Mets Even Thinking Of Trading Wilmer Flores Is Absurd

All of a sudden, I’ve been reading with head-scratching confusion how several bloggers are suggesting the New York Mets trade Wilmer Flores.

Why? What good would it serve other than just giving away a prospect? What could they possibly get for him now? Their confused reasoning is since the Mets have few position player prospects they should trade their best one. Yup, makes sense to me.

FLORES: Don't even think of trading him.

FLORES: Don’t even think of trading him.

Flores has been with the Mets for just a handful of games, too small a window to ascertain his potential, and also way too tiny for another team to figure out what to do with him or how he could fit into their plans.

The reason the Mets are having a hard time figuring out what to do with him, and only brought him up because of David Wright’s strained hamstring, is because they don’t know where to play him because he doesn’t have a position.

Wright will occupy third base for much of the next decade; supposedly he doesn’t have the range to play shortstop or speed to go to the outfield; and Daniel Murphy is the second baseman for the foreseeable future.

Other teams also see that, and American League teams are reluctant to use young prospects as a designated hitter let alone trade for one to assume that role. Veteran bats caught in a position logjam, or those that can’t play the field, usually end up as the designated hitter.

I’ll bet you can’t name many prospects stuck in the DH role. At least none on a long-term basis.

So, where could Flores end up playing?

I wrote over a week ago he could be a first-base option should the Mets opt not to tender a contract to Ike Davis, who would then leave as a free agent. Assuming the high probability of that scenario, isn’t it likely other teams have reached the same conclusion?

And, given that, wouldn’t a team needing a bat, particularly a left-handed one, wait until Davis is a free agent instead of trading for him? Davis, after all, based on 32 homers last season, has a more immediate upside than Flores.

Trading Flores now is akin to giving him away because nobody – including the Mets – has a real understanding of his value this early in his career.

Flores could have trade value in the future, but not now. His value to the Mets, with Wright most likely out for the rest of the month, is to establish what he can and can’t do.

Even at the end of the season it would be premature to think of trading him. Should the Mets decide to test Flores at first base next year, they would want to play him there during the winter and let him compete for the spot during spring training.

Any move involving Flores prior to that would be a mistake. A knee-jerk reaction to the highest degree.

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10 thoughts on “Mets Even Thinking Of Trading Wilmer Flores Is Absurd

  1. I’m not sure what is so confusing about it. You mention him as one of the top prospects and then say he has no trade value?? If he is any kind of legit prospect, he’d have some trade value. And other teams don’t necessarily need to see him playing at the major league level in order to trade for him…prospects get traded all the time.

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting giving him away or trading him for nothing. LIke almost anybody, you trade him if you get a great offer for him.

    And I’m not sure what your point is about Davis. If they do non-tender Ike (which I don’t think they will or should do at this point) then they can try Flores there. They aren’t going to get rid of both unless they get a great offer for Flores and find another legit option for 1b.

    Also, if the Mets do think Flores is capable of playing a decent 2b (I don’t think they are sure yet) and his bat is really that good…Daniel Murphy shouldn’t be preventing him from playing everyday.

    • applesauce: Of course it is confusing. You don’t address a problem of few player position prospects by trading the one you do have while not knowing his real value. You can’t see that?-JD

      • But what if you can get another position player for him? One that is established, fills a bigger position of need? I don’t think anyone is talking about trading Flores for a pitcher. And as I said, prospects get traded all the time before establishing clear value at the major league level.

        I don’t think the Mets should completely disregard the notion of trading him. Virtually any player can and should be traded for the right offer.

        You seem to want to hand the 2b position to Murph for the next few years, and Wright will be the 3b. The Ike situation is still somewhat unknown. If it is the case that Ike enters the season as the everyday 1b where is Flores going to play? If what you say is true, and he needs to be playing regularly at the major league level in order to establish trade value, how is that going to happen if Ike, Murph, and Wright are all starting?

        I wouldn’t trade him for the sake of trading him. But I don’t think it should be off the table. The Mets should keep their options open in trying to improve the team.

    • Applesauce, you’re absolutely 100% on target. The Mets have invested how many years with Flores? Just to trade him now after the fruits of their labor is starting to pay off? Sends the wrong message to the kids in the farm system., You have the potential of an every day home grown athlete who has All-star potential and is what? 21? Cheaper to tender Davis with a 20% pay cut and give him 1 more year to show he belongs on this team. I seem to recall Keith Hernandez talking about how in the early part of his career he was sent back to the minors. So the team has depth in the infield. Give him the chance to earn a starting position and if he beats out Daniel Murphy for second base what are going to do? Trade him?

      • pete: I overlooked an excellent point you made about how dealing Flores would send a bad message to those in the farm system. Good job. Wish I thouight of it. Hope to see you online again.-JD

      • Yes. Keep Flores and let the boys compete. That is something that has been missing from the team the last few years. Fear that your bad play will get you replaced. Ike is a case in point.

  2. I think the Mets need to keep this guy. His bat is much better than I thought it would be. At the least he makes your bench that much stronger.

    You can put him at any IF position save C and he can hit.

    As for trade. If we get a good your player in return, sure. I don’t know why they didn’t bring him up sooner when we had those injuries. I am wondering if we should trade Murph and let him play 2b. I like Murph’s bat. Presumably others do too. I don’t know if Flores can hit MLB pitching longer term. I know Dan can.

    • dave: When Wright comes back I’d like for them to give him a chance at shortstop to get a better idea of his range. Let’s face it, Quintanilla has been good, but he’s not the future. That being said, I’d take him over Tejada.-JD

      • JD

        Everything I read about him ( mostly on Toby Hyde’s blog ) says his range is just not good enough which is why they pushed him to second. They also said his power was not good enough for the corners and his athleticism is not good enough for the OF.

        I like Q at ss. He reminds me of Santana in the 80’s. OK glove. OK bat. Solid player.

        I think he can spot start at SS. I think he has to be better than Turner. I get the feeling he is not anywhere as good as Ruben is/was.

        • dave: I’ve heard the same, written it, also. But, I’d like to he him try the position. He’s played it in the minors. What hard would it do? Of course, now on a bad ankle it could all be a moot point.-JD