Dillon Gee Continues Roll; Mets’ Rotation Looks Strong For Future

Never mind Matt Harvey for a moment, but the New York Mets must be thrilled with the continued solid production from Jenrry Mejia and Dillon Gee. If this season is about laying the groundwork for the future, then Mejia and Gee are good signs.

GEE: Superb again Thursday. (AP)

                                  GEE: Superb again Thursday. (AP)

Assuming they continue this run for the rest of the season, the Mets could enter the winter without the need to add another starter through free agency.

The Mets have several holes they must fill, and if another starting pitcher is not one of them, there would be resources for use elsewhere.

Gee was strong again today as the Mets completed a sweep of the Colorado Rockies. He is 6-2 with a 2.42 ERA in his last 13 starts, beginning with a May 30 victory over the Yankees. He’s proven durable from last year’s surgery and should go into spring training with a spot in the rotation. Gee got off to a slow start, perhaps attributable to the surgery, but is health is no longer an issue.

Of those 13 starts, 10 are defined as quality, which is giving up three or fewer runs in six innings. As a fourth or fifth starter, the Mets can’t ask for more. Mejia has a quality outing in each of his three starts.

Gee downplayed his numbers to reporters after the game: “I don’t worry about that stuff. At the end of the year, when you look up, you see what it’s been. I try to take it day by day, and hopefully we win the games.’’

The Mets’ pitching as been strong recently, and forecasting to next year, Harvey, Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese, Gee and Mejia comprise a youthful rotation with potential. And, we haven’t even gotten to Rafael Montero.

The Mets began their season with Johan Santana and Shaun Marcum on the disabled list. Marcum is gone and Santana will never pitch again for the Mets. As bleak as that news was at the time, it turned out to be a fortunate break for the Mets.

METS MATTERS: The Mets’ catching is approaching a state of flux with John Buck to shortly leave the team for maternity leave. Buck’s wife was due to deliver several days ago. They could bring up Travis d’Arnaud for the allotted three-day period, or they could go elsewhere in their system. … Lucas Duda, on the DL with an intercostal strain, isn’t close to being recalled, and we might not see him until the rosters are expanded, Sept. 1. … Harvey, who took a liner off his knee Tuesday night, said he’s fine and his between starts routine should not be impacted. … The Mets’ bullpen has a 2.10 ERA dating back to July 1.

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3 thoughts on “Dillon Gee Continues Roll; Mets’ Rotation Looks Strong For Future

  1. Harvey

    That is 8 starters/projected starters in the next year or two.

    They will have to trade at least 2 of them. Have to.

    We have one all star position player in David. We have a catcher that if healthy is projected to be a top catcher. Dan is fine at 2b and Ike seems to be coming around although I just don’t trust him anymore. We have Legares who looks like he might be the answer at cf and young is providing energy in lf.

    We do not have longer term solutions at
    OF ( with posible exception of CF )

    So we have a lot of holes to fill with these starters.

    I haven’t even mentioned Parnell or Familia.

    In making this list we look a lot better than we did in Spring. But we have a lot of holes to fill to put out a quality team.

  2. Agreed on the comment above. We are set for pitching.. My thoughts are:
    1- Harvey
    2- Wheeler
    4- Pick em ( Based on call up in September
    5- Gee

    If the Mets are smart …and If they learned their lesson with Santana and they take queues from watching how Washington handled Strasburg last year we will get regular broadcasts as the month goes on about how Harvey will be limited in his innings. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harvey is shut down and Hefner becomes a long man out of the pen. This would then mean that the lineup would look like Wheeler, Niese, Syndagaard, Gee, Montero and Meija. I am not a big fan of the six man rotation as it takes players out of their routines and players are creatures of habit. The other possibility is to have Harvey skip a start every couple of turns and keep him in the 6 man rotation. This would drastically reduce the innings and allow him to compete for the Cy Young award.
    So I guess the question is what will the Mets do? They need to hold onto Hawkins until Parnell comes back- if he comes back and there are really no other options for a closer right now. Next year will be interesting…

    I think we need to let Ike go after we secure a new first baseman.. liked him but .198 in August- can’t happen again. Unfortunately the free agent crop is slim…Mike Napoli and Michael Morse look to be the only legitimate first base FA’s – 3 years at 6.5 million per sounds nice for either player. Mourneu’s power numbers are down- Youkilis may be a cheap option- not sure what he has in the tank. Maybe the Mets should pick up Mark Reynolds (Designated for assignment last night) to see what he has left? those 48 RBI’s would have helped the Mets.

    I like Legares in the OF but don’t think he is a starter. My thoughts are 4th outfielder. I would leave Eric Young in left. Would like to have Byrd come back as well depending on weather we can get a legitimate power hitter locked up for 3-4 years. Granderson has great power numbers but his average for the most part has been sinking for the last 4 years. Still 40 HRs and 100 RBI’s- Might just be Yankee window dressing- when you have protection you get better pitches. Would still be 7 million a year maybe more. I’d like Elsbury but with Boras as an agent and the good year he is having.. the chances are low the Mets would do a Boras like deal- 5 years 60 million. Maybe Jeff Baker..

    Soo…It seems like the Free Agent class is thin so to get better the Mets may need to trade with a couple of teams for offense. Houston, LA, Toronto, Minn, Baltimore and Seattle all have bad pitching and would most likely be interested in a trade.. Toronto has 2 first baseman..

    Will Sandy trade or grow from the inside out.. The next question… too many questions..

    Have a good one- enjoying the blog..

    • I wonder if we can trade Ike as he actually looks human rather than simply trash.

      I am not sold on Young although I like his energy.

      I think Legares can be a legit CF, but he needs time. He can field. The question is can he learn to hit? This year he has improved a lot. The other side has not adjusted yet.

      I don’t want Granderson. His avg is terrible and hits in a tiny park.