Here’s A Plan For The Mets On How To Use Wilmer Flores

What is going on with the New York Mets and prospect Wilmer Flores? Can we even call him a prospect anymore?

His natural position is third base, but with David Wright on the disabled list they are not bringing up Flores.

FLORES: Could he play first?

FLORES: Could he play first?

It makes no sense unless the Mets have other plans for Flores. Reading between the lines, my guess is their long- range plan could be to play him at first base, which is where he recently worked at Triple-A Las Vegas following an ankle injury.

Reportedly, he’s back at second base, but why? They should play him at first for the rest of the minor league season to see if they have something there.

Flores has played all around the infield, but mostly at second base this season before the interlude at first base. Blocked from third because of Wright, and with Daniel Murphy playing better at second, and concerns about his lack of speed keeping him from the outfield, first base could be the logical conclusion.

Don’t the Mets see that?

It appears the Mets will give Davis the second half to find his way at the plate. If he doesn’t, but Flores shows something at first, their questions could be answered for them by not tendering Davis a contract and go into spring training next year with Flores competing with Josh Satin for the first base job.

Should Flores use the rest of the minor league season – and there’s not much left – to make a positive impression at first base, it will be interesting to see if the Mets send him somewhere this winter to work at that position.

The presumption is Flores can hit, evidenced by his .320 average with 14 homers and 85 RBI with Las Vegas. All that in just 412 at-bats.

Currently, Flores has little trade value, even as a prospect, because other teams also don’t know where to play him. And, American League teams prefer to use the designated hitter slot for veterans who have lost a step, or proven major league hitters stuck in a position logjam.

Flores is neither. The question is: Will he ever be a Met?



The following is the Mets’ lineup for their series finale with Kansas City:

Eric Young, LF

Daniel Murphy, 2B

Josh Satin, 3B

Marlon Byrd, RF

Ike Davis, 1B

Juan Lagares, CF

John Buck, C

Omar Quintanilla, SS

Zack Wheeler, RHP

LINEUP THOUGHTS: There was speculation the Mets would move Murphy to third and play Eric Young at second, but that’s not the case and that’s a good thing. Young and Murphy are settled into their positions, and with Wright out, why make a move that impacts three positions instead of one? … I still like Lagares batting second and dropping down Murphy into a RBI slot. With the way he’s hitting he’s better in the fifth slot than Davis.

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8 thoughts on “Here’s A Plan For The Mets On How To Use Wilmer Flores

  1. Yes, Flores is still considered a prospect. The guy is still only 21 years of age.

    As for his position…they are clearly still working on that issue. His bat would have more value at 2b than it would 1b, so it’s not crazy to see them trying him out at 2b first. I like Murph, but he is not an irreplaceable asset…he’s a league average hitter who plays passable defense. That said, 1b does seem to be a bigger hole at the moment so trying Flores at 1b might be best.

    Flores hadn’t been playing 3b at all this year (played only 1 game earlier in the year), so that is probably why he wasn’t immediately brought up to replace Wright. But in what likely isn’t a complete coincidence he started at 3b last night. So it would appear they are at least considering promoting him. And it would make sense that given he hadn’t played there this year, they’d want to give him some reps at 3b in AAA first before thrusting him to 3b at the major league level.

  2. I question the credibility of anyone who suggests that Satin is something other than a utility player. I hope Davis finds his way, but if not it has to be either Flores, Murphy or someone outside the organization. If this team is going to rely on pitching, good defense is necessary and we need a 2nd baseman who can play the infield not short right filed.

  3. Flores played 3B again yesterday. It seems like they’re trying to get some reps in for him at the AAA level before calling him up. The current Mets front office seems to have a preference for calling up highly-touted prospects on the road to get their feet under them before exposing them to the home crowd.

    Phoenix is just a 55 minute flight from Las Vegas. Mets play the Diamondbacks for a three-game series starting Friday. Just sayin’… :-)

  4. Let us not get carried away with Flores. He has a good batting avg and not much pop. That makes it hard to put him in the OF or the corners. His athleticism is criticized which is why he is not playing ss.

    If he is so hot why did the team not bring him up earlier this year when we sucked? I think that speaks volumes about what the team thinks of him. He should be up here as he has shown he can play in AAA. But he is not here.

    I happen to think Murphy is better at 2B simply because his bat is better. While he is not a whiz at 2b, he is good. Most importantly he is a legit mlb player which can not be said of Flores. If Murphy gets traded to bring in a good OF by all means bring him up and let us see what he can do. But don’t move Murphy so we can have Flores. That makes no sense.

  5. Flores is 21..big deal…bringing up baxter, a proven mediocre commodity is just weak… r telling me they have no one with pop…because they’re lost someone with pop….weak kneed organization