Could Be Time For Mets To Cut Tejada Loose

A team will often speak to a player through the media, which the New York Mets appear to be doing with the potentially talented, but often moody and sullen shortstop Ruben Tejada.

Appearing on WFAN, GM Sandy Alderson said it was “like pulling teeth’’ to get him to do extra work, which is absurd.

I, for one, will simply yawn when the Mets decide they’ve had enough of Tejada’s sorry act and cut him clean.

Remember, the Mets are a building team trying to establish a new culture, and that culture doesn’t include not hustling; not thinking about what you’re supposed to do when the ball is hit to you or about the hitting situation; or laziness.

What Tejada doesn’t understand, or care about, is the coaches are there for him. If he wants to field extra ground balls or work in the batting cage, all he has to do is ask.

I won’t insult David Wright or any other hard-working Met by comparing him to Tejada.

I wrote the other day the Mets should play Tejada for the rest of the season, but I was clearly wrong. If management still believes after his lengthy stay in the minor leagues that Tejada’s head isn’t on straight, there should be no more chances.

The Mets need production from Tejada, not for his mood attitude to pollute the atmosphere and culture the Mets are trying to establish.

I don’t want to hear anything about Tejada having a rough childhood, or a language misunderstanding. Playing major league baseball is not a right, but an earned privilege.

If Tejada doesn’t want to put the work in, get rid of him. It’s not as if the Mets will be losing anything. There are dozens of players who would be eager to take his spot, and one of them could be better.

Alderson also said Matt Harvey’s injury will have the team dipping into the free-agent market, which is an obvious sign the Mets aren’t expecting him back. Alderson also said the injury, which is up to Harvey to decide on surgery, could force the Mets’ hand and bring up prospects Rafael Montero or Jacob deGrom.

He didn’t say anything about innings counts.

Finally, it was reported the Mets will wait until the off-season before debating what to do with Davis.


The Mets have long known about Davis’ contractual status and should have an idea by know. Same with Tejada.

The winter isn’t that long.

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14 thoughts on “Could Be Time For Mets To Cut Tejada Loose

  1. For a team like the Mets that are looking for young talented players, I can’t disagree more than to cut bait on a 23 year old shortstop that has proved he could do it in NY and in the majors. Agreed give him a switch kick in the pants or several for that matter but some players don’t “get it” right away. If our alternative is Quintinlla (a nice back up) I’ll pass and by a bigger pair of shoes and continue the pants kicking. The Mets already have some other needs and to add shorts stop to the list is not a great idea.

      • I am just looking at the facts – the Mets don’t have a SS alternative in house – now they are talking about the need to go out and get a pitcher – we need an established outfielder or two – and you know the organization will not spend close to the cash available this off season to fill needs. I think that giving Tejada at 24 one more shot makes sense. If he can get back close to 2011-12 level of production and he is still not working as hard as they like – he could fetch a very useful piece next July at his age and salary.

  2. After listening to SA yesterday, it already feels as if we are going to bring back the same team and same manager

    • And why not Hawk. They’re playing over 500 ball since they were 25-40. They’re young and things are starting to fall in place. Lots of young players are knocking on the door. They are a team on the rise. Lagares and den Dekker in the OF with a new guy with some pop, a shortstop who fields the position really well, and some new guys like Familia, Black, Letherstick, Edgin, Gonzales in the Bullpen and this team is ready to rock and roll.

  3. It seems Duda is auditioning for 1b
    He is playing a lot

    It doesn’t look good for Ruben. I guess we will have another ss next year.

    I get the feeling that thir and Montero will be in AAA next year. I wonder if we will acquire a veteran pitcher. I don’t believe that is a priority. We have arms. Some are not great but we have arms. What we need is a better OF, 1B, SS. We may be able to fill the bench with our young guys. I wonder what they will do with Wilmer. He needs work in the field. Nice bat tho.

  4. All this is, is a game that the Mets are playing. If you want a player to do something, then tell him to do it. The mets want tejada to do extra and optional work. Not all players are the same just be staight up with him. Example: A girl wants you to be more loving but doesn’t tell you. If the girl just tells you, instead of guesing what they want, both will be happy.

      • Perhaps you are right.

        A year ago Terry told him to get to camp early to get his work in and be ready. He played great anyway. This year he came in early and sucked and so was sent down. However he was sent down after being injured and there was no backup.

        What leverage does a lame duck manager have when there is no one on the team who can play the position to punish a player who is not performing?