Matt Harvey Spins Into Damage Control

The New York Mets appear to have a prize in Matt Harvey. However, after reading the Men’s Journal story I had to wonder. He couldn’t have meant what he was quoted as saying, could he?

As far a being a Derek Jeter-wannabe, the context was strictly in the pursuing female sense, and as you know, the Yankee shortstop has a bit of a reputation. But, he is Teflon and nothing sticks to him. Harvey doesn’t have that, yet. He may never have it, but at least he’s proving he has the smarts to enter damage control.

HARVEY: Damage control alert.

HARVEY: Damage control alert.

Today, Harvey came out with this tweet: “It really sucks how words get used and completely taken out of context.’’

Yes, it does.

I don’t doubt it is an accurate quote, as these style interviews are usually recorded, but in reading the article there was precious little set-up as to the context of the quote. There didn’t appear to be an effort on the writer’s part to create the scene or ask a follow-up for clarification. It came off as a “money quote,’’ so let’s run with it.

And, if Harvey did try to clarify on the spot, there was no mention there, either.

Harvey isn’t yet a grown man, but he’s getting there. His determination on the mound and work ethic is admirable. It is what franchises want to build around. But, he’s still a young man learning on the fly.

Harvey is having a dream season and appears to love the trappings of being a young star in New York, arguably the best and worst city, in which to be a star. A tip off is having the tabloids chase him around town for photos of him kissing his girlfriend.

Hooray for his model girlfriend, who couldn’t have been happy reading the quotes. Maybe it was after hearing it from her he went into damage control, the way he bears down with runners in scoring position.

I am glad Harvey is trying to rectify things because being a hound isn’t a reputation he really wants. That is, unless he doesn’t mind the whispers or cares about the consequences. If nothing else, if he wants to prowl, at least carry a bullpen in his wallet, or as some athletes and celebrities are doing, carry a pre-sex contract.

It’s Harvey’ love life and he can do what he wants with it, but he would be prudent to calm things down a bit. Harvey isn’t Joe Namath, Walt Frazier or Jeter, for that matter. Not yet, anyway.

NFL great Jim Brown said nothing good happens after midnight, and it is true, especially if one is clubbing in New York. There are those that will always want a part of him, those with a cell phone camera, and athlete-hunting females. Stalking might be a better word.

If somebody on the Mets hasn’t already, they should tell him to tone it down. Somebody always wants a piece of a popular jock, and as composed as he appears on the mound, he’s shown vulnerability off it.

Personally, I don’t care whom Harvey sleeps with or what he drinks. I don’t care as long as it doesn’t interfere with his performance on the mound. So far, it hasn’t. Hopefully, he’s learned something here.

The Jimmy Fallon piece was hilarious, but it won’t be long before that anonymity is lost. And, after midnight is when he’s most likely to lose it.

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8 thoughts on “Matt Harvey Spins Into Damage Control

  1. The issue Harvey had was most likely with the Daily News cover yesterday, with a picture of Anne V in a short tight dress and the headline “SHE isn’t enough Matt? Mets ace wants to bed as many babes as Jeter.” So yeah, his words were kinda taken out of context.
    I’m thinking the kid was most likely trying to say he wants whatever he does to be quiet, like Jeter has been able to do for the most part. The media for years ignored who Jeter was dating/what he was doing. Occasionally there will be a story about his latest actress or model girlfriend. But not all the time.
    He is 23 years old, and wants to have fun. So long as he does his job, and isn’t breaking any laws, let him.

    • Ed: Yeah, I saw that. But, that’s what the tabloids are all about. … I do believe the words were taken out of context. As far as Jeter goes, I remember one magazine doing a statistical breakdown according to who he was dating. Funny, actually. Like I said, I don’t care what Harvey does, or with whom. as long as it is legal and doesn’t impact his play.-JD

    • I don’t know if he was taken out of context, but yeah his girl friend must have been happy he was publicly saying i want more..

  2. dave: Sometimes, boring is the way to go when it comes to things like this. David Wright certainly has it down in that area.-JD

  3. Ah the little bigoted Metsieblittle defend the golden white boy. The guys with the wrong color or accent you bigots go on wr alert.

  4. met a guy in the supermarket who told me i was wrong in preferring gee over Hefner tonight,,, a big home crowd, post all star game buzz, gee-arguably their best pitcher over the last 3 weeks…. wrong, Hefner gets clobbered….

    don’t trust guys in supermarkets who eat ginger scones