Mets Should Already Have Several 2014 Answers In Place

The New York Mets say they are using September to gather information for their 2014 preparation.

All clubs not printing playoff tickets are doing the same. However, if the Mets were truly honest, you must believe they already have several answers:

Terry Collins: Quit the suspense, just announce it already that he’s returning. Based on what he’s been given, he’ll get another year. Maybe two.

COLLINS: He's coming back.

COLLINS: He’s coming back.

Ike Davis: After several years of non-production, interrupted by last season’s strong second half, and power drought following his return from Las Vegas, the Mets must know what direction they are leaning. GM Sandy Alderson said the roundtable discussions pertaining to Davis would occur after the season, but they must know the strapping first baseman will not be tendered a contract.

Daniel Murphy: Despite their posturing with Wilmer Flores and others, the Mets know replacing Murphy is not high on their priority list. The Mets’ needs far outweigh finding another second baseman.

Ruben Tejada: They’ll bring him to spring training, but if they were smart it would be with a one-strike policy. It’s one thing to have a poor season, but it’s another to have an “I don’t care,’’ attitude to go along with it. If Tejada doesn’t care, than neither should the Mets.

Wilmer Flores: With his shortstop range suspect, but how would we really know, since they never tried him there, what’s up with Flores? The organization has to know first base is where he should land.

Travis d’Arnaud: They got a picture of their future catcher, but it was a postcard, not a panoramic view. However, it was large enough for them to trade John Buck. Even so, they’ll likely bring in a veteran catcher.

Eric Young: He solved their leadoff spot vacancy, and that’s reason enough to bring him back. The team never looked so alive as when Young was running the bases.

Juan Lagares: In the absence of signing a power bat in the outfield, Lagares will start next season. The question is whether center or right? Matt den Dekker is better defensively in center, but him, Lagares and Young produce little power. Outside of Young, the only outfield certainty is it won’t include Lucas Duda.

Matt Harvey: Despite Harvey’s wishful thinking, the Mets know he won’t be in their rotation. They can’t push Harvey to surgery because that would be bad form, but deep down they know.

Zack Wheeler: They know they got a good one in Wheeler. Presumably, they already know they will monitor his innings. Unlike how they handled Harvey, they should already have a plan in place, and it should be to skip one start a month. That puts him at 28 for the season and a potential savings of 54 innings.

The rotation: Adding a veteran starter or two is essential. Daisuke Matsuzaka will not be an option. They should also have a tentative timetable in place to promote Rafael Montero. They had one for Harvey and Wheeler; Montero will be the same.

Jenrry Mejia: Considering his effectiveness as a starter, and now the void in that role, Mejia needs to go back to starting after he’s recovered from surgery.

The bullpen: Again, they know there will be an overhaul as LaTroy Hawkins, Scott Atchison and perhaps Pedro Feliciano won’t be back.

It will be another long winter, but the Mets should already have their plan in place.

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8 thoughts on “Mets Should Already Have Several 2014 Answers In Place

  1. They won’t announce TC coming back because they can’t afford to alienate anyone from coming to the park. Tc is the face of abject failure, I don’t think he’s a good manager but if he does have to manage it’s in the AL where they don’t manufacture runs. Bringing back TC tells me they don’t expect to do anything for the period of time he’s here.
    It seems they will bring back Duda and Davis, the team will look much the same and that’s a shame.
    Young, while bringing speed…(why did we let go of Reyes), looks horrendous at the plate.

  2. For next year we have in our rotation
    We need one arm that could be filled by any number of guys in AA or AAA. Montero does not HAVE to be that guy although it seems as if he is close. Thor should start in AAA next year and should be up by September. Perhaps we get a veteran but considering the cost and effectiveness of what we got in the past few years I am not sold that getting a cheap veteran arm is better than Degrom, Schwinden or even Torres.

    Duda is making a case that he can play 1B for us next year

    I don’t know where Flores fits with us. He has a nice bat and is done with AAA. But his glove is not very good. We can’t put him at 3rd, Duda may lock up 1st he is not better than Dan at 2nd ( NL player of the week who has nice doubles and hits numbers league wide ) and cannot play ss; at least the team decided that some time ago when they pushed him to second base as the criticism of him is athleticism/range/etc.

    We will need a veteran backup catcher. There is nothing behind d’Arnaud for a few years at least.

    I like Young. As you say he is exciting on the bases and can play the field. The question is can he hit?

    I like Legares over Den Dekker in CF. I think he plays a very good CF and has a very nice arm which I don’t think Den Dekker has. I also think he hits better than him. I think Den Dekker is a 4th OF at best. Nice defense and not much else. Legares needs to get better at the plate but he has gotten better. I do not see that from Den Dekker. Also Legares can cover the field and throw that ball. I do not recall Den Dekker throwing anyone out at home.

    • dave: Not sure about Mejia in the rotation as he’s coming off surgery, too. Think den Dekker is better defensively, but Legares has more offensive upside.-JD

      • I list Mejia simply because they are getting rid of bone spurs. I am assuming that getting rid of the irritant and months to heal will have him ready for next year. I may be wrong, but that is my thinking.

  3. Can somebody tell me why Andrew Brown is not playing everyday? We have a guy who has a ton of power and is hitting and driving in runs but playing only a little. I understand playing Lagares and Den Dekker. Can Brown play 1st? I thought he has previously played there before. Brown is a little older but never got a shot to play with the Cardinals and Rockies. There was a recent article I read (I think SI) where it talked about some players figuring out when they are a little older, ie Chris Davis, Jayson Werth.

    • I would never compare Andrew Brown to Chris Davis….for one the age… Chris Davis is 27 this year having this monster year… but its not like he stunk last year.. 270/326/501 33-85.. dont get me wrong no one could have predicted this season… but the dude did hit 17 hrs as a rook and 21 his second season he also destroyed the minors…the Werth comparison is better except that he was a 1st rounder.. so he was a disappointment before turning around his career in his late 20s… I think the mets look at Andrew and say if he started everyday he might hit somewhere from 230-260 and hit 12-19 hrs and play a solid OF….personally with 22 games left i want to see Lagares and den Dekker start 19-21 of them…. i would have no problem with EY Jr getting 9-14 starts .. but if TC was going to do something like that i would like a couple of those games to have Satin or Torres in the OF what terry has no interest in doing….. I doubt terry would sit EY for Brown more than once…id be shocked if Brown got more than 11 starts the rest of the season.. but we shall see … if you tell me only those 4 OFs are playing the rest of the season id say EY JR 21 games.. Lagares 20 games.. den dekker den dekker 17 and brown 7(8 if dh today)