Matt Harvey Goes On DL With UCL Tear; Now Comes The Finger Pointing And Questions

The New York Mets should cut Matt Harvey’s innings at 178.1, exactly what it is today after several media outlets reported a MRI revealed a partially torn partially torn ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow.

HARVEY: Special season crashing.

HARVEY: Special season crashing.

I wrote Sunday the Mets needed to devise a definitive plan to reduce his innings, and that plan should now be to shut him down for the remainder of the season. Let’s not assume rest will take care of everything.

Now, comes the questions, and, yes finger pointing.

Did Terry Collins overuse Harvey at the start of the season? Did the plan to implement Harvey’s inning cap come too late, and why didn’t they learn from Washington’s Stephen Strasburg the best plan is to have one at the start of the season?

And, is it not a matter of capping innings, but pitches? Do the Mets even have a definitive plan to protect their young pitchers?

Was Harvey hurting and didn’t inform the medical staff? He said he had he had been dealing with forearm discomfort, but was he forthcoming enough? Did he hold back? Did the Mets know and continued to run him out there in hope for the best?

So many question, and here’s another: Is this just part of pitching, with nobody to blame but fate?

If Tommy John surgery remains on the table, he could miss most, if not all, the 2014 season. So much for making a playoff run next year. If surgery is performed, will it be sooner than later, as to get an idea of Harvey’s return timetable?

Whatever the decision on surgery, it won’t be for at least until after his two-week duration on the disabled list until the swelling goes down. Following that there will be another MRI, perhaps some rehab, and then possibly surgery.

If the Mets are inclined to delay their run at respectability until 2015, how will this impact their 2014 offseason plans? Will they re-sign Daisuke Matsuzaka? Will they go the route of trying to sign an established starter for next year or go patchwork? How will the Mets respond now with Zack Wheeler?

Excluding Johan Santana during spring training, Harvey, who was placed on the disabled list, is the fourth Mets’ starter to sustain a significant arm injury this year. Jonathan Niese underwent shoulder surgery to repair a partial tear in his shoulder. Jeremy Hefner is contemplating a second opinion on surgery, and Jenrry Mejia will undergo surgery to remove bone spurs in his elbow.

Harvey had a MRI today after complaining of fatigue and pain in his elbow after a grueling 102-pitch effort Saturday against Detroit.  He will finish the year at 9-5 with a 2.27 ERA. After a 5-0 start, so much more was expected.

General manager Sandy Alderson said the injury is an accumulative result as opposed to one specific game. “This is not good news, obviously,’’ he said. “This is not a career-ending injury under any stretch of the imagination. We’re fortunate we have a lot of pitching depth in our organization.’’

Yeah, but are any of them as good as Harvey?

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8 thoughts on “Matt Harvey Goes On DL With UCL Tear; Now Comes The Finger Pointing And Questions

  1. While Harvey’s loss would be horrible to the Mets, the reality is there is no SP that is anywhere near his caliber available on the FA market. And even if they were, why would we commit a load of money to a spot that would need to get replaced or require us to trade our young pitching later on? Why are we talking about signing a veteran SP if Harvey missed 2014, when we were talking a week ago about who gets traded (i.e. Niese, Gee, Mejia) to make out the 5 man rotation next season? Even without Syndergaard (whom probably won’t be ready to late 2014 at earliest), a 5 man rotation even without Harvey exist: Wheeler/Niese/Gee/Mejia/Montero. deGrom would be insurance. Going into 2015, Harvey and Syndergaard replace two of them, or one, if you go with a 6 man rotation. Hefner would come back for additional insurance too (assuming he has TJ surgery, which he probably will). Not saying Harvey’s injury wouldn’t suck, but not a great deal you can do about it to react. Not responsibly, at least.

  2. Hey JD – This news really saddened me, any stick in the development of a hopefully future great sucks you know what. The worst part is that even if he does come back, let’s say, late 2014, he may never be the same pitcher he once was. One can look to Terry as a scapegoat, and scapegoat he may be, how many times this year has Harvey looked gassed around the 6th and he’s left him in there for another inning to lose the lead? – Bob

  3. I read how he has been getting treatment since Spring. That does not sound good.

    A lot is made of innings limits to protect players. If he has had issues since spring should they not have kept watch on him the whole season? I understand his performance is outstanding, but this is your future and present

  4. i don’t think you can blame anyone. pitchers get hurt. it could have happened on the first pitch or the last pitch or somewhere in between.
    to look at someone and point a finger is not really productive. he got hurt he will heal and thats the way it goes.