Mets To End First Half Standing Pat

The first half of the season for the New York Mets, despite losing their last two games in Pittsburgh, ends today on the plus side with comments from GM Sandy Alderson his intent to keep Bobby Parnell and Marlon Byrd.

Alderson said not to expect a second-half makeover. It would easy to trade either, but doing so would create further holes. Doing so would be taking a step in reverse.

BYRD: Looks like he's staying.

BYRD: Looks like he’s staying.

Regarding Byrd, Alderson told Newsday: “We’re not looking to move Marlon. Obviously, we have our eye on the future, but we want to be as good as we can be this year as well. Now, if what we can get for the future exceeds the value of the present, we’d have to look at that. But we’re not anxious to do it.’’

The Mets entered spring training needing an outfielder, and Byrd has produced 15 homers while playing strong defense. Nobody would be saying anything if he were ten years younger, but production is production, and they are getting it from Byrd. They are also getting a sense of professionalism.

Maybe Byrd will ask for two years in the offseason as Scott Hairston did and the Mets will let him walk. But for now, they aren’t going to do much better.

As far as Parnell, if the Mets are to compete next season as they anticipate, they will need a closer who is an economic bargain. That would be Parnell, who after several stumbles, is finally grasping the brass ring.

“We’ve been looking for a closer for two years. Looks like we’ve found one,’’ Alderson said. “Why would we want to give him away immediately? This is not a guy we’re looking to move, either.’’

If the Mets are blown away with offers for either, they should look at them. But, they shouldn’t trade just because somebody called their phone.

The statement the Mets are making is to see how good they can be this season, so they’ll have a clearer picture of their off-season decisions. Trading what commodities they already have will be taking a step back. And, the Mets have made enough of those in recent seasons.

After Saturday’s loss, the Mets optioned Jordany Valdespin, who was on a 2-for-36 slide, to the minor leagues. With Kirk Nieuwenhuis playing well, and before him, Juan Lagares, plus Byrd and the acquisition of Eric Young, there was less playing time for Valdespin after his failed audition at second base.

The Mets were never enamored with Valdespin to begin with, and it wouldn’t be surprising if we never saw him again. I would suggest trading him, but Valdespin’s value is clearly diminished.

The Mets end the first half excited about Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler, and before long could have two other young pitchers in their short-term plans as prospects Rafael Montero (World Team) and Noah Syndergaard (Team USA) will start in today’s Futures Game at Citi Field. We could see Montero before the season is over.

In addition, 2011 first-round pick infielder Brandon Nimmo is on the Team USA roster.

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14 thoughts on “Mets To End First Half Standing Pat

  1. Who is the bigger joke? Alderson for spewing the same manure that he did in 11 and 12 or you for believing the BS hook line and sinker!

  2. John,

    Alderson is right on here to a point. I have no doubt that the mets will trade Byrd for an arm or position player they think will help them in the future. They have to. The mets are not bringing Byrd back next year. Alderson will have to be a player in the FA market or the fans will revolt. After all the money coming off the books the mets will have to be players for Choo or Elsbury. The Mets need a veteran bat and if they have to overpay Alderson has previously said at times you may have to at certain times and i think this is the time. The one position the Mets need to upgrade is shortstop. This is an area I can see the mets making a trade for. The mets don’t want to say it but right now they are a better team with Young in left and Satin at first. I can see Davis being involved in a trade. He still does not look good. Duda is also in trouble.

    Also, after watching Syndergard pitch today there is no way the Mets should trade him. He will be part of the future rotation. I believe this is a turning point for this franchise. With the money coming off the books this winter lets spend some on the bullpen and get at least one or two to help out.



    • Glen: Alderson said again today he doesn’t foresee them trading Byrd, but he’s a GM and they have been known to change their minds. I don’t know what they could get for him, certainly not a blue chipper. … I’d like to see them make a run at Elsbury. He’d be terrific in Citi Field, but I think the Mets might run away from what he’s asking. … Yes, they need an upgrade at shortstop. Omar Quintanilla clearly outplayed Ruben Tejada, but he’s 31. … Wilpon said there will be money to spend. We shall see.-JD

  3. The Mets should see what they can get for Byrd.

    I heard Valdespin threw a hissy fit when he got demoted. Things happen, Kirk, Ike,etc have been demoted this year and you don’t hear of them blowing a fuse.

    It’s good to care and have emotion, but Valdespin is not that good and he was not getting playing time.

    • Dave: All for getting rid of Valdespin. I think Byrd has more value to them as a player than a trade chip. I want to see how good the Mets can be this year, and that means keeping Byrd.-JD

  4. trading byrd would be ridiculous…what’s more sickening is their first round pick this year was another first baseman…even more sickening is the $$$ NYMFlushing by the Bay r charging for the all star festivities… THE Major market team with a minor league hockey team mentality

    • Joyce: Maybe that tells you the Mets aren’t all that enamored with Ike Davis. … Agree with you on Byrd. We’ve been hearing for two years how they don’t have an outfielder, but Byrd is playing pretty good to me.-JD

  5. I can see Byrd leaving in a package with possibly Davis, Spin, or even Duda for some arms in the bullpen and/or a decent shortstop, but I think it would be ridiculous to trade him for prospects. The guy produces. A LOT. I’d even say if the Mets focus on their bullpen and infield this winter then hey, why not give him two years? It’s not long-term, plus it doesn’t matter what his age is as long as he produces. That’s the philosophy that gave Billy Bean a winning team in ’02. However I do think Alderson should strive for some outfield talent, such as Ellsbury or Choo, in which case Byrd wouldn’t be needed anyway, but I’m in favor of some Free Agent spending and wheeling and dealing for the infield and bullpen and rewarding Byrd with his two years in good faith.

    • Dan: Sure would like to deal Davis, Duda and Valdespin, too. But, who would be stupid enough to trade for them? … Agree they will look to improve bullpen and outfield. Elsbury would be great, but probably too rich for their blood.-JD