Mets Should Hold On Tight To Bobby Parnell

The New York Mets are finally showing signs of life to the point where their rebuilding plan could be believable. So, what should their next step be? Hmmm, according to some they should trade Bobby Parnell.

Unless they are offered a knockout package – that would include the likes of Jackie Bradley – they should hang tight to Parnell.

PARNELL: Keep him.

PARNELL: Keep him.

Because of the save rule, which needs to be modified, the save is undervalued and the stock argument is a closer can always be found.

If that is the case, tell it to the Tigers and Red Sox. Tell it to the Yankees, who, if they haven’t already, will admit to being spoiled after Mariano Rivera retires.

Dave Robertson is the one who will slide into the ninth-inning role for the Yankees next year. But, he will learn there’s a vast difference between being the set-up man and THE MAN. There’s something about the ninth inning with no safety net that changes your perspective. It’s not as simple as measuring the basket in Hoosiers and discovering “it’s 10 feet, the same as in our gym back in Hickory.’’

There’s a mentality shift in becoming a closer and not everybody can make it happen like Rivera. Ron Davis found it a lot harder being the closer than the set-up man for Goose Gossage.

The fact is closers aren’t a dime a dozen. While it seems every team has somebody with 25 or more saves, then why are so many teams still looking?

It has taken time, but Parnell is finally grasping the ninth inning role. He’s spit the bit before, but this year it’s coming together for him and the contenders are noticing.

And, like vultures circling what they perceive as a dead carcass in the Mets’ season, they are waiting for Sandy Alderson to make Parnell available.

However, there’s no longer the inevitability this will be the Mets’ fifth straight losing season. The Mets were 15 games under .500 on June 15, and were losing in the ninth inning the following day when Kirk Nieuwenhuis homered off the Chicago Cubs’ once invincible starter Carlos Marmol.

They have scrapped back to eight games under today. In that span, Matt Harvey has won two games, lost one and had two of his ten no-decisions.

Harvey’s overall year, plus Zack Wheeler’s promise have painted the picture of the Mets being relevant in 2014. Will trading Parnell push them over the top?

No, because if they deal Parnell they will put themselves in position of needing a closer. Trading Parnell tells us the gap to competitiveness is a lot wider.

What the Mets should do is nothing. They should keep Parnell, keep Marlon Byrd and keep whatever other chips they might have and try to make something out of this season.

Will they reach the playoffs? Probably not, but if management lets them play out the season we would get a clearer picture of their needs heading into the offseason.

If the Mets traded Parnell and Byrd, it would signify surrender, which could lead into a tailspin and blur how good or bad they are.

Trading Parnell, or even suggesting it, displays a loser’s mentality.

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9 thoughts on “Mets Should Hold On Tight To Bobby Parnell

  1. I guess it depends on how far away we are.

    If Zack gets it this year and Niese ends up healthy we will have 3 good pitchers in the rotation next year with solid 4/5 support in Gee and Hefner. This will only get better as our other pitchers roll through the system – unless we trade them.

    The problem is the rest of the team. I am not sold on Ike and Q while he has played well this year is not a long term solution. I don’t know what happened to Ruben. We have David and Dan in our infield and someone behind the plate.

    Then of course there is the whole outfield and the pen. Marlon is probably a one hit wonder. He has played well for us, better than expected and we have a young kid in CF. We currently have Young in LF who has given us a spark.

    But while we are climbing to respectability and may no longer be a team that loses 100 games this year what do we have? We have a team with half an IF and no real OF, a pen that almost can be good enough if we can have our starters go deep and no bench to speak of.

    To make Bobby worth something we need a more consistent batting order and a better pen. If this can happen in the next 2 years then keep him, if not trade him so we can get a good SS ( this was supposed to be Ruben ) or a bonafide OF that will be here for years.

    • dave: Just how far away are the Mets? If you like how they are playing now, then keep the team intact just to see where they finish. If you scuttle things now, then you’re not getting a clear picture of where they are. I say this, because outside of Parnell, what can you get for these guys? As for Byrd, maybe he is playing over his head, but if you were told he’d have these numbers at midseason you’d sign up for it.-JD

      • On the other hand closers are not easy to get. However we have
        live young arms in the minors lead by Familia. Can one of them
        be groomed to be a closer in 2-3 years?

        It is not an easy decision. There are a few variables here:

        1) We have a bad team. We have half an infield and no catcher.
        We have no OF and our pen is not good. Can Ruben be a MLB ss?
        Do we have a 1B who can hit, hit for power and field? Can Lagares
        become a legit CF? Do we have an OF in the minors that can play
        in the bigs in 2 years? This means we only need one FA OF. Can
        D’Arnoud play or is he chronically injured? We do not have a lineup.
        We can’t hit and we cannot score. Not just this year but for the
        past 5 years.

        2) We have a legit rotation right now. If Wheeler takes his lumps
        now and Harvey is legit and Niese is not hurt we have a solid
        5 man right now that will play well next year. We also have a lot
        of pitching talent in the minors that will push these guys over the
        next 2 years so we can trade to make the team better. There is
        Montero, Syndergaard, Matz and others. Not all will make it but
        they are exciting and are chips to be used. Either they push Gee
        and Hefner or they get traded. I am not even talking about Familia
        and Mejia.

        3) The above is a tall order. Half the team ( more really ) needs to
        be replaced. Can Ike play for us? Can Ruben? Those two took themselves
        off the team this year. Ruben especially. He was a solid if unspectacular
        ss last year and now he is no where. His glove is no longer good enough
        and he can no longer hit. Ike hasn’t hit in 3 years now and his glove is
        becoming very avg. And he strikes out 200+ times a year and hits below 200.
        That is half your infield right there that you need to replace because they
        just don’t cut it. Then there is the whole OF. Byrd is nice, but he is old
        and will not be here in 2 years. Lagares is very raw and may never be a
        starter. Young is a nice flash in the pan, but I see him as a fourth OF.
        And then there is catcher. Can D’Arnoud be our catcher or do we have to find
        a catcher someplace?

        These questions are why I seriously consider trading Bobby. We have so many
        problems we need to build a team before he becomes relevent. I have serious
        doubts we can build a team in 2 years. He can help us build a team in 2 or 3
        years and there have been teams that have won with a rotating closer.

  2. If as it seems we are 2 years away from being part of the contender crowd then I say we should hold onto Parnell. As the past as shown with getting a K-rod or a Francisco one of the hardest things to find in baseball is a reliable, dependable closer. If the development of Bobby this season is for real, and so far it seems so, he’s going to be needed to help bring this club to the next level. What sense would it make to build up a successful starting staff, a contending team and have to go searching for a closer by trade (thus giving up promising prospects) or via free agency? Unless someone is going to wow you with an offer, I say keep Bobby around!

    • The argument is we are far enough away to make trading Bobby tempting as he is a cheap closer who is as good as there is on the market.

      The argument is paired with the arms we have below who can be filled in.

      For example there is Mejia and Familia who have been here and are not looked at as starters anymore. If they can find the control both are contenders to be closers. There are others down below too.

      • dave: I don’t know if I am reading you on this correctly, but there’s no way I can depend on Mejia for anything. Familia would take some time to groom. With Parnell, you already have somebody capable of closing on this level.-JD

    • Rob: Agree 100 percent. The Mets overpaid in the past for a closer in Wagner, K-Rod and Francisco. Why would they want to do that again? Parnell finally shows signs of getting it.-JD

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