Ike Davis Injury Should Open Door For Wilmer Flores At First Base

With Ike Davis likely playing his last game with the New York Mets because of a strained right oblique sustained Saturday afternoon the Mets are presented a golden opportunity to further get answers for next season.

However, what Terry Collins said he’ll do and what he should do are two different things. Collins suggested Lucas Duda getting most of the time, with Josh Satin sprinkled in and Wilmer Flores to get a look once David Wright returns.

DAVIS: Frustration defines career with Mets.

DAVIS: Frustration defines career with Mets.

No, no, no, a thousand times no. If it is believed Collins retaining his job is predicated not on record, but other mitigating circumstances, Justin Turner should be playing third and Flores should be getting the lion’s share of the time.

One of the primary objectives of the Mets the last month should be determining where Flores could play, and we know it won’t be third base because of Wright. And, it shouldn’t be second because Daniel Murphy is a good enough option.

The only other place I would try is shortstop to evaluate his range. If not Flores, then reinsert Ruben Tejada to see if he learned anything in the minor leagues.

For the most part we know about Duda. He hasn’t shown us anything over the past two years to suggest he’ll give the Mets the consistent power the Mets hoped for.

Davis, it likely will be presumed, is done with the Mets as the team probably won’t tender him a contract and let him talk as a free agent.

First base is a position needing a bat, and if Flores can handle it, he’s the best choice.

Ironically, Davis was injured driving in a run with a sacrifice fly. I know, it’s cruel, but that’s what irony can be. For what Davis produced this season, he was not worth $3 million. He’s certainly not worthy of a raise.

GM Sandy Alderson would not speculate on Davis’ future with the Mets, talking yesterday in typical GM-speak: “You have to take into account the entire body of work, as abridged as it might be. It’s what we have available to us and what we’ll use to evaluate him and where we are going into next season.’’

Davis said the oblique had been bothering him for months, but subsided recently. He would not say if the injury had been reported and he was receiving treatment.

Considering the nature of Davis’ tenuous position with the Mets, one would understand him being quiet about an injury, but if true it wouldn’t be any less stupid.

Injuries, if you’re a Met, always come to the surface. In this case, if handled properly, it could give the Mets an answer looking ahead.

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6 thoughts on “Ike Davis Injury Should Open Door For Wilmer Flores At First Base

  1. Not that I have any inside info, but I’m not convinced Ike is going to be non-tendered. I think it would take the Mets finding a legit, definitive answer at 1b in order for them to let Ike go for nothing. But onto the “who should play in Sept” thing….

    I think the chances of Duda being the Mets 1b next year are rather slim, but I disagree with your assertion of his production. He had 11 HR in limited playing time…that’d be a pace for about 25 HR over a full year, which is solid HR production, if that’s what you are looking for. He also had a solid .355 OBP (more than 40 points better than the good OBP you referenced Murph having yesterday) and a .784 OPS. That OBP ranks second on the team (behind Wright) among Mets with 200 AB this year and that OPS is third (behind Wright and Byrd). If anything, he -not Murphy – has been the guy underappreciated by the Mets. Though of course there are lower standards for what is considered “good offense” from 2b than that of 1b/LF, so from that standpoint Murph might stack up better.

    I do agree that Flores should get a good amount of AB, but I don’t think it is that crucially important that those AB come at 1b. First base is the easiest position on the infield so I don’t think it’s a concern to see if he can play there at this point…one month wouldn’t be enough to gauge that anyway, especially if he has little experience there. And if he does get some games at 1b, Satin should be the guy getting starts at 3b (pre-Wright’s return) not Turner IMO. We’ve seen plenty of Turner over the years and he’s not particularly good. Satin has done a solid job this year when given the opportunity to play, and there might be some value in further evaluating him for a backup infield spot next year. (though again…I don’t think that much can really be gauged by some Sept games)

    Right now I think they should play Duda at 1b, Flores at 3b, Murph at 2b against RHP. Against LHP get Satin in there (and sit Duda or maybe Murph)…Flores can get starts at 1b then if desired.

  2. Terry you have got to be kidding me? Play Flores everyday at first base and lets see
    if he can handle it? It would also tell us if he needs to go to winter ball and play first
    and if we need to hire Keith Hernandez to work with him at first base in ST! The ball
    boy could do a better job as manager of the mets! If the Wilpons and Sandy really
    wanted to make a statement for the fans and show them they mean business they
    would go after free agents and most of all sign Wally to be the new manager of the

  3. After watching last nights game and seeing Duda bat several times in a row I would much rather see Duda bat then Davis and that’s not saying much. I think the one thing with Duda is he was playing out of position and First base is his natural position. I think this has had an effect on his hitting. His power has seemed to disappear. I agree, lets see what Flores can do at First and play him. I think Davis is shopped very early in the off season if not non-tendered at the deadline. Alderson is all about value and Davis starts making too much money next year for his value to the club. This offseason for the Mets will be very interesting.