Ike Davis Could Remain With Mets

ESPN reported the New York Mets would tender Ike Davis a contract for 2014, largely because not doing so would cost them a compensatory draft pick.

Davis is making $3.1 million this year, and through the CBA, can’t be offered anything higher than a 20 percent pay cut. Reportedly, the least Davis would make is $2.4 million, which isn’t bad for nine homers and 33 RBI.

The reason GM Sandy Alderson delayed sending Davis to Triple-A Las Vegas was because of the promise of a breakout second half, which, of course, never happened.

Non-tendering a contract would have meant no compensation, so what Alderson is doing is essentially buying an insurance policy, with the worst-case scenario being forced to endure another year of non-production.

In keeping Davis, the Mets would go into spring training of him and Lucas Duda competing for the first base job.

Currently, the Mets are about getting whatever they can, which is what they did in the John BuckMarlon Byrd deal, their reasoning with Davis, and why, despite the foul taste it gave them, they recalled Frank Francisco.

Despite all accounts but Francisco’s, the Mets believed he dogged it during rehab, he was pitching in the major leagues Sunday.

It was a last ditch effort to showcase him to a contender desperate for bullpen help, even though Francisco would not be eligible for a postseason roster.

Francisco is owed $745-thousand for the remainder of the season, which isn’t much, but better than nothing.

METS MUSINGS: Among the Mets’ call-ups is 35-year-old pitcher Aaron Harang, who might get one or two starts to serve as an audition for a spring-training invite. Harang went 5-11 with a 5.76 ERA in 22 starts with Seattle. Harang will likely pitch Saturday in one of the games of the Mets’ doubleheader with Miami. … David Wright could be with the Mets this week, but he’s not ready to play. … RHP Matt Harvey will receive a second opinion this week from Dr. James Andrews on his elbow, and after which could decide on Tommy John surgery.

METS PROBABLES vs. Washington at Citi Field:

Tonight: RHP Carlos Torres (3-3, 2.89) vs. LHP Gio Gonzalez (9-6, 3.49), 7:10 p.m.

Tomorrow: RHP Dillon Gee (11-9, 3.53) vs. RHP Jordan Zimmerman (16-8, 3.30), 7:10 p.m.

Wednesday: RHP Zack Wheeler (7-4, 3.38) vs. RHP Dan Haren (8-13, 5.23), 7:10 p.m.

Thursday: LHP Jonathon Niese (6-7, 3.86) vs. RHP Tanner Roark (5-0, 0.94), 1:10 p.m.

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9 thoughts on “Ike Davis Could Remain With Mets

  1. Maybe it’s semantics, but non-tendering Ike wouldn’t technically “cost” them a draft pick. As in they wouldn’t “lose” a pick if they let Davis go, they just wouldn’t receive one if another team signs him (as they would in some cases if he left as a FA). So it’s kind of an extended version of the “don’t want to lose him for nothing” rationale.

  2. I am not clear as to why they brought Francisco up. If he is poison as the charges have been made why bring him up to bolster his case for next season? Better to let him sit in Florida or just cut him.

    • dave: If they cut him, they’ll still have to pay him. They owe him roughly $750-thousand for the rest of the season. Maybe they are thinking a contender will take a chance and trade for him.-JD

  3. If Ike Davis remains on the team, where does Wilmer Flores play? Especially if Lucas Duda stays to remain Davis’s competition? It seems counterproductive to Flores’s future (unless he was traded which may or may not happen). If you shift him to 2B, losing Murphy does worse to this line-up than losing Davis or Duda. They can keep Duda as competition for Flores. And Satin and Turner on the bench. Flores seems the more worthwhile risk. Also, in arbitration Davis will give his number and they’ll likely hit a middle point, so 2.4MM isn’t happening.

    • Tom: Sorry for the delay in responding. … I had proposing playing Flores and first and not bringing back Davis. That won’t happen. It also won’t happen playing him at shortstop, but the label on him is a lack of range. I’d rather have his lack of range than Tejada’s lack of attitude. As of now I can see a Flores-Murphy platoon at second.-JD

  4. Exactly applesauce. The don’t want to lose him for nothing rationale doesn’t make sense to me in this situation. Because why give 9 HR 33 RBI 4-5MM generously, next year? For the hope he becomes the player he once was? Even if he did rebound in 2014, what is to say he doesn’t regress in 2015? He is too questionable and unreliable. First half of 2012 sucked, second half great, first half of 2013 sucked, second average with no power and hurt. I only say hold him if Flores is traded, because Ike still might be a better alternative than Duda. Especially defensively.

    • I think the reasoning makes sense. $4-5 mil shouldn’t be a deal breaker for them.

      If they had another good option for 1b then maybe it would make sense to drop Ike, but as of now they don’t. I actually am a fan of Duda, but I don’t know if I’d give him the job outright either. Ike shouldn’t stop the Mets from acquiring a better 1b if that guy is out there, but I don’t think they should drop him unless they have a better option in mind. And at this point I don’t think Flores qualifies as a better option. If they want to trade Ike that is one thing (though I wouldn’t imagine he’d have a a lot of trade value at the moment) but just a straight non-tender would be unwise IMO

  5. John…I don’t believe Davis has necessary six years to qualify as draft compensatory-type free agent. Under CBA Mets can offer him a 20 percent cut in pay and he could accept or take them to arbitration. By not offering contract or accepting arbitration, Mets would lose Davis without getting anything in return. Cheers — Henny