Happy Birthday To Bob Murphy

New York Mets Report and MMO wants to send a Happy Birthday shout-out to the late great Bob Murphy (1924-2004).

“Murph” would have been 89 years old today and I can’t begin to tell you how often I think about him each season. Today’s game has become so noisy and just a non-stop barrage of promos and product pitches the game itself gets lost in translation.

Bob MurphyMurphy hearkens to a time when broadcasters like him, Lindsey Nelson and Ralph Kiner had a profound respect for the National Pastime and understood how the sounds of the game were an integral part of a baseball broadcast.

In 1994, Bob Murphy was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame alongside his former Mets broadcast partner Lindsey Nelson, both were recipient of the prestigious Ford C. Frick Award. Murphy was inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame in 1984.

His wonderful, folksy way about him, always made listeners feel right at home and there was nothing better than hearing his happy recaps after a Mets win.

Murph kept all of us company all Summer long like a good friend. We took him wherever we went whether at the beach, a backyard barbecue, or tucked underneath our pillows during those late west coast games. He was a part of our family.

He loved the Mets and in return Mets fans loved him.

Murph we miss you, Happy Birthday…

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Bob Murphy

  1. I too want to not only say Happy Birthday to Murph but to belatedly thank him for all the great moments he brought into my home and car. He was a part of our youth, our memory of past glories, and with Lindsay and Ralph gave us every reason to believe in the hope of tomorrow. I remember being in my car one night listening to the Mets playing the Phillies in Philadelphia and Murph’s final words after the crazy game was over saying, ‘the Mets win it, they win the damn thing by a score of …’ . He brought into our home glory times, frustrating times, the up years, the down years, but he was always optimistic and upbeat and there were many years when that was very hard to do. Thanx Murph for all the years you brought the memories we have today into our minds and hearts!