Yankees’ Brendan Ryan Could Be Stop Gap Answer At Shortstop

The New York Mets are in the market for a shortstop, but there are red flags with the biggest names on the market.

Stephen Drew, 31, was given the $14.1-million qualifying offer by the Red Sox, which might be too pricey for the Mets’ blood. Reportedly, Drew wants a multi-year deal, but the Mets are reluctant to get bogged down on a long-term deal, considering what they’ve gone through over the past few years.

The Mets will also get competition from the Yankees, who like Drew’s left-handed bat in that bandbox of a stadium. The Yankees also need a shortstop because of the uncertainty surrounding Derek Jeter. There’s also the possibility of Jeter moving to third base if Alex Rodriguez is suspended.

Rafael Furcal, 36, is coming off an injury and a two-year, $14-million contract with the Cardinals.

There’s also 32-year-old Jhonny Peralta, who is coming off a three-year, $16.75 million contract with Detroit. Peralta has an offensive upside, but as with outfielder Nelson Cruz from Texas, there’s the specter of using performance-enhancing drugs. How much of their production is from them or the chemicals? It’s a legitimate concern.

Finally, there’s the Yankees’ Brendan Ryan, who made $3.25 million last year. Ryan would likely come at a reasonable salary and might not ask for the length of contract demanded by Drew or Peralta.

The Mets don’t know if they’ll have Ruben Tejada, who is recovering from a broken leg, and even when he was healthy last season he didn’t produce at the plate or in the field.


11 thoughts on “Yankees’ Brendan Ryan Could Be Stop Gap Answer At Shortstop

  1. My friend Hank and myself are thinking Rafael Furcal as a cheap, potentially cheap alternative for the Mets. I’ve just recently opened my mind up to Furcal, but Hank has been thinking about him for a couple of weeks now. Anyways, I’ve just posted a comment over at a NYDN blog, and plugged in your article regarding Ryan as a possibility. I’ve been on the Ryan bandwagon for a while now, and love his defensive WAR. The Mets are obviously building around the strength of their good young pitching and good defense up the middle can only help matters out, and keep the pitchers at ease. I did not realize Ryan made 3.5 million last year, and was hoping he’d come a little cheaper. If he made 3.5 last year, he will probably make more this year, which is not a good thing, anyways, I thought I’d post my NYDN comment down below. It’s a little quirky but somebody may get a kick out of it. This is the first time I’ve been here, and plan on returning, keep up the good work.

    The comment I left at The Bitter Bill NYDN blogs

    Hank, it’s Sunday, I figure you maybe online and I see your comments that you wrote now.

    You now what, I think I’m going to jump on the Furcal bandwagon. He’d be cheap right? 2 years 5 million with an option and a 500K buyout is that what you are thinking?. Something like that. If so that leaves just about all Sandy’s money in the kitty, we have Tejada as a back up. I still like Ruben BTW, despite the bad press. I don’t see it as a bad thing that Ruben finds the time to spend with his family, and shows up on time, but later than his comrades for spring training, and maybe the extra batting practice and fielding practice is to much for his body to handle. Yes, all of the above is a stretch, but not finding time to spend with his family, maybe he has a controling wife or girlfriend that’s just doesn’t take no for an anwser.

    Back to Furcal. I decided to add his last year and a half season totals together to get an idea of what his most recent 162 game numbers looked like. He logged 171 games for the Cardinals in 2011 and 2012 and will just go with that number minus 5%. Rafael also had 37 games for the Dodgers in 2011, i did not compute these numbers.

    These numbers are around 97.5% accurate and did them in my head

    Rafael Furcal’s most recent 162 game average

    .260/.320/.375, 11-HR, 62-RBI, 93-R, 27-2B, 15-SB, 58-BB

    Now, we keep Tejada as a backup, obviously. He’s cheap and Raffy has had a injury history. So, if Tejada played, say 50 games, and Furcal played 112 games, going by the law of averages, I’m guessing here, and believe the following numbers are accurate to the tune of 96%, These are the numbers we’d get from the SS positoin next year for roughly 3.5 million. The money is a wild guess.

    .260/.320/.370, 8-HR, 59-RBI, 89-R, 28-2B

    Not bad for 3.5 million

    While crunching these numbers I noticed Brendan Ryan pop up on the Mets radar for the first time. A nov 9th, Newyorkmetsreport.com article has Brendan Ryan to the Mets talk. I’ll go check that out, I like Ryan. You?

  2. I would think we can get a ss at a cheap price. We are not asking for much.
    250 bat, decent glove.

    Q was ok this year. If Ruben can get it together he would be great. But you don’t know with him. Is he a good solid player or a below mlb player?

  3. I’ve always liked Omar as a gritty utility guy, he seems to hit into a lot of tough luck, and will check his BAPIP later to see if he was unlikier than average last year.

    Back to Ruben. The analysts/scouts when propping up Ruben say he will hit you a lot of doubles, can hit .285, has good range at short, a decent arm. I’ve heard the same analysts say he’ll wear down at the end of the year(2012), can not play defense in cold weather(2013), has no HR power(not needed at SS), very little speed(would be nice from a SS, as well as nice from a guy with no HR power). Sandy says it’s like pulling teeth getting him to take extra BP, FP, and Terry has been upset that Ruben shows up later than the rest for Spring Training(that doesn’t bother me, as he lives in Venezuela, and his family dynamic may be that of one where he’s needed) I’m sure none of this comes as any surprise to you, so here’s my take.

    Hypothetically speaking here, Ruben is our starting SS come April 2nd?

    Ruben struggles in the cold again and makes to many errors. I can live with that as long as long as he’s hitting doubles and batting around .250 for the month. If so then he’s still got a shot at a .275/.280 to end the season with 30 doubles(roughly his 162 AVG) and plays solid Dee from May through September. If he were our SS and logged over 150 games next year I think the chance of that happening are as good as 35%. So, there’s IMO, a 65% chance he’s worse than that. If he’s close to the above, .260, 25 2B, good defense, I can live with that and put the percentage at 35% he’s close to them numbers. And there’s a 35% chance he’s .240, 23 2B, sub par-to-average-to-slightly-above average defense next year. It really is too bad that Ruben broke his leg, as that just makes things awful for him, no BP, no FP, no impressing SA, no impressing TC, no impressing scouts, no winter ball. Because of this I would like to see SA go after Ryan or Furcal or Perralta, no way do I want Drew. Way to much Dough IMO, for a guy who’s numbers have fallen off dramitically(99% sure on this) over the last 3 years. Due to injuries or poor play, if your averaging like 8 HR, 50 RBI, 50 R, over your last 3 years you should not command the type of money Drew’s aiming for.

    Pretty scattered reply maybe, but there’s my take. I’ll be back for more chat in the future, and would love to build a 92 million dollar Mets dream team with you. I’ll go over the details sometime tonight in another reply to see if you are game.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.


    • I am ready to give up on Ruben. The team has consistently questioned his work ethic. 2 years ago he was great. Last year he was sub par at the plate and the field. I don’t know what happened to him. Q the old man that he is was better in every way.

      • Can’t blame you for wanting to give up on Ruben. It’s nice to see him take the latest assingment that SA has given him. Along with Duda and a couple other Mets Ruben is training in Michigan I think with some highly touted trainer. To save money for other needs I would not be totally opposed to Furcal. Maybe catch lightning in a bottle, a low risk finacially, maybe………I prefer the sure thing in the defense of Ryan, best dWAR in the Majors last year, I think.

  4. Okay, here’s my idea.

    I want to build a team with you. First, I think we should agree on the “core” and since you’ve done your research this makes things pretty easy. From your list of gauranteed contracts, and arbitration eligible players we have the following players and there costs.

    David Wright $20.0 million, Jon Niese $5.05 million, Dillon Gee $3.4 million, Ruben Tejada $1.0 million, Justin Turner $800,000, Eric Young Jr. $1.9 million, Lucas Duda $1.8 million, Ike Davis $3.5 million, Daniel Murphy $5.8 million, Bobby Parnell $3.2 million, Omar Quintanilla $900,000, Scott Atchison $1.3 million.

    Now before the organization tried to turn Lucas Duda into a pull power hitter, this may be hard for you to believe, but he was my favorite Met. Now, he looks as lost as any Met and I’m ready to deal. You? As for the rest, I can live with. Below is the rest of the guys on the 40 man roster. I am familiar with everybody except. Hansel Robles, Juan Centero(foggy). I am a non believer in Familia. His stuff is fantastic but he’s to wild, and if he continues to fall behind, then enter the zone, he’ll get tatooed, and I’m ready to deal him because of this. I also have seen enough of Kirk Newenheis and his super slow bat, and want to deal him, and despite liking Jordany he seems to have worn out his welcome so instead of moving forward with JV, lets deal him. I live here in Binghampton and saw Tovar everyday. I targeted him early on as a MLB prospect due to the level of play, and age. And Puello was well on his way to winning league MVP before he was suspended. Puello displayed all 5 tools at a very high AA level last year.

    So, out of the below—below players this is who I want either heading north as of now, with wiggle room. I’m hoping we together can build a team that will start out like 30 strong then wittle our way down to 25

    Black, Edgin, German, Mejia, Torres, Wheeler, d’Arnaud, Recker, Flores, Brown, Dendekker, Lagares, Tovar, Puello.

    Vic Black , Josh Edgin, Jeurys Familia, Gonzalez Germen, Matt Harvey, Jeremy Hefner, Jenrry Mejia, Scott Rice, Hansel Robles, Carlos Torres, Zack Wheeler, Juan Centeno, Travis d’Arnaud, Anthony Recker, Wilmer Flores, Zach Lutz, Josh Satin, Wilfredo Tovar
    Andrew Brown, Matt den Dekker, Juan Lagares, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Cesar Puello, Jordany Valdespin.

    Now that I think about it, I’m ready to deal Omar Q, Atchinson.

    Also, here’s some cheap targets from the market. Brendan Ryan or Rafael Furcal. Raul Ibanez, Mike Gonzolez(not cheap comparitively speaking for relievers, but cheap in the big picture) I also want Brian Wilson for decent dough. And one high priced gun, you choose. Cruz, Grandy, or Perralta.

    So, this is where I want to begin, with your help we can wittle away, trade, develop, etc. Also, since this is fantasy land, Montero and Synderguard will be on the roster. Montero is so ready it is not even funny. 2,5 ERA, 5-to-1 bb-to-k ratio, and despite pounding the zone just yields 1 HR every 4 starts. He gets ahead with pinpoint precision/command and finishes off hitters like nobody’s buisness.

    Drum roll……..

    Davis(Flores) Wanna deal Ike?
    Brown I’m pretty firm here and love Browns power(Young)
    Ryan(Tejada, lets deal him when healthy and move forward with youth like Tovar)


    Niese Consider dealing and slot in Mejia??? Syndergaurd
    Depth Mejia/Noah/AA baller Verrett(when he starts throwing chin music an ace is born. He has pinpoint command a nasty slider with late break, good change, good curve, but does not throw inside period. Because of this his slider that comes ahead in the count is anticapated, batters tend to spit on it, then he enters the zone and sometimes gets tatooed. So the longball is getting him now. This all changes when he throws inside. Despite having Noah on the AA squad, Verrett was my favorite pitcher)


    B. Wilson
    B. Parnell
    V. Black
    G. German
    Mejia or Torres, whoever misses the rotaion
    J. Edgin
    M. Gonzolez

    Now, it’s time for you to adjust. Then I will comment. I threw this together somewhat hastily, so go ahead and tweak it to your likings, then we can discuss. Also, I can bring a couple baseball buddies over when we build our team to see what they think, and will also post it over at NYDN when we are done, with your final approval on team. You are Sandy and I am JP. Okay?

    Please do not make any hints at trading Noah/Montero/Wheeler. I hate the idea. If you have to, in order to go ahead with the team, I guess we got to do it, since you are Sandy and i am JP.

    • Ibanez – 240 hitter with some pop. How good is he really? Can he play D? Not knowing much about him I would pass.

      I like your pitchers.

      Not a big fan of Brown.

      Ryan – I looked up his stats. What does he give us over what we have?

      I would hope we can pick up a cheap 1b and get a couple of decent OF’s to play the corners. I don’t need power guys, just someone who hits 260 or so has about 10-15 hr and knows how to play the position. I would be interested in what Byrd is asking for.

      • I wrote this up a couple of days ago as my arguement for Raul. There may be some spin in there, but the numbers never lie(a crock of you know what, but normally a good indicator)

        Atop the list of the most desirable “untouchable” ballplayers in the game is Giancarlo Stanton. He’d cost the Mets dearly in terms of talent, but believe it or not you can argue that Raul Ibanez’ bat was better than Giancarlo’s last year, and Raul can be purchased in the bargain basement.

        Here’s a quick statistical comparison between Ibanez and Stanton from last year.

        Stanton 504-PA, 62-R, 26-2B, 0-3B, 24-HR, XBH-50, 62-RBI, .249/.365/.480/.845
        Ibanez: 496-PA, 54-R, 20-2B, 2-3B, 29-HR, XBH-51, 65-RBI, .242/.306/.487/.793

        Raul hit more HR, 3B, XBH, drove in more runs, and had a higher SLG PCT, and all this in less PA, while playing in very similar ballparks then the highly coveted Stanton. Raul played in a division with bigger ballparks then the NL EAST, and faced stiffer competition, one could argue. The two major red-flags are defense and age(41) Raul’s defensive numbers since 2007 have not been good, but since that time Raul has played for 2 world champion managers who have had enough faith that his offense outweighs his defensive and the proof is in the pudding as Raul has been the starting DH just 69 times since 2007 with just of 3 of these years played in the NL. Last year at age 40/41 Raul just DH’d 21 times while playing in spacious Safeco Park.

        As for my want for Brendan Ryan it comes down to this, he is as good a defender, if not better, than any at the position. If we get good pitching and can sure up our defense up the middle, and spend money in other positions to provide us some pop, then maybe, just maybe…….we contend.

  5. I’ll check back a few times a day to see if you want to build a team with me.



  6. I just checked back. Spaced out for a bit.

    I see a couple of comments, and it looks like I need to fix somethings. I will make some adjustments as well as make my arguement for Raul and post a new team on your last post, as well as read and respond to your previous entries.