Mets Wrap: Dillon Gee Hammered; Some Positive 2014 Signs

In watching the New York Mets Tuesday night what struck me most wasn’t how much the Nationals torched Dillon Gee, but all the empty seats. All that green, along with the upcoming promotion for knit caps screams winter is coming.

Gee wasn’t himself with his command – especially the version who seemingly owned the Nationals – and dug himself into an immediate hole the Mets’ lackluster offense couldn’t overcome.

GEE: After Jayson Werth homer.

GEE: After Jayson Werth homer.

The Mets were 2-for-9 with runners in scoring position and stranded seven in the 6-3 loss. The Mets obviously had enough offense to threaten, but it was the same old story of not getting the clutch hit.

Offensively, the Mets have been aggressive on the bases, so it is hard to question the decision for Matt den Dekker and Eric Young to run only to have them cut down.

“We haven’t been hitting the ball out of the park lately,’’ was manager Terry Collins rationale for the attempted steals.

Even if David Wright and Ike Davis – the Mets’ power entering the season – were in the line-up it is a good thing to see them run. They’ve been doing it all season, and manufacturing runs is a must in any lineup.

On the plus side, Vic Black had a perfect inning out of the bullpen. The Mets need to take a long look him in the wake of Bobby Parnell undergoing neck surgery earlier in the day. Understandably, the Mets did not release a timetable for Parnell, but as with Matt Harvey, they have to assume they won’t have him, at least in the first part of the season.

On a down note, the Mets lost Justin Turner indefinitely with a strained hamstring.

Although they didn’t produce, I liked the combination of Young and Juan Lagares at the top of the order. When you have a weak offense, bunching speed at 1-2 is the way to go.

The Mets opened the season with questions from left-to-right in the outfield, but it isn’t hard to envision Young-den Dekker-Lagares next season.

Den Dekker contributed a two-run single going to the opposite field, which is a good sign. Collins said he’ll eventually hit for power, and there’s no question about his defense. Lagares also plays a strong center field, but has a right fielder’s arm.

The Mets say they want to add a power-hitting outfielder, but considering the loss of Harvey and indefinite loss of Parnell, adding pitching is the priority.

If the Mets can’t add a power bat in the outfield, they have to concentrate on pitching and defense – and hoping for the best from David Wright and Ike Davis.

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4 thoughts on “Mets Wrap: Dillon Gee Hammered; Some Positive 2014 Signs

  1. I can’t see Young – Legares – Den Dekker next season. Just not enough offense. Den Dekker is not a starter. Young may not be a starter. The jury is out on Legares depending on if his bat has improved enough.

    They will need to find an OF bat in the offseason. We don’t have much in the minors that is close. The biggest name is Puello and he was caught up in the PEDs thing in Florida.

    • dave: I can live with the Young, Lagares and Den Dekker outfield if the latter hits, and David Wright and Ike Davis can produce. It would be a very good defensive outfield. However, I do see them making a play for a bigger bat.-JD

  2. If the Mets are truly ready to make this team into a viable playoff team then when the money comes off go get the 1b from cuba that just came over and sign Choo that gives us an immediate and legitimate middle of the order and we then could keep the kids in the outfield to run down everything and I would package murphy and 1-2 pospects to get more young pitching and give 2b to either Eric Young or Wilmer, we lived through murphy at 2nd because he could hit and we could do it with Wilmer because I believe he has more offensive potential, more power and can drive in runs, I would like to know what you think

    • Ike: Thanks for your comment. As of now they are giving Davis another shot, and if not him, then Duda. I don’t see them going outside for a first baseman. … Who is the young pitching you want to package to Murphy. It would have to be an American League team so Murphy could get DH. … I believe the Harvey injury changes a lot of things. If the Mets spend this winter, they’ll have to go after a pitcher, which wasn’t a priority before he went down. They’ll also need to look for bullpen help. … I had hoped Wilmer would get a look at shortstop, but there are range issues and that won’t happen. … Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Murphy because they have other issues. If Murphy is traded, second base would have to go Wilmer. … Thanks so much for your comment and I hope you’ll continue to visit. Best.-JD