Mets Wrap: Suggesting Sandy Alderson Would Tank To Get Better Draft Pick Is Irresponsible

Why is this even a question to the New York Mets?

ALDERSON: Stupid to suggest he would tank.

ALDERSON: Stupid to suggest he would tank.

Yes, the issue of the protected pick surfaced last season when the Mets considered signing Michael Bourn as a free agent. Major League Baseball wrongly ruled in that case.

However, this time, the issue of draft-pick compensation surfaced in relation to the team winning or losing on the field prior to the playing of a game.

There’s a huge difference, which some writers and/or bloggers are clearly ignorant of knowing. It was ridiculously posted on one website – which has close ties to the Mets – that the author wrote Alderson would rather have the Mets lose to be in better draft position.

This writer has been known to waffle and I question the validity of his “insiders.’’ Personally, I have forgotten more baseball than he could hope to know.

After today’s 1-0 victory at Cincinnati, Alderson said the pick be damned.

“We’re trying to build the credibility of the franchise and that goes beyond where we’re picking in the draft,’’ Alderson said.

Good for him.

I don’t always agree with Alderson, but I do one-hundred percent here. There’s not a doubt in my mind.

Personally, if any blogger or writer suggested Alderson wanted to lose, that’s way out of bounds. It’s libelous because it attacks Alderson’s credibility not only as a general manager, but also as a man.

No major league baseball employee – either player, coach, manager or executive – wants his team to lose. It is extremely distasteful to even consider.

It is why Pete Rose, the all-time hit leader, was banned for life. No, Rose didn’t flat out bet on his Reds to lose, but not betting on them to win is close to the same result.

Alderson would lose his credibility if he admitted he wanted to Mets to lose to gain a better pick. If I owned the team I would fire him on the spot if he had. Even if Alderson thought that way he’d be stupid to admit so.

This entire compensation issue is ridiculous for Major League Baseball to even have because it creates the appearance issue of “tanking.’’ And, draft pick positioning based on anything other than pure won-loss records is shameful and nothing more than a gimmick.

In that regard, the National Football League has it right, while the National Basketball Association forever has it wrong. But, less we forget, that’s David Stern’s league and he’s had it wrong for a long time with a lot of issues. The draft lottery is a cheap gimmick that leads to the appearances of teams tanking and a fixed draft.

It has been that way since the Patrick Ewing draft.

Then again, Stern’s league has had a referee found guilty of fixing games.

Like him or not, Alderson doesn’t deserve the poisonous barb of preferring to lose.

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10 thoughts on “Mets Wrap: Suggesting Sandy Alderson Would Tank To Get Better Draft Pick Is Irresponsible

  1. Wow

    You take a lot of shots here

    On a different note Smith ( our #1) was ranked 4 in the gcl

    It’s a long way from queens.

  2. Buster Olney reported other teams are looking at what the Astros have done with envy rather than disdain. Regardless of how accurate this is, the perception is not a good one and Selig needs to get ahead of this before it really becomes an issue.

  3. John,

    I read that comment on the other site and laughed. Gary Cohen even commented on it the other night. Mets fans might not like Alderson or Collins but we are talking about people’s reputation and credibility in the game. It is such a ridiculous statement. Mets fans are tired of losing and we want them to win so let’s sit back and see what Alderson does in the offseason. It will be fun and interesting to see what happens.

    Even though I check the other site a lot I am beginning to really get tired of their analysis and commentary. At times, I wonder if they are watching the same game that I watched.


  4. The only thing I got from Alderson’s proclimation that a protected pick does not matter is its because he has absolutely no intention or signing a free agent that would require compensation.

  5. So compromising the future of the team for four more wins in a losing season is the correct move? If you pull a legit prospect with your 1st round pick that turns into a quality player down the line that allows this team continued success five years down the road you are telling me it’s not worth four losses in 2013? Are you kidding me? Tell me you are against Alderson PUBLICLY stating he wants the team to lose for sake of preserving a pick and not because he (at this point) knows it is a sound strategy. Besides, who is going to be on this team in two years that is going to be affected by their GM’s willingness to accept a few more losses in a meaningless season? Only Wright, Harvey and Wheeler and I doubt any of the three are going are going to be swayed by a GM that won’t even be here in three years.

    Next thing you know we will commend GM that thinks giving out plastic trophies at the end of the season is a great idea because it will boost morale. If we wanted a GM who isn’t looking for envy possible edge over the duration we might as well rehire Omar.

    • Chris: That is not what I said. My point was it was wrong for a media member/blogger to accuse Sandy Alderson, without proof, of wanting to tank the end of the season. Big difference. And, yes, I am very much against the GM publicly stating he wants the team to lose. That is bad on so many levels.-JD