In Retrospect Mets Made Right Call In Passing On Michael Bourn

Watching the New York Mets this weekend in Cleveland reinforced the adage the best deals are the ones you don’t make.

The Mets were heavily criticized last winter for their choice not to sign free-agent outfielder Michael Bourn from Atlanta because they didn’t to give up the compensatory draft pick.

Bourn was supposed to give the Mets the leadoff hitter they lacked plus a defensive anchor in center field. For the first two months of the season the Mets lamented not getting Bourn as they went through ten leadoff hitters before settling on Eric Young, and used eight center fielders with Juan Lagares having the inside track heading into spring training.

As for Bourn, the Mets didn’t miss his .263 average with five homers, 40 RBI, paltry .317 on-base percentage and 22 stolen bases.

n the end, the Mets waited, filled two voids and saved themselves over $40 million in the process.

SECOND OPINION FOR HARVEY: Perhaps the most important decision to impact the Mets over the next two years will whether Matt Harvey will proceed with Tommy John surgery.

Harvey’s initial thought was to rest in the hope he’ll be ready for Opening Day 2014, but conventional wisdom dictates surgery. In that regard, a decision could be made as soon as this week after an exam with Dr. James Andrews.

The sooner the surgery, the sooner the rehab and the sooner the return, but it isn’t expected to be before the start of the 2015 season.

MORE CALL-UPS: The Mets are expected to include Ruben Tejada in their latest group of call-ups. Tejada his .288 with 24 RBI at Triple-A Las Vegas.

Outfielder Mike Baxter and catcher Juan Centeno are also expected to be brought up.


Eric Young, LF

Daniel Murphy, 2B

Josh Satin, DH

Lucas Duda, 1B

Justin Turner, 3B

Juan Lagares, RF

Matt den Dekker, CF

Anthony Recker, C

Omar Quintanilla, SS

Daisuke Matsuzaka, RHP

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2 thoughts on “In Retrospect Mets Made Right Call In Passing On Michael Bourn

  1. I agree. It was good we did not sign.

    With all the criticism he was scheduled to make a lot of money. Also since the plan was that we would not be good for a few years what is the point of getting a player who has played for 10 years who arguably won’t be that good when you actually need him? We already signed David to the huge contract to satisfy the fans.

    In the end we got what is considered one of the best hitters in the draft for 1B that we currently have questions about filling. True Smith won’t be ready for 3-5 years. But we needed to fill out our minor leagues and he is a big part of that.

    We struggled this season and found out that Legares may be one of the answers to our OF questions for the future. We also lucked out and picked up Byrd for cheap who gave us the power we needed and was flipped for a middle infielder who by all accounts is another minor league talent.

    I don’t know what impact Young will have for us in the future. But right now he gives us speed and defense.

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