Yankees’ Curtis Granderson Spurs Offer; Mets Could Have Interest

Not surprisingly, many of the significant players of interest to the New York Mets who declined the qualifying offers from their respective teams. With the starting point at $14.1 million, the Mets know their beginning parameters.

One player is Curtis Granderson, who, because of several hand injuries, was limited to seven homers, 15 RBI and a .229 average and a .317 on-base percentage. During his 10-year career, Granderson has averaged 30 homers, 83 RBI, a .340 on-base percentage and a .828 OPS, numbers that would fill the Mets’ need for a power-hitting corner outfielder.

GRANDERSON: Could the Mets snare him?

GRANDERSON: Could the Mets snare him?

That includes two 40-homer seasons over the past three years, but a qualifier must be the cozy dimensions of Yankee Stadium and hitting in a line-up with Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. He won’t have nearly that kind of protection in the line-up.

Another red flag must be his hand injuries and if they snapped his wrist strength needed to turn on a pitch.

Granderson said in a radio interview last week he could accept a one-year deal and try again next winter. However, that doesn’t mean it would be for $14.1 million.

The Mets could have serious competition for Granderson from the Yankees, who need to upgrade their offense in anticipation of not knowing if they’ll have Rodriguez, questions about Teixeira’s health and wondering what they’ll get from Derek Jeter.

The Mets are reluctant to offer more than three years, but should they go four years – which appers the magic number for many players – Granderson would be 36 at the end of the deal which might have him still in his prime. Plus, Granderson has a track record of greater production than Chin-Soo Choo.

The dollars might not be a detriment to signing Granderson, but the red flags are his health and the wonder of what he could produce in a new league and at Citi Field. Another is if Granderson is only a left-handed hitting Jason Bay.

All legitimate concerns.

3 thoughts on “Yankees’ Curtis Granderson Spurs Offer; Mets Could Have Interest

  1. I would take his power numbers with a tankerful of salt. His BA also sucks. Why would we want to get him?

    He is a MLB player and at the right price I would go for him, but he is old, his D probably sucks and he can’t hit. Not too enticing for my taste.

    Isn’t one of the goals this season to hit? Adding someone who hits 220 does not advance the goals. I can put Duda or Ike out there to hit 200 or so and they are cheap which is what this team wants.

  2. Curtis averaged roughly 42 homers, 110 RBI, 120 R. between 2011-2012, and I’m pretty sure no other major leaguer could say that, not even Miggy or Bautista. I’m not comparing Curtis to Cabrera, just saying. I like 4 years at 15 mil per. I’m hoping he hits 30 twice and 20 the other 2, plays good defense, and is a good team guy. If, and I know that’s a big if(this is the Mets and FA) Curtis can pull that off 2,30-HR, and 2, 20-HR seasons, that’s a Grandy slam dunk of a FA.

    His 43 HR total in 2011 would rank most of all time if Curtis did it on the other side of town. Like Dave said, no way would all 43 HR’s carry over. A spray chart I saw recently said that only 9 of the HR’s in the last 3 years would not have left Citi. I put zero stock in the spray chart. I do put stock in the fact that Curtis was productive in DET, I believe before the fences were brought in as well. In NYY he was swinging for the downs, due to a number of reasons, short porch and upcoming FA being 2(guessing), so his AVG took a hit and his k’s rose, but while in DET, he had well above average power numbers accros the board, and a decent AVG, not nearly as many k’s.