Is Mike Pelfrey Returning To The Mets A Good Idea?

Could the New York Mets’ desperate need for starting pitching lead them back to Mike Pelfrey?

Seriously. Should GM Sandy Alderson decided there’s not much in the free-agent market, and with the Twins moving faster than the Mets regarding Bronson Arroyo, there are probably worse ideas than re-signing Pelfrey.

Pelfrey, released by the Twins, made $4 million last year, so whatever the price it isn’t outlandish for a fifth starter. Pelfrey might also fit in the bullpen, where the Mets contemplated using him in 2007.

PELFREY: An encore?

PELFREY: An encore

The numbers said Pelfrey had a miserable 2013 season, going 5-13 with a 5.19 ERA and 1.552 WHIP. On the plus side, the elbow injury that sidelined him for all but three starts in 2012 appears to be fine as he did make 29 starts and worked 152.2 innings, would is an acceptable workload for a No. 5 starter.

There can be numerous reasons for his poor record, including: 1) getting acclimated to a new league, 2) pitching against the designated hitter, 3) pitching in a park with friendlier dimensions than Citi Field, 4) rebounding from the injury, 5) being away from Dan Warthen, a pitching coach he trusts and one who appeared to straighten him out prior to the injury.

There’s also the potential that at age 29 he’s already washed up and is just bad. You have to consider all the possibilities.

Even so, the market doesn’t appear to be hot for Pelfrey, but at 29 he’s young enough to where he can turn it around.

5 thoughts on “Is Mike Pelfrey Returning To The Mets A Good Idea?

  1. I don’t know.

    I guess it is a cost thing.

    I like Pelf. What I don’t like are the results. He can be a dominant pitcher. He can also be a head case. As a back of the rotation pitcher he is fine. What is the cost?

  2. Sign Pelfrey……? A turned off fan base totally vanishes. Attendance reaches humiliating lows. SNY viewership falls below the food channel. Not a great idea.

  3. One can only hope. Wothwhile reclamation project. Better than most they have tried to reclaim from the scrap heap considering his age.

  4. I’m indifferent. It depends on what he wants. He had a couple seasons when it looked like he put it together

  5. I cannot stomach watching him pitch, with the hand going to his mouth and his inability to concentrate on what he has to get done. I would have no interest in him.