Prices Could Turn Mets Off Choo Or Granderson

If the Mets really want outfielder Shin-Soo Choo, the way the landscape is shaking out they might have a to pony up over a $100-million package and they could have competition from the Yankees.

The Yankees might also present an obstacle should they want to pursue outfielder Curtis Granderson, whom was already given a $14.1 million qualifying offer.

The Mets need corner outfield help, but I’d be reluctant to go after either at those prices.

Choo has been a consistent player, but not an elite, upper-echelon talent worthy of over $100 million. The Mets say no more than four years and he’s nowhere near worth $25 million a season.

Granderson could be worth $60 million over four years, which approaches Jason Bay territory. Remember what happened there?

Granderson, who was injured last season, said this week he might take the qualifying offer and go through the process again. As far as the Mets thinking he’ll replicate the 40 homers he once hit for the Yankees, remember Citi Field isn’t Yankee Stadium – plus he’ll strike out over 140 times.

Not worth it.

3 thoughts on “Prices Could Turn Mets Off Choo Or Granderson

  1. If my math is right, over the last four years Granderson hit 63 home runs at Yankee phone booth and 52 on the road. Before that, he was a mid 20s guy at spacious Detroit. What worries me is the age and possibly injuries. Branch Rickey preached beware of a player at age 30.

  2. My issue with both is price. With Grandison age.
    I have read good things about Choo. He could be good here, but it is always at what price.