Mets’ David Wright On Iconic Path

The New York Mets have had one iconic player in their history, that being Hall of Famer Tom Seaver.

Should he remain healthy and play out his contract at his current pace, they will have another in David Wright.

WRIGHT: On iconic path,

WRIGHT: On iconic path,

When Wright signed his mega-contract he did it with the idea of retiring a Met, just as Mariano Rivera is doing with the Yankees, and Derek Jeter will follow.

“I want to retire with the Mets,’’ Wright said. “That’s very important to me.’’

Wright isn’t boastful, but definitely proud of the way he’s perceived not only by his teammates and management, but the fans.

That is why, with nothing to play for, Wright worked hard to come back from his hamstring and hopes to be in the lineup tonight despite having a jammed thumb.

Wright, who has a Rivera jersey hanging in his locker, did not play Friday after being hit in the head the previous night and jammed his thumb as he fell.

With the baseball eyes of New York fixated on Rivera’s retirement and whether Robinson Cano will bolt the Yankees for the last dollar, Wright carries on almost unnoticed.

With the exception being his clubhouse, where Collins is most appreciative.

“I think when David Wright’s days are done here, he’ll be thought of in that light,’’ Collins said. “He’ll hold every record there is in this organization. He’ll have every offensive record there is.

“And I know one of the things you’ve heard and mentioned so many times [during the Yankee Stadium ceremony] was Mariano Rivera off the field, how he is in the clubhouse, how he is in real life. This guy is the same way.’’

You have two more days to enjoy Wright until next spring.

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8 thoughts on “Mets’ David Wright On Iconic Path

  1. This is the greatest city in the world

    It can be a great place to play and I am sure he likes the nightlife.

    What he hasn’t done is win.

    What I like about him is he wants to win and he wants to play. I am also happy he has finally solved his defensive lapses.

    • dave: Wright is engaged, so I don’t think he’s drinking in the nightlife as others had. Except for 2006, he’s never been in the playoffs.-JD

  2. I don’t doubt Wright will be thought of that way someday, but he shouldn’t be in quite that category. Much the same way Jeter should not be in Rivera’s category.

    Mo is the Ruth, or Cobb, of relief pitchers. Wright will be a very good player for a long time, like Jeter. Never the best player in the league (both will probably retire without an MVP), and for Jeter, never the best player on his team, either. (For Wright, he’s only been the best player on the bad Mets teams).

    So, yes, he will have every record, and I think, if he stays healthy, he may well end up in the Hall of Fame (he has an outside shot at 3000 hits and 400 homeruns), but he’s not a revolutionary figure in the game, as Mo was, and is.

  3. David Wright may be iconic to Mets fans but not to others, the way Rivera has been revered by
    fans of all teams.