Is Tim Lincecum On Mets’ Radar?

What might the New York Mets be wondering as they look into the Giants’ dugout and see Tim Lincecum?

Could they be mulling over the idea of signing him as a free agent this winter? He’ll be pricey, but if the Mets are serious about contending in 2014, they’ll have to pay for pitching.

LINCECUM: Could he be on Mets' radar?

LINCECUM: Could he be on Mets’ radar?

With Matt Harvey opting for rehab over the next two months instead of immediate Tommy John surgery, the Mets have no certainties with their young ace. Surgery is still a possibility, and that would mean he would miss all of next year.

At the time Harvey went on the disabled list and surgery was anticipated, GM Sandy Alderson said the Mets would have to prepare to not have him next season.

Perhaps he didn’t want to reveal his true thoughts in front of Harvey in a press conference, or perhaps he didn’t want to come across as being desperate, but Alderson backed off that sentiment yesterday.

“I don’t think it’s going to affect our offseason planning as much as has been speculated,’’ Alderson said. “The one thing we have is a great deal of starting-pitching depth, some of it untested at the minor league level. But we have a lot of confidence in the quality and quantity of our starting pitching.

“So hopefully Matt is part of that rotation next year. But if he’s not, I don’t foresee us working hard to fill his spot from outside the organization.’’

What Alderson should have said is the Mets have “potential’’ starting-pitching depth.

Harvey, of course, is no given. Jenrry Mejia just underwent elbow surgery. Noah Syndergaard isn’t ready, and there’s nothing imminent with Rafael Montero.

By my count, the Mets will go into spring training with a rotation of Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese and Dillon Gee. Tonight’s starter, Aaron Harang, could be invited to spring training and so might Daisuke Matsuzaka. Are you comfortable with those last two options?

They will have to add somebody regardless of what Alderson said and Lincecum could be available. He’s in the final season of a two-year, $40.5-million contract, and the Giants haven’t said anything about bringing him back.

If not the Giants or Mets, somebody will offer Lincecum a contract, and considering what he made this year there won’t be much of a salary cut.

Lincecum was signed to the contract after the 2011 season, in which he went 13-14, but with a 2.74 ERA and having worked 217 innings. The feeling it was due to a lack of run support.

Lincecum was 10-15 with a 5.18 ERA in 2012 and a drop to 186 innings. He has thrown 184 so far this season while going 10-13 with a 4.40 ERA. Both this year and last there were reports his velocity is down. Even so, something had to be there to throw a no-hitter.

There’s some sentiment a change of scenery might benefit Lincecum, who is only 29. The flip side reported in San Francisco is the Giants might sign him for one year plus a team option.

Of course, the Mets might offer the same. They might have to.

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8 thoughts on “Is Tim Lincecum On Mets’ Radar?

  1. Slowly step away from the whiskey! Why would the Mets even consider such a risky proposition as Tim Lincecum? This would be worse than Jason Bay’s contract. At least wasn’t broken before he got to the Mets. I disagree with your doom and gloom take on last two spots of Mets rotation. Syndergaard is ready but Mets won’t bring up until June to save money not because he is not ready. Any combination of Mejia, Montero, DeGrom and potentially Syndergaard for final two spots in rotation is fine with me. The Mets should not even consider such a high risk player as Lincecum. Tim Hudson, Phil Hughes, or Jason Vargas are all much better options than Lincecum.

  2. If Harvey isn’t ready next year, the Mets can potentially need one veteran starter. Why are pitchers like Mejia, Montero and Degrom being ignored? I know they haven’t pitch in the majors yet but all have the potential to do so and with spots open, why not let them have the first chance at it?

    If the Mets are to sign a veteran pitcher, they don’t need Lincecom whou would be expensive. Josh Johnson could be available too. Chris Capuano, Kazmir, etc.

    What the Mets really need is to spend 30M wisely.
    Sign Beltran 2 year 26M to play RF
    Sign Byrd to 2 years 5M and play him in LF
    Sign Peralta 2 year 8M SS
    11.5M left for that veteran starter trying to re-establish his value, BP arm or FA 1B.
    1B becomes a competition between Ike Davis, Duda, Flores, Brown, Satin.

  3. I hope Dice K is gone after this year and Torres is back in the bull pen next year? Harang is interesting and Montero should be ready out of spring training unless the super 2 is a factor and Mejia had an operation to clean out bone chips not TJ surgery so he should ready to go next year too! That’s Wheeler, Niese, Gee, for the top three and Harang, Montero, and Mejia to fight it out for the last two spots unless Sandy signs a FA starting pitcher like he plans too then Harang, Mejia, and Montero would be slugging it out for the fifth spot and of course If Harvey is healthy that would leave
    only one spot available!! If Harang pitches well down the end here I wouldn’t be shocked if Sandy invited him to spring training and he had the inside track and his
    spot in the 2014 rotation was his to loose!

  4. Throwing a no hitter does not equal something being there John. Phil Humber threw one and hasn’t done much since. Homer Bailey has 2, yet he is not considered a top tier pitcher. A guy has a phenomenal night and throws a no-hitter. That does not mean he is worth a huge contract.
    Lincecum is in his 3rd year of declining performance. He didn’t start in the playoffs last year!
    Now, if he was willing to sign for say $10 million for a one year deal, sure. But anything over that wold be foolish. Spend the money (if there is any) on bats.

    • Ed: I know a no-hitter isn’t a total representation. Unlike Humber, Tim Lincecum has a track record. I just wanted to show an option. By the way, thank you for all your support and comments over the years. I am grateful for your loyalty. Best-JD