What Mets Are Available At Waiver Deadline?

Who do the New York Mets have of value that might help a contender? The player with the most is probably the guy I wrote about yesterday as unappreciated, and that is Daniel Murphy.

Understand, I like Murphy, but for the purpose of this exercise, you have to recognize what others might see in him.

He doesn’t have great power, but can drive the ball in the gaps. He also has a good on-base percentage and ability to extend rallies.

He can play second, first and third, and in the American League serve as a designated hitter.

Murphy said he wouldn’t mind sharing second base with Wilmer Flores, but let’s not kid ourselves, he wants to play. If the Mets are convinced Flores is able to play second and are determined to go in that direction, the Mets should try to get what they can for Murphy.

Another infielder capable of servicing a contender is shortstop Omar Quintanilla, who has more than made up for Ruben Tejada. At 31, he’s not in the Mets’ plans for 2014, so why not see what they can get?

Ideally, they should recall Tejada from the minors and give him the final month to get his act straight. I’d like to see Tejada play now, and if he doesn’t cut it look for somebody in the winter.

Also appealing to a contender might be any one of three veteran relievers, LaTroy Hawkins, Pedro Feliciano and Scott Atchison.

Lastly, the Mets should have been exploring the markets for Ike Davis and Lucas Duda. I can’t imagine the Mets keeping both lefty strikeout machines next season.

Davis has played better since he was recalled from the minors, while Duda has received very little playing time.

The Mets have roughly 24 hours to make a deal with a contender; with any of above players likely to help more than anybody they might recall when the rosters are expanded.

ON HARVEY SURGERY: I have no problem with Matt Harvey talking to players such as Roy Halladay on how they handled their elbow injuries, as long as he understands no two injuries are identical. What worked for Halladay might not work for Harvey.

Whatever he decides, it won’t be for at least another two or three weeks when the inflammation has gone down and he has another MRI.

The worst-case scenario for the Mets is for him to eschew surgery with the hope of being ready for 2014, and then completing the tear in spring training or next season. In that case, Harvey might not be ready until 2016.

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9 thoughts on “What Mets Are Available At Waiver Deadline?

  1. It makes no sense to trade any of those players before the waiver deadline. You will get more for any of them over the winter. Otherwise, you can only get players that other teams are willing to pass on claiming.

  2. Murphy doesn’t have a good on-base percentage – it’s .309, which is subpar at best.

  3. The only players worth trading here are the pending FA’s. Another one not mentioned is Frank Francisco, who despite being injured, could be due back in a week or two and potentially help a team make a postseason push. With the Mets picking up his salary, they can probably at least get a lower level minor leaguer for him. As for Hawkins, Feliciano and Atchison, I doubt they pull back much. Guys like Turner, Rice and Torres may be in the team’s plans next season. Murph can’t get you back as much now as in the off-season, if at all.

  4. Daniel Murphy does not have a “good on base percentage”. It’s .310. It hasn’t been above .320 since mid-June. But anyway, I don’t see the Mets trading him now. He still is one of the better hitters on the team, but probably doesn’t really have much trade value. And I don’t think the Mets are sold on Flores as the 2b. I don’t think now would really be the time to trade Ike either.

    Quintanilla doesn’t have any value. Maybe there is the chance he is moved b/c the Mets don’t really have any need for him. but he’s not going to bring anythnig back

    • applesauce: Agreed, Quintanilla is a bit part. Late inning defense, but that’s of value to a contender. Davis is injured now, and I’d be against dealing Flores until you ascertain his real value. You’re right about Murphy in that his OBP is dropping.-JD