Mets Wrap: Putting A Bow On 2013

The New York Mets had as nice a day as they could have hoped for on the afternoon in which they said good-bye to another season steeped in frustration.

Injuries to their two best players – David Wright and Matt Harvey – lengthy slumps and a patchwork outfield and bullpen all contributed to a fifth straight losing season.



Even so, the day had an element of joy as Mike Piazza was inducted into the franchise’s Hall of Fame.

“I look back now, in retrospect, and realize it was just fate. I was just meant to be here,’’ said Piazza about playing with the Mets.

“You know, you can talk about agents and numbers and arguments and who’s right and who’s wrong. But if you look at the big picture of life, you realize that sometimes there’s just a destiny in things.

“And I truly feel it was my plan to be here, in one way, shape or form. It may not have been the most beautiful journey at the time, but it was meant to be.’’

The Mets said good-bye to their season before a capacity Citi Field crowd, the largest since the All-Star Game. First, they cheered Piazza on a sun-drenched afternoon, and then as the Mets scored twice in the eighth inning to beat Milwaukee.

The victory, coupled with Philadelphia’s loss to Atlanta, gave the Mets third place in the NL East, something Wright embraced with a yawn.

“We’re still going home (Monday),’’ Wright said. “I guess finishing in third in the Central would have been good this year, because they’re going to the playoffs.

“Like I said, that’s just those little things that if you want to use that to make you feel better about yourself, then that’s fine. I don’t necessarily think it’s all that important.
“We finished with a win. That’s always nice. But the bottom line is we’re going home, just like the majority of the teams in the National League tomorrow. There’s not too much to smile about with that.’’

Perhaps not, but it does represent some progress, enough which should give Terry Collins a contract extension. General manager Sandy Alderson will address that issue in a noon press conference Monday.

Alderson could also get questions on Harvey’s rehab from an elbow tear, and his plans to answer the questions at first base – Ike Davis or Lucas Duda? – shortstop with Ruben Tejada’s regression, the bullpen and rotation.

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8 thoughts on “Mets Wrap: Putting A Bow On 2013

  1. Progress????? what progress. No improvement in record, no improvement in standing in MLB. No improvement in play on the filed. You call that progress. You must be on Alderson payroll. The truth was provided. Attendance dwindles every year under the Alderson regime. The fans know progress and it ain’t in Queens no matter how many lies are spewed from the offices of Wilpon’s city morgue. Enjoy the Winter. Tell your boss we can’t wait wait for 6 months of new excuses.

  2. Sorry, I agree with Nathan and the contract to Collins, bringing back Hudgens and Warthen, signals, no change for at least two years. The fact that Duda is being discussed as a major league player on our team, says no change. Business as usual, let the dumpster diving begin.

  3. You can’t blame this dismal season on injuries. By the time Wright and Harvey were injured the season was over for the Mets. I think Terry Collins should be canned and someone with some true leadership should be brought in.

  4. There was progress this year.

    We found out how good Matt is.
    We found out how good Wheeler can be
    We found a closer
    We found a pen.
    Our minor league pitchers are one year ahead in helping us and several will next year.

    We have many holes in the position players and thinking of Ike or Luke as our 1B starters is not good. But the pitching is a definite plus. Heading into the offseason I am more optimistic than last years dismal team. Young in the last game went out and said look what I can do! He hits 250 and that is not good enough, but he plays good D and can run.

    Lagares showed once again how good a fielder he is.

    We need to get one or more OF in the offseason and we need to answer ss.

    • I’m not following you. The pitching was a “plus”, despite being below average? The team ERA+ was 95. That’s noticeably below average.

      We “found” a bullpen? If you mean, we found a below average bullpen, you’d be correct. As for the rotation, it consists of a rookie, two starters who are have one above average season out of nine between them, and a stellar pitcher whose 2014 season is in doubt. After that, we don’t have a single pitcher who is a fair bet to pitch well in 150 innings as a major league starter in 2014. We don’t even have a reliable FIFTH starter.

      As for the lineup, the club has two players who rate to be average or above in 2014, and the club is actively looking to trade one of those players.

      If the Mets’ payroll remains the same, and the club adds on star and one solid regular next season, the lineup is still likely to be below average.

      2014 is the not the Mets year. 2016 is a lot more like it.

    • dave: Everything you mentioned is an upgrade over 2012. Nathan doesn’t see that because Nathan would rather spew negativity. He’s so negative that even when he says something remotely accurate you disregard it.-JD