Terry Collins’ Obligation With Matt Harvey Is To Mets, Not National League All-Star Team

His marketing dilemma is understood, but New York Mets manager Terry Collins would be making a mistake if he were to juggle Matt Harvey’s spot in the rotation, or even cut it short, just so his young ace can start Tuesday’s All-Star Game.

As of now Harvey’s next start would be Saturday in Pittsburgh, which would leave him enough rest to throw two innings Tuesday.

HARVEY: Another no-decision. (AP)

                     HARVEY: Another no-decision. (AP)

Collins’ first obligation is to manage the Mets and put them in position to win. That means having Harvey ready and able to pitch for the Mets and not attempt to give the Cincinnati Reds or Atlanta Braves home field in the World Series.

Isn’t tinkering with Harvey’s rest or pitch count reminiscent of letting Johan Santana throw over 130 pitches just so he could throw a no-hitter, and a tainted one, at that?

Of course, skipping Harvey’s start because of a blister on his right index finger will make this a moot point.

Then again, does it?

Collins said the blister prevented Harvey from making his between-starts bullpen session. If that was the case, Harvey entered the game with a blister, so what was he doing pitching in the first place? Did Collins start Harvey with the intent of showcasing him for National League manager Bruce Bochy? Believe me, Bochy knows enough about Harvey without Collins letting his ace audition for him.

Pitchers are fragile creatures, even physical workhorses like Harvey. The slightest thing, whether it be a bruise on the shin, or stiff neck, or blister on the finger can throw off his mechanics to the point where it can cause a serious injury to the arm.

Who is to say Harvey’s blister didn’t impact the pitch thrown to Buster Posey, which he took out of the park? Without Harvey admitting as much, there’s nothing definitive to say it did. There’s also nothing definitive to say it did not. There’s reasonable doubt.

I understand the importance of Harvey starting in the All-Star Game, not only to the Mets, but Major League Baseball. MLB wants television sets on at the start of the game so those around the country who haven’t seen him pitch will have an opportunity to see what the fuss is about.

Major League Baseball knows fans have a short attention span, and with the way pitchers are shuttled into the game, viewers aren’t going to hang around to see Harvey. Bud Selig can envision viewers channel surfing or clicking off the game. They want to see Harvey now, and Collins is doing everything he can to ensure it happens.

Even if it means the Mets lose a game now.

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6 thoughts on “Terry Collins’ Obligation With Matt Harvey Is To Mets, Not National League All-Star Team

  1. Is it a shock to anyone who watches every Met game,
    that Collins is a horrendous manager?

  2. In a lost season, is it not to the benefit of the team, organization and fans that the ASG starting pitcher be a Met? No one is paying much attention to the Mets these days besides the fans (and that’s even up for debate) and the people that are consumed with every Mets failure and sideshow. So maybe having some good press would be beneficial. If that means Harvey misses a game that would serve a dual purpose in allowing his blister to heal and starting the ASG without concern then I am all for it. This is the ASG being held in Queens. Not in Colorado or Milwaukee. It’s also, arguably, the biggest event this organization will host in years. I’d give up the Harvey start before AND after the AS break if it helped Harvey start the ASG. If you are concerned about pitch limits for the entire season then this is perfect solution! (sarcasm).

    As for Santana, that money was lost years ago. Did you think they were going to get $25 million out of him this season? Really?

    • If you want to be selfish having the Ace of the staff start in the All Star game in his ballpark is huge PR. It allows Freddy to walk around and say my guy started the game. What did yours do?

      It will also be in all the papers and is free publicity for the team. Perhaps more people come to the park which will increase revenues so Freddy can go Peter Luger’s for that steak dinner he wanted to get.

      So while it will not change the standings and the Mets will not be a 500 team this year it does give us free PR. It will make the owner happy and down the road it may be easier to sign a good free agent because he knows there is talent on the team.

      • dave: I don’t think Harvey starting will bring out any more people to the park in the second half. Tuesday is a sell-out anyway. Having Harvey start the All-Star Game might help the ratings a bit, but the sets will turn off once he’s out of the game.-JD

    • Ty: There was a chance he could have pitched a full season this year had they not screwed around with him last year and during spring training. But, once he had that fiasco in the spring the year was lost for him. … I understand your argument about the All-Star Game giving the franchise a lift. However, I am conservative when it comes to pitchers’ injuries. Harvey is the present and the future. Why mess with that? I just place more importance on the regular season start than the All-Star Game.-JD