Suspensions From Jordany Valdespin To Alex Rodriguez Bring Different Reactions

One by one the names were read, but only one brought an immediate response from me: Jordany Valdespin of the New York Mets.

The reaction was two-fold. First laughter, because aren’t these supposed to be “performance enhancing drugs?’’ The second was this probably explains a lot about his behavior, which seemingly has been a permanent case of “Roid Rage.’’

VALDESPIN: Yup, he's the man.

VALDESPIN: Yup, he’s the man.

Of the 14 players suspended in Major League Baseball’s purge – that includes the 13 today and Ryan Braun,’’ only a handful have any significance.  The rest, including Valdespin, will fade away into trivia answers.

Braun, because he was the first and had been MLB’s pet target since getting off on a technicality the first time; Alex Rodriguez, because of the contract, it’s the Yankees and the scope of the penalty of 211 games; and Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta because their teams are in pennant races.

The rest? Who really cares? And, for some, I don’t care if it hurts their chances in free agency. Wasn’t Melky Cabrera rewarded with a two-year contract?

The current climate among the players is venomous, particularly towards Braun and Rodriguez. Much of that venom directed at Braun is because he lied, but if the players were honest with themselves, it would be because Braun rolled so easily.

When he escaped the first time it showed the flaws in the system, but also that the appeals process worked. When he caved so easily it gave credibility to Tony Bosch’s evidence, evidence purchased by Major League Baseball.

It makes me wonder if Braun’s “settlement’’ of 15 games longer than the pack was part of a deal, otherwise wouldn’t Bud Selig have hit him with Rodriguez-type numbers?

As for Rodriguez, at 38 and injured, his career is winding down, the rest of this season could be the final chapter of what would have been a Hall of Fame career. Rodriguez has to appeal for several reasons. He said he’s “fighting for his life,’’ but he’s also fighting for the rest of the players who regard him as selfish.

Ironically, Rodriguez’s appeal might be one of the least selfish things he’s done in his career because he’ll force Major League Baseball to show its hand and defend its actions, perhaps in Federal Court, and from there who knows what will become of the Joint Drug Agreement and the scope of Selig’s power.

Currently, it is unlimited, but if Rodriguez’s suspension is overturned or reduce, that’s a correction to Selig’s authority because it must be remembered these players were punished not for failing a drug test, but because of their connection to Biogenesis.

And, we don’t know the depth of that connection.

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5 thoughts on “Suspensions From Jordany Valdespin To Alex Rodriguez Bring Different Reactions

  1. Valdespin surprised me. His name did not come up before. So we have two players, him and Puello, who got caught this round. Puello is the more important name as he is one of our better OF’s and we are weak at that position.

    The issue with drugs is that cheating pays. Look at Rodriguez. Once considered a can’t miss hall of famer. A 5 tool player who could do it all. He is the highest paid player in the game and one of the highest paid players in sports. He did this with help from these drugs. What kind of player would he be without the help? We will never know. So three of the brightest stars from this generation of players – Rodriguez, Bonds, Clemens had help to be the best. All were among the best paid in the game. This is what cheating does for you. This is why it will continue. It is all about the Benjamins.

  2. “So three of the brightest stars from this generation of players – Rodriguez, Bonds, Clemens had help to be the best.”—bad comparison— they were all great before drugs… u can’t teach eye hand coordination nor hit homers unless u connect..clemens cheated after 30 i’m sure

    • Yes. You can repeat that if you want. But to recover from being tired. To have a little more strength, etc.

      Players can do well for a few days or weeks but then fall back down. Look at Buck. He was great for a few weeks…

      This is a game of inches. A little bit faster fastball, a hit lifted one more foot, or coming off the bat a little faster. All MLB players are really good, a little edge goes a long way.

      • Oh and bonds going from 20 -30 hr to 40-50-70 hrs as he gets really old. Not a problem right?