Mets Wrap: Whether They Finish Third Or Fourth, Mets Have Plenty Of Questions

In the grand scheme, we won’t know for years to what degree finishing third or fourth will impact the New York Mets in regards to their draft position and subsequent pick. Will finishing third give them a lesser pick and deprive them of selecting the next Derek Jeter?

Nobody can project with any accuracy baseball draft picks. Even No. 1s have been busts. And, David Wright is right in his line of reasoning it really doesn’t matter where you finish if there are no playoffs?

COLLINS: One of many questions. (AP)

COLLINS: One of many questions. (AP)

However, considering the expectations, the abundance of injuries, and dreadful second-half offense which led from a slide of seven games under .500 to their current position of 13 under, finishing strong the last week, and in third, couldn’t hurt in laying the groundwork for next year.

However, whether it is third or fourth, it will not reduce the number of issues for the 2014 Mets. Sweeping the Phillies this weekend might give them a feel-good confidence heading into the offseason, but does not eliminate their immediate off-season issues:

1) How long will they string Terry Collins along, or will they do the right thing and make an announcement the day after the season finale, or that Sunday?

2) The Mets have been saying for years this is the offseason they will spend, if so, how much?

Will Matt Harvey opt for surgery or go into the season riding a gamble?

Regardless of Harvey’s decision, will the Mets add a veteran starter, because as of now they have just three plus Aaron Harang?

Is there something to worry about after Zack Wheeler was shut down for the year after tightness in his shoulder following Saturday’s start?

GM Sandy Alderson has been trying to build a bullpen for three years. Will this be a fourth?

Will they cut ties with Ike Davis or extend this torturous experiment into next spring?

Should they pass on tendering Davis a contract for 2014, how confident are they in Lucas Duda or do they need to add a first baseman?

Are they confident of Bobby Parnell’s recovery from surgery, or will they feel the need to add a closer?

Will they decide to see what they have in Ruben Tejada in spring training or add a shortstop?

Is their outfield plan to platoon Matt den Dekker and Juan Lagares in center field or have them both play in the outfield?

What is their satisfaction level with Eric Young, knowing if they replace him it will be in left field and as a leadoff hitter?

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8 thoughts on “Mets Wrap: Whether They Finish Third Or Fourth, Mets Have Plenty Of Questions

  1. These are all good questions

    Collins. I think they should extend him I think he has done a decent job. Or go for your dream coach. Whatever

    Harvey. I think he should just get the knife. Not my body tho.

    Ok. You have identified 4 pitchers. Let me also list Mejia, Torres and Montero. Wheeler is a bit of a concern tho.

    I think they will use Ike and/or Duda. Not too inspiring at first. Our draft pick is at least 3 years away.

    Bobby. A huge unknown.

    Tejada/tovar/q. You can always pick up an inexpensive ss.

    I like lagares. I think this is the target. Get a legit of.

  2. I never want to see Terry Collins in a Mets uniform again, he is the face of failure and more failure, and more failure.

  3. They want a manager who will take orders from the front office, turn around, bend over and say, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?” The formerly fiery Terry Collins has been exactly the type of puppet they want there. If they wanted a winner, they have a couple of cheaper alternatives in-house in Wally Backman and Pedro Lopez.

    I was very depressed reading the assessment of what the 2014 team will look like. Duda has not seized his opportunity, but he’s probably in the lead now as he makes a lot less money. They obviously have no regard for Flores and he’ll be bundled off in a trade elsewhere. Murphy may be traded, too, as he’s put up the kind of numbers that a winning team wants. Since we’ve already defined that this team is not a winning one, they can move their leadoff hitter from LF to 2B. Any way you slice it, they need two corner outfielders, a SS and probably a 1st baseman, too.

    Unfortunately all we hear is how they want to bring Professor Loser back for more failure and that their big goal is a veteran starting pitcher when the last time I counted they had 10 in-house options for five slots.

    • I was reading where Wally may leave next year. That Sandy will never want him to manage.

      I am not sure if they don’t like Flores. He has been hurt and so that has taken some playing time. They brought up Tover which is interesting.

      I think Duda has done better. I am not confident he can be our starter though.

      I don’t understand all the ink spilled on signing a starter as I see 3 options in house to fill 2 spots. And we have more around as you say.

  4. I expect the 2014 team to look very similar to the 2013 team.
    Lame ass manager, two major league players, everyone else platoon players.
    I love my team, I hate this organization.

  5. It’s obvious Collins knows he’s getting new contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already been signed. Such obvious should be easily recognizable to anyone paying attention to Collins talk about next season. It should certainly be recognizable to an experienced local writer such as John Delcos.

  6. 1) Let Collins walk.

    2) This team will never spend as long as the Coupons and Sandy the Lapdog are in place.

    3) See after the Fall league if Harvey needs work, and if he does, do it. Better to lose 2014 than 2014 AND 2015.

    4) see #2 above. If they can get one off the scrap heap, then they will add a veteran starter.

    5) The season ended the day Matt Harvey went down for the count, so why not shut down Wheeler and let him rest? They were talking about doing it anyway when he came up, limiting his innings.

  7. 6) Alderson’s been building a House of Cards is all he’s been building. When one of these guys pan out, he gets the cred, but when one fails, nothing is said. All smoke and mirrors…

    7) Trade Davis for someone else’s bust. I would have liked to see them trade him to the Rays for Matt Joyce.

    8) Trade Lucas “The Statue” Duda to someone who can use a designated hitter.

    9) Who needs a closer when you cannot win a game? Hopefully Bobby will be well. Otherwise they can get someone like Shawn Camp to stand on the mound in the 9th. How can they get a new closer when the Coupons do not want to spend and our farm system does not have one ready?

    10) Ruben needs to go.

    11) No platoons right off. Let them compete for the job, then take it away when the winner starts to slump.

    12) Young is a puzzle – not enough power to play a corner outfield position, not on base enough to hit high in the order.

    The real question left off this list is what to do with Murphy. Keep him and play him at 2B, trade him and put Young there, or banish both Ike and Duda and put Murph back to first?