommorow, and post.

    I’ll work on shortening up my comments. If they are 2 overwhelmingly long for you I will not be upset if you delete them. Great article, great blog, keep up the good work.

    Binghampton, NY,
    home of the first place B-Mets

    • I am not a fan of getting a big name pitcher. Too expensive and we have such nice arms in house.

      I don’t like Ike. I used to. I know getting rid of him can come back to bite you. He is young and all. I don’t like his peripherals as John listed above. I agree. I would see if Flores can handle 1B.

      • Every now and again when making Mock Mets teams I forget about Flores. I agree with you that if Ike is gone it should be Flores job to lose. Time will tell.

    • 1-Young
      8- SS of choice for defensive strenght
      Perzynski. Could DH for inter league play for rest/ mentor young catcher

      • I must have missed this comment metsfan1962. AWESOME LINEUP. I LOVE IT. Obviously setting the 1-8 is the hard part and I’m guessing if they pay Curtis big $$$$ they will want more AB’s out of him, so I guess he would probably hit 4 or 5. The hardest thing for me while building Mock Mets teams is making my lineup. Love Perzinski though, and think he is on the verge of signing with somebody. The one thing I’ve heard about AJ that’s stuck, is this, “he’s the type of guy you love if he’s your teamate and hate if he’s on the opposition” And, I like them guys, always have, always will.


  3. Personally Id like to see the mets Keep Ike… I would sign Mike Morse to a cheap contract… Let Ike Duda Morse Satin and Flores battle it out at first…. there is something i dont like about just saying Duda is out 1st and Ike is outahere….. Or i would trade both of them… try to sign Kendrys Morales and if i couldnt sign him get Corey Hart… Duda has never played as bad as Ike but he has never played as good as him either …… I do agree with you about Murph being another first base option .. but thats a lot more ifs

    • Obvioulsy Hart has a big question to awnser, health, that said sports medicine has come a long way and this is where I’d make an offer. The projection is a 1 year deal orth 7-8 mil. I’d go with it, but agree with all your targets.

  4. Duda is a DH waiting to happen. His outfield defense is spotty but just wait until Wright bounces one in the dirt on a throw to first! Duda will be waving at the breeze while the ball goes into right field. Fielding a bunt? Hah! At best a grounder would have to be right at him. If Ike goes, Duda needs to go, too.

  5. Non tender of a bag of banged up balls, I’m on board with your comment. Well put.

  6. This is the last time I’ll appologize, but my medicine is making it so hard for me to post lucid comments. Bear with me guys as my doctor says I will build a tolerance. Right now, It feels like I’ve drank 12 beers.


    For D at short lets go Brendan Ryan. His dWAR stats are the best in the biggs. Not only will it have a calming effect on the staff, if, lets say, Duda(y’Ikes) is at first, it will also have a calming effect there. A calming effect on his DP partner, a calming effect on coaches, and a calming effect on Jeff and Fredd, as he it the cheapest option out there, unless Furcal comes at small base, half way decent incentives, contract.