Mets Matters: Celebrate When It Is Worthy And David Wright Playing Again

The celebrating the New York Mets did Sunday will be nothing compared to what I will do once I get the kinks worked out of my server. I was down most of the weekend and still having problems. Many thanks to Joe DeCaro for his hard work in getting me online again. His efforts are most appreciated, as is his posting on my site.

The Mets are off today before starting a three-game series with the San Francisco Giants.

Just a few thoughts about the weekend series with the Marlins to get caught up:

* Sunday’s celebration was a bit much. And, the shaving cream pie has to go. When you’re in a pennant race, fine, show the joy. But, when you beat the worst team in the majors and arguably your goal is to not finish twenty games below .500, it’s a bit much.

* Dillon Gee pitched another stellar game, and although he isn’t as dominant as Matt Harvey, he has been the Mets’ most consistent pitcher this year. He would easily have 17 victories, and could be closing in on 20, if he pitched for a team that scored some runs.

* David Wright wants to play before the season is over. He has nothing to prove by doing so, and I hope he’s not taking an unnecessary risk. But, his work ethic and desire to play is something to be admired and respected. Let’s hope his teammates are taking notes.

* Several times over the weekend I heard about trading for Giancarlo Stanton. It would be great to obtain such a bat, but it’s a dream. With Harvey’s injury has put a roadblock on trading their young pitching. Plus, can you really see the Marlins trading their best talent within the division? I can’t see that happening.

* I agree with Joe wholeheartedly and don’t believe the Mets should be shopping Daniel Murphy. Yes, there are better second basemen, but Murphy has improved defensively. He’s played well enough defensively to the point where that position is not a priority. The Mets have too many other holes that must be fixed before addressing second base.

* The Mets’ bullpen has been hot and cold this season, but it has performed well in long stretches, enough to where there doesn’t have to be a total rebuilding in that area. And, I’ll say it again – bring back LaTroy Hawkins.

* Kirk Nieuwenhuis has been injured, and when he’s been healthy he hasn’t taken advantage of his opportunities. With Juan Lagares and Matt den Dekker, Nieuwenhuis might be off the Mets’ radar in the future.

* For the second straight year, the Mets’ offense has stumbled in the second half. There has been no mention of replacing hitting coach Dave Hudgens, but you would think that would be considered.

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7 thoughts on “Mets Matters: Celebrate When It Is Worthy And David Wright Playing Again

  1. The idea of trading Murphy (which doesn’t really thrill me, BTW) isn’t about the need to upgrade at 2B. It’s about whether the Mets are willing to include him in a trade to net them something even more valuable. Other things being equal, I’d like to keep Murphy, but obviously he is not untouchable and if the Mets were to include him a package to get, say, Carlos Gonzalez (not that I’m saying that is going to happen), I couldn’t really argue.

    • acoustic: Mets’ fan unplugged? Yeah, I’d trade Murphy for Carlos Gonzalez, too. You’re right, Murphy would have to be part of a package. I should have been clearer on that.-JD

  2. I don’t get the hate for the celebration. I mean, so what? Yes, this season has been a disappointment, and yes, they were beating one of the few teams with a worse record than they have. But that means they can’t be happy they won, and dare to show they’re happy? I don’t want emotionless stiffs just playing out the string. I don’t think anybody does.

  3. I agree

    Kirk is done. He has been hurt and hasn’t made the progress I would have hoped. Lagares is a better fielder anyway.

    I kinda like the pen. Especially with Familia coming back. I am concerned with Bobby tho.

    I saw Stanton crank one this weekend, I want him. He would be great! It is not as though we have never gotten a power hitter from Florida before..