Mets Wrap: Dillon Gee Continues Hot Pitching

The projected leader in victories for the New York Mets was, of course, Matt Harvey, with the second choice Jon Niese. Dillon Gee might have been the third choice at best.

After Harvey cooled, Gee has easily been the Mets’ most consistent pitcher as he picked up a team high 10th victory tonight against Washington in a 3-2 win.

GEE: Stuffs Nationals. (AP)

GEE: Stuffs Nationals. (AP)

Gee continued his impressive run by giving up two runs on 7.2 innings, and received support in the form of a two-run homer from Ike Davis.

In 17 starts since May 30, Gee is ranked fifth in the majors with a 2.49 ERA, trailing Jose Fernandez (1.52), Clayton Kershaw (1.75), Bartolo Colon, (2.39) and Yu Darvish (2.40).

Gee’s reputation has been one of dependability and consistency, and in the absence of Harvey’s early-season domination because of injury and Niese’s erratic season in part from a shoulder injury, Gee is assumed the role as Mets’ ace.

Who would have guessed?

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3 thoughts on “Mets Wrap: Dillon Gee Continues Hot Pitching

  1. I would not have guessed. But I like Gee. His has quietly been really good for us this year. He is a control pitcher without great stuff. But he is effective

      • For whatever reason I really have not seen him pitch this year. I just know that since he was called up he has always quietly had a nice season. He is a control pitcher. Always has been. In the minors he was nothing special. But while Pelfrey and Maine would flame out he would chug along. He would have his really bad games where he would be rocked but then have a very decent game. Something happened this year where he is more effective. I thought I heard his slider or something has improved. He is a nice pitcher. But with what we have coming up I can see him traded to make room for the Montero’s and Thor’s.