Mets Have Little To Offer In Trade Market

The New York Mets say they will spend on free agents this winter, in large part because they have little to offer up in the trade market.

Really, their only chance to immediately improve is to write checks.

What losing Matt Harvey for the 2014 season also does, is it greatly reduces the Mets’ inability to execute trades. In the wake of Harvey’s injury, general manager Sandy Alderson said he would be reluctant to deal Rafael Montero, Noah Syndergaard or any of the Mets’ other young pitching this winter to acquire the power hitter they are seeking.

Alderson said he has three starters heading into spring training – Jon Niese, Dillon Gee and Zack Wheeler – so none of them are available to deal. And, with Jenrry Mejia recovering from elbow surgery, there’s an even greater need to hold onto their pitching.

There’s nothing on the minor league level regarding position players that are major-league ready. If there’s nobody whom the Mets can bring up, that also means there’s nothing they can trade to a team that wants to add to the major league level.

On the major league level, the Mets have one star player capable of bringing something in return and that’s David Wright, assuming, of course, they could get anybody to bite on that contract.

There’s Daniel Murphy, but he won’t bring back anything in the way of an impact player or pitcher. Eric Young is a role player, while Juan Lagares and Travis d’Arnaud are major league prospects, but if they are traded that merely creates more holes for the Mets.

What about Ike Davis and/or Lucas Duda? The Mets would like to get something for either, and don’t think for a second they haven’t been trying. Whenever Alderson is on the phone with another general manager, before he hangs up he’ll ask, “Any interest in Davis?  How about Duda?’’

When Alderson talks about the need to increase the Mets’ depth on the minor league level, he means more than just with their pitching prospects. To reach contending status, a team must have a strong farm system to not only bring up players, but also trade them to fill holes.

That’s something the Yankees, Red Sox and Braves have been doing for years. Alderson’s words aren’t ringing hollow. Improving depth in the farm system is essential if the Mets are to reach the next level. Buying players might help on a temporary basis, but it isn’t something they will be able to live on winter after winter.


10 thoughts on “Mets Have Little To Offer In Trade Market

  1. They aren’t trading Wright, that wouldn’t make sense on multiple levels – unless you are getting multiple players like Wright back (which isn’t going to happen), but IMO neither Gee nor Niese (and probably not Wheeler either) should be completely off limits. The right deal may not come along (Gee in particular seems to be underrated throughout the league) so it might not make sense to move them, but they aren’t guys the team absolutely must hold onto at all costs. Gotta give up something to get something.

    • applesauce: I said Wright was one of the few players of value. Also said it would never happen. … Would prefer to keep Niese and Wheeler for the simple reason is they are traded they would need to be replaced. Their contracts are manageable and they have an upside, with is why they aren’t going anywhere.-JD

    • applesauce: Please accept apologies for delayed response. I think they’ll hold on to both Niese and Gee as a way to deal with losing Harvey. If they trade either he would have to be replaced, but by whom?-JD

  2. You are right. The strength in the farm is pitching.

    This is a good thing. Eventually the others will work their way up.

    We had a mildly interesting OF but he was caught juicing, so other than banking on a cheater you don’t know what kind of player he really is.

    In the meantime there is nothing. In high A we have a catcher and have or will have various position prospects. But that is at best 2 years away

  3. Delcos is trying to frame the story as trading one player for one player rather than package deals which is how most trades work. In package deal, the Mets have enough to work with if the GM actually opts to do his job.

    • LongTimeFan: Thanks for commenting, but that’s not what I want to do. The point is the Mets don’t have much to offer. Package deals are the way they’ll go, but even then the Mets aren’t offering much. Hope you’ll come back again. Best, JD-

    • LongTimeFan: Not trying to frame story. But, you are right, they have little one-on-one trade options and would have to do a package.-Thanks.-JD

  4. As a Braves fan, I most certainly would want Frank Wren to send a pair of good pitching prospects and whatever else it’ll take for Murph. Over Duda or whoever else….easy

    • zackautry: That’s always the pipe dream of Mets’ fans. Trade garbage for quality. I’m sure some would want to deal Francisco for Kershaw.-JD

    • zackautry: Sorry for the delayed response. Mets won’t trade their young arms to anybody, let alone the team that has tormented them for years.-JD